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[23 Aug 2004|02:13pm]

This journal is being delited. Please delite it off your lists an add my new one- coach_designs  thank ya.


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* Friends Only * [21 Aug 2004|03:45am]

This journal is *friends only*

title or descriptionRead the rules in the info. They're aren't that many.
title or descriptionComment to be added + add me 1st
title or descriptionWhen i make icons, banners, headers, fo banners, anything. Credit me or be banned & I will report to livejournal if I find out you have used one of my creations. Sometimes I will say you don't have to credit me. Only then you may do whatever you like with them.
title or descriptionIm not the best creator yet, but im very good with computers so im learning quickly. Until I do become a good creator, I won't be taking requests. I may if it is somthing simple, but not until then.
title or descriptionIn NO WAY you may contact me on my AIM sn to make a request. I do have a life too.
title or descriptionDo not go to my personal journal (crombie_gal ) to ask for requests. I will either ignore your comment or delite it.

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