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wooo its been a while. [23 Jul 2005 | 7:35pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i've realized that i've let myspace take over. this sucks. i only use livejournal to see how my friends are doing. i don't comment. i don't update. wow. i should try getting back to livejournal....let's see how that goes...

onto other subjects, i got back from sarasota today. it was okay. i got really sick on friday after overnight and i ended up going to the doctor and having all this stuff. i'm on so many anitibiotics, it's crazy. i'm really tan. and i'm peeling. and i hate peeling. i'm tired. i haven't slept in over a week. my nephew cries ALOT during the night. i'm really cranky. yes i enjoyed myself. yes i met awesome people. but it wasn't cry-because-you-miss-the-vacation fun. i would have rather spent the week here in miami. i think i'm going to have my parents move it so i can be here for the last week of camp. i missed so much this week that it's insane.

i really miss camp right now. i can't believe its over. i was looking at pictures on the school site from this past week, and i saw the pictures of my little four year old girls [which i'll be posting soon] and i almost started to cry. i got watery-eyed. yes, i know. i'm emotional. but those little girls were the cutest little things. even though they gave me pink eye, sinusitis, tonsilitis, and an upper respitory infection that nearly ruined my vacation, i still love them to pieces. i miss my favorite camper, carolina SOOOOOO MUCH. she was the cutest little thing. an angel of god. she would cry when she wouldn't want to go with the group and stay with me the whole day. she was my buddy. yea all the other counselors loved her, but not as much as mee. yea this is getting stupid and pathetic, but if you were to meet her, you'd fall in love with her.

only 13 days until school starts. i'm not TOO excited because from what i've heard, as a sophomore, you are just there. nothing big going on during the year for you. no one cares about you. retarded, but le truth.

i want to go out and be with my friends, but of course i'm never able to do that. it is saturday, and i am home. alone. while my friends are out. yuck.

did i mention i really miss camp?


[01 Jun 2005 | 10:56pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

if you were already added, you've stayed.


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