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real life disney

A co-worker sent this to me and I was greatly amused by the similarities, especially of the stepsisters/cousins!!

So, as it has been pointed out to me, the colours on the Disney pics have been altered to match. But the dress remains white! And it's still cute :P

In other news, nothing too exciting *shrugs* There's that photo meme going around - your day in pictures. I was going to do this last weekend but then I was too lazy to post so I'm going to do a My Week in Pictures instead.

In fandom news:
It's been 5 weeks without Glee. Yesterday, stills & promos for the next episode were finally released and I thoroughly enjoyed all the flailing.

I've been pretty much sucked into The Hunger Games fandom and on top of my girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence, I've inexplicably developed a little crush on Josh Hutcherson. Where did that come from?! Dude is tiny and truthfully, I don't find him *that* cute. But his interviews, especially the ones with JLaw are hilarious and adorable. And I just found out he is only 19!! *headdesk*
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the royals in calgary

Last stop of the Royal Tour in Calgary for the Stampede. The gifting of the white cowboy hat is tradition and people were disappointed Will & Kate didn't wear them when they received them. They just knew that it didn't go with their outfits (suit/dress) and saved the cowboy hats for the Stampede where they were more appropriately dressed :)

Something I never thought I would say -- Prince William is quite dashing as a cowboy!

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belated mega post of... stuff

Wow, has it been almost 3 weeks since I've posted?

~ Work has been super busy due to stupid files that just won't go away and the fact that my manager is going on vacation for 2 weeks. Upside? File of Doom is now completed and did I mention my manager is gone for 2 weeks? :D I think I may actually leave work before 7!

~ Still immersed in the Klaine fandom. This is the first time I've actually followed a tour on-line cause Chris changes up the Klaine skit in every show. The ones in London have been hilarious -- he brought costumes, Kurt&Blaine are the American Will&Kate and he even made commemorative plates!! Can not wait to see what he comes up with in Dublin. Wonder if the fact Darren is half Irish will come into play? Also, Darren has started joining in the Safety Dance number and watching him do the choreography is adorable LOL

Oh and bauersgirl, looks like we were extremely lucky to have seen the last performance of "Friday" -- they haven't played since.

~ Speaking of Glee -- the news of Darren and Harry being bumped up to regulars have been released (YAY!!) but unfortunately, Chord has not :( Harry about time, Darren was obvious but I'm quite bummed about Chord. They finally gave Sam a decent storyline, they teased us with the Samcedes hookup and now what? Chord was a guest star last year but he was in almost every episode and Harry has been a guest star since S1 so I'm hoping just because the show didn't upgrade him to regular status it won't change too much. But from Chord's tweets and other stuff, it sounds like Sam is basically gone? If that's true, I will miss Trouty Mouth and his awesome abs.

~ Mini!Warbler continues to be absolutely adorable

I can't get over how adorable he is!! And the end, when he gets all shy saying "hi Darren, I'm your biggest fan" *clutches heart* Poor parents though, they must be so sick of hearing "Teenage Dream" LOL HE NEEDS TO MEET DARREN LIKE NOW. I think some fans are trying to get him on Ellen cause you know she'll make it happen.

The way he pops up behind the chair!

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~ Hope my fellow Canadians are enjoying their long weekend. I didn't do much on Canada Day but I did watch Will & Kate who were in Ottawa (why they no visit Toronto?) for the celebrations. When their trip itinerary was released a while back, I did contemplate going to Ottawa to see them... for about 2 seconds before the thought of that huge crowd brought me back to reality. I actually can't wait to see W&K visit Yellowknife, that's pretty cool of them going up north like that.

Love Kate's maple-inspired fascinator!

Also wishing an awesome 4th of July to all my American friends :D

~ And to end this super mega long post, I had forgotten how pretty Harrison Ford was until this gif reminded me.

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royal wedding

I admit it. I totally woke up early to watch the royal wedding. I have no memories of watching Charles & Diana's wedding and it's not like I follow the royals but, for some reason, I really wanted to watch this live.

Even though I knew the "good stuff" probably didn't start til like 5am my time, I was wide awake at 2:30! Could not go back to sleep LOL Kate's dress was lovely -- simple and classic, just the way I like it :) Loved the veil as well. And the kids in the bridal party OMG so adorable!

Watched through the vows but fell asleep for a bit cause next thing I knew, they were in the carriage heading towards Buckingham. Won't be able to see the kiss live as I must leave for work in about 10 minutes but I'm sure it'll be everywhere.

Of course, best thing about this sort of gathering are the hats. So many pretty hats but not sure if I'm liking the ones that are placed right in front, on the forehead? Like the way Victoria Beckham and one of William's cousins (Beatrice or the other one) wore theirs.