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text: i heart english boys

my journal takes a sidetrip into the gutters

While I'm not active at all in the Inception~Arthur/Eames fandom, I do enjoy the pictures & general flailing of the awesomeness that is JGL and Tom Hardy. Oh Tom Hardy. He really isn't my type but sometimes... his ridiculousness and full lips just win me over.

So while reading my f-list this morning, I come across the wonder that is the short film, Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother starring Tom Hardy. What's so great about this? you ask. And the answer is quite simply: TOM HARDY'S FULL FRONTAL. And this isn't just a blink-and-miss-it full frontal. Oh no. He walks around, he answers the phone, he waggles it. That needs to be repeated: TOM HARDY WAGGLES HIS PEEN. Let us watch, shall we? :D (FYI, the scene happens in the first 4 minutes).

His gruffy voice also gets me *whew*