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A co-worker sent this to me and I was greatly amused by the similarities, especially of the stepsisters/cousins!!

So, as it has been pointed out to me, the colours on the Disney pics have been altered to match. But the dress remains white! And it's still cute :P

In other news, nothing too exciting *shrugs* There's that photo meme going around - your day in pictures. I was going to do this last weekend but then I was too lazy to post so I'm going to do a My Week in Pictures instead.

In fandom news:
It's been 5 weeks without Glee. Yesterday, stills & promos for the next episode were finally released and I thoroughly enjoyed all the flailing.

I've been pretty much sucked into The Hunger Games fandom and on top of my girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence, I've inexplicably developed a little crush on Josh Hutcherson. Where did that come from?! Dude is tiny and truthfully, I don't find him *that* cute. But his interviews, especially the ones with JLaw are hilarious and adorable. And I just found out he is only 19!! *headdesk*
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hunger games & starkid

Hunger Games: Saw the movie last night with R. Sold out showing and we had the pleasure of sitting beside teens who couldn't stop whispering & ohmygod-ing through it. Anyway, enjoyed the film. Was not as traumatized as I thought I would be (yay PG-13 rating!). Loved Josh as Peeta. Casting of Rue was perfect. Almost cried twice. Only 608 days til the sequel!! (Release date for Catching Fire is November 22, 2013).

StarKid: Today is Space Tour Day of StarKid's weeklong merchandise specials. I only really wanted the DVD of the tour. I was planning on getting the CD off of iTunes. Don't really need the program but it's nice. Have absolutely no need for the sunglasses. But if you bought all 4 items, you (a) receive a $10 discount and (b) get a free poster signed by the Starkids. You got me, Starkid. Here's my money. Although giving me a $10 discount and then turning around and charging me $12 for shipping, not so nice.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! The weather is getting cooler (ie normal March temperatures), I'll be seeing Shrek: The Musical this afternoon and will be spending the rest of the weekend reading fanfic (I've fallen so behind!), doing my personal taxes and start spring cleaning my condo.
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the hunger games

I resisted The Hunger Games for a long time. The series caught my attention with all the hype surrounding the release of the 3rd book so I looked into it but once I discovered what it was about, I put it right back. But then more hype with the announcement of the movie. And then my brother -- the brother that barely reads! -- asked me if I had the book. I downloaded the trilogy onto my e-reader for my UK trip but I never got around to reading it. Why? Cause my mom started reading it on the train to Edinburgh and kept it for the rest of the trip.

Now, all 3 books have been read (the 3rd one in a day! don't remember the last time I did that). Really looking forward to the movie although I'll probably watch a lot of it peeking through my fingers.

BTW, I'm totally on Team Peeta :)