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it's all about the hair

These are hilarious commercials for the MTV Movie Awards (for those who don't know, Les Grossman is a character from Tropic Thunder and yes, that is Tom Cruise).

WARNING: swearing so be careful if you're in a public place (the versions with the swearing bleeped out just aren't the same)

Tom slaps his own ass! LOLOLOLOL

There's another one with Taylor Lautner but the quality are all crap.
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team jacob? what the... how did i get here? oh yeah...

I still haven't watched or read Twilight and I avoid most of the related gossip cause Robsten? Don't care. But pictures are harder to ignore. Especially the more recent ones of a certain Taylor Lautner.

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Here's someone who is legal and adorable! Kris Allen performing at a Cincinnati high school that won a contest and raised $5,000 for cancer research.

I just wanna hug him :) November 17, peeps!
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can't take my eyes off you

  • 24 finally comes back!! \o/ Unfortunately, it's coming back this Sunday night when I'll be at the Matt Nathanson show so it's gonna be the good ol' download for me. I'm excited though!
  • For the Barrowman fans -- Music Music Music. I'm listening to it and so far, so good. A couple of clunkers but he sounds fabulous! ETA: OK, his version of Sarah M's Angel is not so good. And I love this song. Hopefully it'll grow on me.
  • Does anybody watch Numb3rs? I watch when I can/remember and I just need to say that Colby (Dylan Bruno) is smokin'. As is Rob Morrow.
  • People has a special High School Musical edition and I totally bought it! LOL Oh shush. I probably won't see Twilight in the theatres but HSM3 twice? Hell yeah!
  • Speaking of People, the Sexiest Men Alive issue is coming! I understand that my Jared made the list, yay!! No picture of him on the site though, bummer. But here are some of the ones that were posted: Collapse )
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it's raining outside


For Children in Need. The sketch was very adorable and Merlin getting pelted by fruits & vegetables is never not funny.

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At this very moment, the cast of Twilight are at MuchMusic, just a few blocks away.  I admit, if it wasn't raining, I would probably be there in the crowd just to see RPatzz. 


I'm still disappointed that Danny got eliminated on SYTYCDC  =(  He was one of my favourites and I even voted for him!  I knew he was in trouble though.  For some reason, Isaak has a pretty big fanbase and all the bashing done by the judges is backfiring as he picks up the pity votes.  I hope Isaak goes next, then Miles leaving Vincent & Nico in the Top4.  Natalli needs to go next and I'm cool with any combination of Lisa, Allie & Arassay in the Top4.  Good news is that there is going to be a Top10 tour so while I couldn't get tickets to any of the tapings, I'll definitely be going to the tour!  Can't believe there's only 3 more weeks left til the finale.
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the calm before the storm

Life has been pretty quiet 'round these parts.  I have lots of fun stuff coming up over the next few months so it's like the calm before the storm. 

1)  Polaris this weekend!!  Gareth David-Lloyd *squee*  Looking forward to meeting grasshopper64and hopefully serefina743plus just being around TW fangirls, how can it not be fun?!  And to close out the weekend, one last taping of Maria to finish off my John Barrowman stalking.   Small confession: between watching TW and DW, the Maria show, the Pride parade & other various promotions, I'm actually getting a little tired of seeing John everywhere.  Who would've thought I would experience John overload?!  How do you Brits do it?

2) 2 weeks from today, I'll be sitting in a plane heading to the motherland.  I haven't even started to think about packing, ack!  The main things are done (passport updated, vaccine shots done) and I don't have to worry about exchanging money (the perks of having family over there) so it's just all the little stuff.  If any of y'all want a souvenir or a postcard from Taiwan or Tokyo let me know! 

August will be quiet which is good cause September is gonna be insane.  Awesome but insane.

3)  Labour Day long weekend, bauersgirland I are off to Las Vegas for 5 days!  She's never been and I've been once but years ago.  Can I just say that she is the best trip planner ever!  She's been doing all this research while I've been... well, encouraging her, lol.

4)  Celebrity stalking at TIFF!!  Unfortunately, faninohiocan't join us this year but that's OK cause 2 weeks later...

5)  EyeCon!!  Yes, I have succumbed.  Can't wait to see the gals again and that Jared guy!!  The trip was in jeopardy for a while there cause there are no direct flights between Orlando & Toronto on a Sunday evening.  WTF airlines.  But my bosses are very understanding and I was able to take the Monday off as well, yay!!  Plus, flights are cheaper on the Monday so double yay!!!!

6)  There's also my brother's wedding sandwiched between TIFF and EyeCon.  Still need to buy a dress and shoes.  Comfortable shoes cause I'll be running around all day making sure everything goes as planned.

So, yea, that's my schedule for the next 3 months.  I'm exhausted just looking at it!  And I don't even want to think how much all this is gonna cost me but I don't care.  I'll just have to go into massive saving mode and not spend money unnecessarily like buying lunch almost everyday.

Something for all you Twilight peeps.  Have you seen the EW cover?  EW is correct.  Robert Pattinson is such a cutie but that cover is AWFUL.

Reality show update:  

* Bollywood on SYTYCD, w00t!!  That was awesome.  I found it surprising that neither of them knew what Bollywood was but I guess it's just not as common knowledge as it is here.  This season has been lacklustre compared to S2 & 3 but Joshua & Katee are definitely my faves.  So nice to see Pasha & Anya again!

* The Top10 has been chosen for Canadian Idol and we've got 8 guys & 2 girls.  LOL Canada.  When it was revealed that they were getting rid of the gender split (thank goodness), this was exactly what I predicated.  I like how our little show no longer follows AI's format and paves their own way.  I haven't been following the show religiously yet but so far I'm liking Theo, Mookie & Sebastian.