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italy summer of 2013

This whole trip started with a dinner with Aubrey, a fellow Klainer that I met during TIFF. Aubrey's a teacher and I knew that she was planning a big European vacation over the summer. So we were talking about her plans and at the end of the dinner, she invited me to join her. Obviously, I couldn't do the whole trip with her but the Italy portion, the first part of her trip, was perfect. The best part, for me, was that she already planned the whole thing so all I had to do was tag along and pay my way. I liked that :) The 'bad' part was, as a teacher, the trip had to happen during high season so holy crap was that plane ticket expensive! And the weather. It was freaking hot. We started in the south (Rome) and traveled north, the idea was that the weather will cool. Nope. Pretty sure it was getting hotter. But we were lucky re rain. It did rain a few times but it all happened at night when we were already back at the hotel. The one time it rained during the day, it was when we were on the train from Florence to Milan.

Italy. So much history. Saw a lot of ruins, cathedrals, fountains and art; ate a lot of pasta and gelato; did some shopping. I still don't understand how Italian women can walk in stilettos over cobblestone without breaking an ankle.

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castles and cathedrals

My sleeping pattern is still a bit off -- I was awake at 4 this morning as I fell asleep before 10 last night. At least it's not the other way around or I would be in trouble with going back to work tomorrow. OMG I'm going back to work tomorrow.

Anyway, the first batch of pictures! Saw so many cathedrals/churches and castles/palaces that they all kinda blend together by the end LOL

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edinburgh i am in you

Yea, totally stole that from Wil Wheaton.

Beautiful day in Edinburgh. Have not seen much of the city yet but from what I have seen, very very pretty :) Here for 4 days -- 2 days will be day trips, 1 day for Edinburgh and 1 day for Glasgow. And the weather is forecasting to be great so yay for that!

It was lovely to meet up with kat_lair on my last night in Manchester.

Bought a Mulberry bag! Was just walking around York and lo and behold, came across a Mulberry outlet. It was fate, I tell you ;)

Am posting this from the hotel lobby enjoying the free wifi HOWEVER the connection is extremely slow which means no d/l'g of "Glee" (unless I want to sit here for 4.5 hours - that's not going to be suspicious at all). I am very sad about this :(
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hello hello

Hello from London, f-list! Been here for a few days already and have done lots of stuff! Quick summary:

Day 1 - Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Buckingham Palace
Day 2 - Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath (I missed the Royal Crescent though cause of time constraints boo)
Day 3 - Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury, some shopping at Harrod's (I'm contemplating a Mulberry bag. Surprised? Didn't think so haha.)

Tomorrow, another tour out to Stratford, Warwick Castle (where they have a Merlin exhibition!) & Oxford. And then off to Manchester for a few days! I just booked the hotel in Manchester and damn, so much cheaper than London! Like, a third of the price for the same amount of nights. My aunt suggested we stay at a hostel, which I did look into, but the availability just wasn't working.

Thought about seeing a West End musical - it is on my bucket list - but it appears (a) I don't think I'll have enough time, maybe when we get back to London and (b) most of the musicals I've seen already! 2 that I haven't seen are Million Dollar Quartet and Backbeat (about The Beatles) so if I was going to see a show, it would be one of these 2 and considering the artists, it's not like I won't enjoy the music!

Weather here has been great. Seems I may have packed a bit too warm but perhaps it'll be a bit colder up north.

I'm d/l'g the new Glee (damn you, hotel internet for being so slow!) - I haven't read TWOP or my usual Glee comms so I have no idea if the premiere was loved/hated.

OK, I've babbled enough and it looks like the d/l is almost finished! Later =)