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point form

** Sense8, has anyone watched this? I've already downloaded the series but I'm going to save it for my trip at the end of July. I really kinda wanna watch it right now before I get too spoiled

** I've read so much Matt/Foggy fanfic, I'm at the point of checking AO3 daily for updates. And, for once, I don't care about the rating or if it's slash, pre-slash, gen, brotp etc

** I also want Daredevil season 2 like right now

** Works sucks and it's June. Our busy season gets longer every freaking year.

** Mockingjay Part 2 trailer looks awesome!!!!

** I miss Chinese food. Seriously. I have a craving for good dim sum that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. My office is surrounded by Japanese and Korean food. Yeah, there's some Chinese restaurants close to me but they either are in a food court (only when desperate) or they lean more towards a fusion style. And I can't cook for shit. Basically wah wah wah I want my mom to cook for me :(

** Travel plans! Northern Europe & Russia at the end of July! Alberta over Labour Day weekend! Chicago to hang with Lori & Becky in October! Maybe another NYC trip in Oct/Nov! (that would be dependent on the state of Broadway)

** Due to above travel plans, I will be missing FanExpo this year. I was already bummed cause Jenna Coleman, Hayley Atwell and Tyler Posey were already announced. Since then, Billie Piper, Karen Gillan (who cancelled last minute last year because of filming) and the Weasley twins from HP have been added. Every time I get an e-mail update announcing another guest, it hurrrrrrrrrts.

** The thought of diving back into Supernatural over the summer has been floating around my brain lately. If I do, I'm thinking of starting at the very beginning cause I really don't remember much anymore

** One of my New Year Resolutions was to purge and de-clutter my life. It's June and I've barely made a dent *sigh* Donated most of my movie DVDs and a bunch of books (which have already been replaced with new books *double sigh*) and sold some CDs. But I need to do more! Hopefully, this weekend will be the weekend I get off my lazy ass and clean out my closet (seriously there are clothes that I haven't worn in 5+ years that are taking up space!) and then I need to tackle The Stuff. I have too much Stuff and I need to be brutal and trash/recycle away.
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so far so good

Just found out Boss is not coming in today! It's like a surprise quasi-vacation day and, as you can see, I am being very productive ;)

Today is also Glee day. Am meeting up with a fellow Gleek who I met during TIFF and we will watch the episode together, eat pizza, drink alcohol, cry and then go on tumblr and, at least for me, watch and enjoy the collective Klaine fandom have a meltdown.

Forgot to mention that I saw Pitch Perfect with R. Really fun movie and I immediately downloaded the soundtrack once I got home.
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things on my mind atm

~ It's Thursday! Our office is closed tomorrow for Passover.

~ ummmmm in all my other previous places of employment, when the office is closed on the Friday, Thursday becomes "casual Friday" so why am I the only person in the office casual? Oopsie. But none of the bosses have said anything so *thumbs up*

~ Disco + Glee next week. Klaine dancing together. I look forward to the hilarity.

~ Remember you have a dentist appt tomorrow

~ And remember to pick up the Coldplay tickets

~ The Avengers had their premiere yesterday(? day before?) Have been trying to stay as spoiler-free as I can but it's been hard. We're getting a premiere too! Wonder who will come?

~ I'm still quite full from lunch (yummy sushi) and yet can't stop munching on M&Ms.

~ Oooh e-mail to remind us about database upgrade so must log out by 4pm. Does that mean we can leave early?

~ Co-worker has been testing my nerves lately. Really wish she would just leave me alone for a while and stop being so clingy and the whining about her job, her kids, her husband, wanting to make more money, blah blah blah.

~ Have fallen so far behind in my Goodreads reading challenge. Why can't fanfiction be counted towards my goal? I would've reached it by now LOL

~ As much as I really really wish I was going to NYC next weekend for the TriBeCa film fest & Chris Colfer & Struck By Lightning, I wish I was in NYC right now a million times more cause OMG DOCTOR WHO IS FILMING THERE AND THERE'S ALL THESE PICS OF MATT & KAREN & ARTHUR IN CENTRAL PARK AND TAKING PICTURES WITH THE FANS AND JUST BEING REALLY FRIENDLY AND AWESOME.

~ Time to go home yet?
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lucky day

I just won the company's raffle! Am now proud owner of a 32GB iPod Touch. Now have to move everything off my old 8GB iPod Touch and figure out what to do with it. A co-worker already offered to buy my old one for her son, anyone know what's the market price for an used one?
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a little thank you goes a long way

My boss just gave a Tim Horton's gift card as a thank you for all the overtime I've been putting in these last few weeks. That was nice of him :) A small thing but most definitely appreciated.

Because of some stupid change in tax laws, our normal busy season (Jan-Apr) just got twice as busy and it'll be like this til probably May/June. Our manager joked that with the way things are going, we're going to be killing ourselves for 6/7 months and then twiddling our thumbs for the rest of the year. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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what a way to start the new year

I just put in a full day's worth of work here at the office. The file is 99% finished. Certain things are not balancing but my brain is not functioning well enough to figure out why. I'm sure my manager won't mind if I take Tuesday morning to finish up & go over the file one more time before I hand it in.

At least I won't have to come back tomorrow which I was dreading.
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stealth post

Boss not here today and we get to leave by 4pm \o/

Even though I get Glee's music a few days before the episode, I've always avoided listening to them as I prefer to hear the song first in the context of the show. However, due to the overwhelming love I've seen around the internet for "Baby It's Cold Outside", my resolve broke and I had to listen. WOW WOW WOW. I had no idea how suggestive the lyrics were so now I can't wait to see how this song is staged.

Still working on post about trip to HP World. So many pictures! At first, I just picked the ones I thought were interesting but then I realized there were over 60 of them! Need to do some trimming and then start with the re-sizing & stuff.

Saw Megamind. Quite good and funny. Brad Pitt sounded like George Clooney though!

I've decided that I wanted to re-read Deathly Hollows before the movie is released to refresh the ol' memory. I'll start tomorrow, that should give me plenty of time.

OK back to work :(
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first work test

Last few days, I worked on a payroll projection. No biggie. Took me some time cause the payroll here is a bit complicated (ie various payroll companies, management fees, recovery from projects etc). Gave it to the Boss who did a quick lookover, made some cosmetic changes and then asked for additional copies cause it'll be used in a meeting. A meeting with the Big Bosses. That is happening right now. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I did not know this! Please please please let there be no glaring errors *crosses fingers & toes*
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survived first week of work

The dreaded first week is over. And right into a long weekend, nice.

My thoughts on my new job situation...

The CONs: It's so freaking quiet. The way the company is set up, everybody is split into separate offices so even though everything falls under "Fieldgate", if you didn't know, it looks like there's like 6 different companies in the building. So in my office, which is one of the management corporations, there's only 6 of us. At first, I had my own office but now I'm sharing an office with the payroll girl. I don't mind at all, gives me someone to talk to at least. But then my boss basically tells me that one of the reasons they moved me was so that I could "keep an eye on" the payroll girl -- they think she should be able to handle a larger workload but is too busy chatting on the phone or whatever. Well, that certainly opened my eyes a bit about how things are run.

I'm also overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies. At my previous job, I only dealt with the housing construction side which can be confusing enough depending on how many sites they have going. But over here, because I'm in the financial services department, I see ALL the companies -- housing, land development, commercial, property management, payroll, trusts, holding companies, it goes on and on and on. I'm not working on every single company but I do need to know how they connect. I know this will only get easier with time but it's damn frustrating.

The PROs: The commute is ~40 minutes. I sit on the subway for 30 mins, then walk for another 10. The walk will probably feel like 30 once winter comes bleh. For 2010, the company closed for a total of 12 days for the Jewish holidays. I've already did a little bit of research and it looks like it'll be about 11 days for 2011. What? Very important information here ;) And I found out today that on Fridays, they would like everyone to leave by 4:30 because of the Sabbath. Once daylight savings time kicks in, it switches to 4:00. I was home by 5:15 today.

I think I can handle any cons for an extra 2 weeks off plus early Fridays. :)
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too cute

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In other news, I e-mailed my future boss this morning about my start date (just to clarify some stuff) which was supposed to be this Friday. He replied saying that there was an error, my start date is actually the Monday as the office is closed this Thursday & Friday. So yay for an extra day vacation! Although now I'm wondering why the office is closed. The Jewish high holidays are over, right?