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officially on vacation \o/

I AM A PROCRASTINATING QUEEN. So many things to do, had weeks to do it and I did, like, 3 things. Now I have 2.5 days left to pack and clean and everything else. What have I been doing instead?

** Reading Klaine & Merlin big bang fics.

** Playing with my shiny Sony Touch E-Reader (mine's red) which, holy crap, is already discontinued cause they've introduced a wifi version. Bonus: the reader and the case were all purchased using my Sony points :D

** This adorable Jonathan Groff interview on his father's farm.

He has the best laugh. And awesome legs :) He named his dog, Jesse St James! And a goat, Lea Michelle! The fainting goat, awwwwwwww. His boyfriend Zachary Quinto is one lucky dude.

** Watched The Secret Circle pilot because of Thomas Dekker and Gale Harold. Not bad, I'll give episode 2 a go. But Faye? Already annoys the hell out of me.

** Remember my German soap opera addiction months back? Well, I fell out of it because the 2 couples that I followed both had their Big Happy Moment. And we all know what happens to couples on soaps after that. They're either regulated to the background or someone cheats and the couple breaks up. Both of these things happened to Ollian and DeRo and since I like happy endings, I just pretended that their storyline was over. Then I read that Dennis Grabosch, who plays Roman (the 'Ro' of DeRo) has decided to leave the show and the writers were going to kill off Roman. So I started watching again. THE TEARS, PEOPLE. Basically, the last 3 episodes have made me into a crying mess. RIP Roman Wild and so ends the awesome couple that was DeRo =( And kudos to the writers and especially the actors who completely nailed it.

The only other time a soap has ever made me cry was the transplant story on General Hospital -- when Felicia realizes the heart that her daughter received was BJ's? *sob sob sob* Anyone remember that?

** Between crying my eyes out over a fictional couple, I've been amused (and, at times, exasperated) at the Glee fandom reaction as spoilers surface with the premiere date just around the corner. The endless discussion of whether or not Blaine is transferring to McKinely and the when, why & how. Let's declare Blaine a complete fashion disaster based solely on the promo commercial! Will there be a Puck/Quinn part 2 (YAY! vs BOO!). A lot of "I didn't even watch The Glee Project but I hate them already so get them off the show!" Looking for conspiracy theories based on actor's tweets, seriously (again, this mainly has to do with the winners of TGP). So much teeth gnashing and whining over nothing *shakes head*

Is it weird that I was bummed when I found out I won't be in town when Glee returns? I'm sure hotels won't mind me d/l'g shows, would they?

** Is it also weird that I'm strangely excited about the possibility of watching Doctor Who and possibly Merlin in England, on BBC One, and not on my computer or on Space?

** Speaking of Merlin. Lots of promotional pictures from the new season but a couple of them have caught fandom's eye Collapse )

** Off to bed now as tomorrow will be a busy busy day. I fly out on the 19th and will return on the 7th. See y'all on the flip side!
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tiff part 6 + other

Last post for TIFF 2010 (unless a certain Ms Knightley is in town tomorrow). Can't believe we survived another one. Met some new people -- one just happened to be the wife of the head security guy at the Hyatt so score on that!

Anyway, Wednesday night, R and I split duties -- I went to Ryerson; she went to Roy Thomson Hall.

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I have spent the last 2 days spending way too much time reading Merlin Big Bang fanfics. Does anyone have any favourites? I've read about 6 of them, gave up on one and while the others were good, they weren't 'I can't stop reading this!' good.


I don't follow tennis at all but thought this was v cute


OK this has been all over my f-list but it just needs to be re-posted so apologies if you've seen this a million times already.

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are my eyes deceiving me?

I need someone's opinion on this.

Here's the gag reel from S2 Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles *moment of silence for its premature demise* OK, pay close attention to Mr Dekker @ ~4:13

Thomas running down the hall with his pants down. Last shot just before he runs out of frame -- did his cock pop out? Did I see this correctly or am I just a big ol' perv? I noticed it the first time I watched the clip but upon subsequent re-watches -- purely to see if I was correct, of course -- I fluctuate between "omg it is!" to "I'm not sure".

Abrupt change of topic. How awesome was Glee tonight? VERY. I heart Kurt SO MUCH. Only this show can make me like Beyonce. Finn is so adorably dim. Sue's Corner was hilarious -- litter is good cause it gives garbagemen work so they can earn money to buy tacos! Hello 3 new male members of the Glee Club and we have our 12. Everyday needs to be a Glee day.
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fan expo

Went to the Fan Expo with onci_dium and ellel. Lots of queuing -- ticket line (where I enjoyed looking at Hot Guy in Hurley T-shirt); autograph line for Thomas Dekker; ticket line for Bruce Campbell autographs (which sold out) -- and then spent time just chilling, reveling in the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory and other fandom stuff while eating our vastly overpriced hotdogs (hotdog + drink + chips = $8.70 WTF? but I was starving so you win).

I was there mainly to see Thomas Dekker who was a complete sweetheart and loved it when I told him I was a member of dekker_daily (he referred to me as a Dekker Daily girl *squeeee*). And I got a hug YAY!!!

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a smorgasbord of stuff

Guys. I am so bored right now. I have done nothing today, NOTHING! There's no work. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

So, what have I been doing?

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2. Watching a very cute video of Thomas Dekker thanking the fans for fighting to save T:SCC.

I love that he left a voicemail for Fox! And he's too adorable for having just woken up.

3. This weekend, the lottery is at $40m and everyone chipped in at the office for tickets. So of course, this meant perusing the real estate sites and looking at multi-million dollar homes that are currently on sale in the area. We sure can dream, can't we? If we do win, it'll come to $1.4m per person. Not too shabby *crosses fingers*

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5. It's the long weeknd for us. I'll be spending it doing much needed spring cleaning and maybe catching a movie. 1.5 hours to go...
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more new kids squee! and some other stuff

I re-checked the summer concert listing for NKOTB and we're on, baby!!  June 21st, Molson Amphitheatre!!!!  Oddly, Montreal has disappeared.  Huh.  Anyway, as I was perusing the other venues, I was amused that while all the other amphitheatres are named after telephone/cable companies, banks, etc, our amphitheatre is the only one named after a beer company.  How Canadian of us, LOL

A question for worlddescending  -- I finally started watching IQ-145 this weekend and was wondering, is the series finished?  Do you know?  I've only seen the first 3 eps so far.  Thomas should do more voice work.  He has a lovely voice :)

Robin Hood S3 premiered last weekend.  I can't believe it's been over a year since S2 ended.  Anyway, won't go into a long recap but just say that I really enjoyed the episode.  Turk can stay.  I still don't get the Guy/Armitage love but whatever.  I miss Marian, Will & Djaq.  Allan is bringing the eye candy, day-um.


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Fellow Canucks, y'all know about the National Do Not Call List

Fellow Torchwood fans, the Hub Convention was this past weekend and there was snogging (John/Gareth, Kai/Gareth) and flashing of bums (Gareth & Kai)!  Oh why wasn't I there?  *plans on going to Hub2*  Check out smirnoffmule 's LJ for awesome pictures.

Fellow SPN fans, I have still not watched "Monster Movie".  I fell asleep.  A couple of days later, sat down to watch the re-run on Space and fell asleep again.  WTH?  I can't download the ep til the end of this week cause I've exceeded my transfer usage and have to wait til my next billing cycle starts.  It's very frustrating cause I want to d/l the Kinkade movie nowwwwww

Fellow Terminator fans and musical fans.  I love it when my fandoms collide -- Thomas Dekker will be starring in the upcoming Fame movie.  How awesome is that?  Very.

Fellow peeps dealing with colds.  Hope everyone is feeling better.

Fellow HSM & Zac fans.   2 MORE DAYS!!!!  And the trailer for 17 Again is online (youtube link cause the embedding thing is driving me crazy)  It looks so cute and funny!  Is there a rule though that there must be singing and/or dancing of some soret in every movie Zac is in?  Zac even sings a little in Orson Wells and Me!

And now the word "fellow" has lost all meaning to me.
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snow + boredom = picspam!

What with the neverending snow on Saturday, other than stepping outside to meet up with Mom, I spent the day cozied up inside and killed time scouring the internet for some pictures of my favourite boys.  I haven't done a picspam in a long while and I think I may have gone a bit overboard this time, lol!

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The scary part is that I could've included so many more guys.  Maybe I'll do a part two some day.  Picspams take way too long to do.