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bet it go

This is truly perfection of some sort. Someone had the genius idea of overlaying "Let It Go" from Frozen over the performance of "Bet On It" from HSM2. IT MATCHES UP ALMOST FLAWLESSLY.

Best thing I've seen all day.

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Everyone is seeing The Avengers but I'm not going til Wednesday (!!!!) (and again on Friday). MUST.RESIST.SPOILERS. And I would like to thank all those on my f-list using the lj-cut :)

In other news, Zac Efron & Matt LeBlanc were on the Graham Norton Show and were hilarious! Their stories about fan encounters while driving were too funny. And holy smokes, Matt has one sexy voice! Part 3 of the interview also has an adorable story about Matt's daughter and his famous line, "how you doin'?"

Last Thursday, I went to a Bryan Adams concert! It was kinda last minute as my co-worker needed someone to go with her. Simple stage, nothing fancy, just a great rock show. He sounded amazing live. No opening act, just 2.5 hours of Bryan. I forgot how many hits Bryan has had! Summer of 69 still is the big favourite though.

Oh! And I finally watched the L&O-inspired Community. Holy crap, that was BRILLIANT. And I've never watched a single ep of L&O so who knows how many in-jokes/homages I missed, still awesome though.
actor: zac grey sweater

too much pretty in one pic

Believe this was taken at Trevor Project Live

Gay, plays gay, accused of gay based on playing straight (haha - caption is from AE)

At first glance, it looks like (a) Darren & Zach are holding hands and (b) Efron's hand is on Darren's thigh. Alas, neither are true :( Darren looks so tiny ♥
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meme answer

faninohio asked this: What 5 characters do you dislike the most in your favorite fandoms?

Thinking of 5 was pretty hard. I'm the type of person where I tend to like everyone in my fandoms. If I disliked a character a lot, I simply stop watching the show (see: Meredith, Grey's Anatomy and Marisa, The O.C.).

1. Rose Tyler, Doctor Who. Perhaps I was expecting too much considering, at that time, all I read was how awesome and wonderful Rose was and Rose+Doctor=OTP4EVA!!!!! I also started in the DW fandom with Series 3 and I LOVED Martha but the constant comparison to Rose (in canon & fanon) and how no one could be as brilliant as Rose... UGH UGH UGH. But really, Rose grated on my nerves. I hated how she treated Mickey. I hated how cliquey the Doctor & her got, like they knew they were awesome and let us make you feel like an outsider with our cute little inside jokes and whatnot. And then fact that RTD just wouldn't let her go! I also don't get the appeal of Billie Piper. At all.

2. Castiel, Supernatural. This is more of a 'too much of a good thing'. I liked Castiel at first. But then he kept coming back, more and more frequently until he was made a series regular! But I think what got to me the most was the fandom. For a fandom that constantly harps on SPN for being misogynistic, it sure loves to hate 99.9% of the female characters -- "I don't want no stupid female to come between Dean & Sam!! This show is about brothers!" -- but introduce a good-looking male portrayed by an actor who enjoys playing up to the fandom, the chorus of "OMG Dean/Castiel is soooo hawt! Sam who? Get rid of Sam, we want our D/C!!!!" really annoyed me.

3. Uther Pendragon, Merlin. It said "your favourite fandoms" and Merlin is one of my faves. So, if I had choose someone, it would be Uther. His "all magic is evil and must be destroyed" stance is getting tired and old. There hasn't been a lot of growth/progression with this character over the last 2 seasons. Here's hoping for S3.

4. Rebecca, Oli/Christian fandom. This character is just plain annoying. Her insipid crush on Christian was stupid and lame. Most of the blame goes to the writers -- if one character falls in love with another character who is already in a relationship, then one would expect a storyline involving a love triangle or evil!third party trying to break up established couple or something. This is a soap opera after all. But none of those things happened with Rebecca. She just mooned over Christian for months on end. Booooooooring.

5. Kate, White Collar. We never found out much about Kate so I never understood why Neal would risk so much her. Why were they even in relationship? And then the show blew her up. Buh-bye.


Something different from the preceding fandom rant-age. Have some happy, my fellow DOWs! Video of Zac's Details photoshoot:

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OK, it's not a drastic change but it's a step in the right direction.
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third time's the charm

After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I FINALLY saw 17 Again today. LOVED it but really, was there any doubt? Cause any movie that begins with Zac practicing basketball shirtless already gets a thumbs up from me. Yes, the storyline is predictable but I really enjoyed the relationship between Mark/Mike and his son, Alex. Dawn Michelle Trachtenberg, on the other hand, kinda bugged me. Zac was great. No, really, it's not just my lust speaking! He's so utterly charming. Who needs to wear blue ALL THE TIME. He's a jock/geek/hot boy all rolled into one. Speaking of geeks, how much did I love Ned Gold? The light saber fight was AWESOME.

Because all Zac movies have to involve him dancing.

There was another dance scene at the victory party but it was cut from the film. Hope it's on the DVD *fingers crossed*

Where Zac Efron + a Goonies reference = \o/ As if I already didn't love this boy.

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zac efron: cure for crappy tuesday

Still sick. This damn cough is lingering and I'm hot, like, all the time. I really should've taken a day off when I first got sick but I pushed through it since I was out at a client's. That wasn't a good idea.

But this has brightened up my day somewhat -- pictures of Zac in GQ and at Letterman Collapse )

Zac on SNL. Not too bad. The HSM skit was pretty funny, "No one sings in college!"

Did y'all see Aldis Hodge on Castle last night? That was pretty cool.
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a shift in perspective

Still here at the farm.  There are only 2 office staff here and watching them work the past few days... I'm never complaining about my job again.  They're doing the work of 3-4 people, they both have young children at home (one's a single mother), no wonder the bookkeeping is so far behind (they haven't done a bank rec all year, and as my fellow accountants know, that's a big problem).  Especially the one girl, Holly -- she's like the controller, executive secretary, human resources, office manager, marriage counselor to the owners all rolled into one, she pulls insane hours, working sometimes til past midnight and her pay is like $45k!  And now with me here, the owners are coming down on Holly to get things done cause they need statements for financing.  I feel so bad.  We were here til 10pm last night, the owners left at 3pm and, I kid you not, they must've called Holly once a hour.   I wanted to pick up the phone and tell them to leave her the hell alone! 

Onto more pleasant things...

#1 -- New Doctor Who today!!!!  \o/  I have, shock of all shocks, remained spoiler-free.  I'm so excited!

#2 -- New Robin Hood today!!!  \o/

#3 -- Zac Efron hosts SNL!!!  \o/  Have y'all seen Zac Efron's Pool Party??  Funny stuff.  I've never heard of this Funny or Die site; saw the link on my f-list.

#4 -- Spring Awakening tomorrow!!!

Alright, back to the grind and hopefully I'll be out of here at a decent time.

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the monday blahs

*  It's Monday.  BLAH

*  Weekend was uneventful.  Did some work; did some shopping.  Highlight was going to the St Lawrence Market and finally getting a peameal bacon on a bun.  The line is usually really long but I happened to catch it during a rare slow period and OMG DELICIOUS.

*  Had to wake up extra early today as I will be at our Brampton office for this week.  Me no like.  They page people here, over the intercom, and it makes me jump every damn time. 

*  The sun is shining though (at least, that's what I heard as I can't see anything from this cubicle) and weather is supposed to be lovely this week.

openmydoors  sorta tagged me with the "things you associate with me" meme so here it goes (keeping it short & sweet):

Zac Efron  The boy is adorable and he sings and dances, c'mon, what's not to love?!  And, from what I've seen -- yes, I've seen Zac in the flesh!  *rubs it in* -- he's super nice to his fans.  Appears to have a good head on his shoulders; hasn't fallen into the many pitfalls of young fame (ie partying, drugs, etc) so far and has made some pretty good choices re: his career (ie turning down a record contract, thank god).  He's also legal, so there :P

That Seeker Show   LOL  I'm loving this show!  The leads playing Richard and Kahlan are just so pretty, together and separately.  I've already mentioned the sword twirling with bonus shirtlessness.  And I just realized that Craig Parker, who plays the villian, Darken Rahl, was also Haldir the Elf in Lord of the RingsI may have shed a tear when Haldir died at Helm's Deep. No wonder he looked familiar!

Handbags  This is new as my quest for a designer handbag only began a few weeks ago when my mother suggested I should get one as a birthday present to myself.   I was going to get a Coach bag but then was told by practically everyone NOT to.  Aim higher.  So I was introduced to the world of Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc etc  I've already got an overpriced wallet, now I need a purse to go with it.  Hopefully, the search will end once busy season is over.

Asian families  Oh, something openmydoors  and I have in common.  ;)  Being a child of immigrant Asian parents makes for an, um, interesting childhood LOL  The pressure, the expectations (did you know that my father had my life planned out for me?), trying to reconcile 2 very different cultures.  Piano lessons.  Chinese school, first on Friday nights, then Saturday mornings (which meant no Saturday morning cartoons).  You respect your elders.  You will not do anything that will cause your parents to "lose face".  Not saying that my childhood was tougher than normal.  I had it good and I know it.  Not tough, just different.