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got milk?

What is going on here? Why was this filmed? How does ZQ not even blink? Why is this oddly hot and this is from someone who has never crushed on the man. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

In my mind, it's Pine off-screen throwing the milk ;) *hits play again* I'm going to have a glass of milk now.
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oh hell to the nah

What is this? I can't buy the Glee songs from iTunes? The songs only appear on the US store (took me a while to figure that out) and reading the terms & conditions, sounds like only those in the US can buy songs off the US store? Huh? Am I reading this correctly?...

...Yep. I just tried to create an account and when I change the country, it re-directs me into the Canadian store. Why aren't the songs available up here anyway? Bastards!

The one time I'm willing to shell out some money to support a show I love. ARGH! Stupid Fox. You are actually forcing me to obtain these songs illegaly.
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in the history of bad ideas...

Found this while procrastinating at work:

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the original novel, Toronto film-maker Kevin Sullivan has written a movie prequel to "Anne of Green Gables" reports Sneak Peek TV.

Titled "A New Beginning", Sullivan is also looking for a new actress to play the lead of 'Anne Shirley' and is conducting an extensive casting call on YouTube as well as performing a cross-Canada talent search in seven cities, looking for young actresses between the ages of ten and twelve.

Sullivan says "In the book, she just shows up at the train station. But I needed to who she was before she was brought to Prince Edward Island. I could only imagine that a child who had that kind of flamboyant imagination had to have already created her own world out of a need to escape an unusual past."

Auditions, no more than two minutes in length, are to be submitted to this Youtube group or a mailing address at this link which also has details on what the audition should include.


WORST.IDEA.EVER.  What is this man thinking??!?!?!  There is no Anne without Diana and Gilbert and, of course, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert!!  He's already crapped on my beloved Anne with Anne and The Continuing Story (the only redeeming quality was seeing Megan Follows & Jonathan Crombie together again) and now this.  It's just so very wrong.
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price shock

I went for lunch today with some co-workers.  Well, specifically, it was 5 managers, 1 partner and me.  FUN.  I decided to go cause they were going to have dim sum* and I wanted to see how good this restuarant is.  People at this office go there quite often and it was named one of the best dim sum restuarants in Toronto.  Now, I expected it to be a bit pricey because (a) it's downtown and (b) it's right on the waterfront.  When the bill came, I almost choked on my tea.  ~$110 (which included a 10% discount!) for 7 people.  Plus tip & everything, that's about $20/person.

You have to understand -- up in the suburbs, $20 at a decent dim sum restuarant can feed 3-4 PEOPLE.  And you would've ordered way more than we did.  I checked the bill -- per dish price was about $5, I'm used to a $1.10/dish ($1.50 if we're feeling generous); we ordered 2 plates of chicken fried rice and they were $17/plate which is at least double the price in the 'burbs; and the kicker?  Tea was charged at $10.  We were CHARGED FOR TEA.  I've NEVER been to a Chinese restuarant where they charged for tea.  And it wasn't the fancy chrysantheum tea with the flowers floating on top.  This was your basic green tea.  I can't get over it.  

The food?  Was decent.  Nothing special.  The view was beautiful though which is probably why the prices were so high. 

On the way back to the office, one of the managers who has never eaten there before, commented how the price was so reasonable and you really get a lot for what you pay.  I had to keep my mouth shut from saying "Are you kidding me?"  LOL

Yea, I'm not going there anymore unless it's for a special occassion.  And I'm hungry now cause I sure didn't eat $20 worth for lunch.

*for those who don't know what dim sum is (I didn't want to presume everyone did) -- it's basically a Chinese method of ordering/serving food.  Dishes are usually pushed around the restuarant on carts and you choose what you want.  The dishes are small in size, for example, one dish will contain 4 dumplings.
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figure skater turned singer?

While I was indulging in my daily procrastinating at work, I came across this link:  Canadian figure skating legend set to make his mark on the music industry

Elvis Stojko?!?!  Singing?!?!  Now, I've never heard him sing.  Heck, he may be a great singer.  But this news just made me....  *collapses into fits of giggles*  I just can't picture Elvis singing or acting.

I've always been a Kurt fangirl, anyway.