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Entries by tag: the hunger games

vanity fair pictures

I believe these are kinda old but whatevs. I'm always behind the ball anyhow.

So strange to see all the tributes smiling and hanging out together!

I have actually seen that above pic with Liam photoshopped out LOL Poor Liam, so little screentime.

One of my fave interviews -- J Law & the Hutch on MTV's Yes/No Show

real life disney

A co-worker sent this to me and I was greatly amused by the similarities, especially of the stepsisters/cousins!!

So, as it has been pointed out to me, the colours on the Disney pics have been altered to match. But the dress remains white! And it's still cute :P

In other news, nothing too exciting *shrugs* There's that photo meme going around - your day in pictures. I was going to do this last weekend but then I was too lazy to post so I'm going to do a My Week in Pictures instead.

In fandom news:
It's been 5 weeks without Glee. Yesterday, stills & promos for the next episode were finally released and I thoroughly enjoyed all the flailing.

I've been pretty much sucked into The Hunger Games fandom and on top of my girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence, I've inexplicably developed a little crush on Josh Hutcherson. Where did that come from?! Dude is tiny and truthfully, I don't find him *that* cute. But his interviews, especially the ones with JLaw are hilarious and adorable. And I just found out he is only 19!! *headdesk*

hunger games & starkid

Hunger Games: Saw the movie last night with R. Sold out showing and we had the pleasure of sitting beside teens who couldn't stop whispering & ohmygod-ing through it. Anyway, enjoyed the film. Was not as traumatized as I thought I would be (yay PG-13 rating!). Loved Josh as Peeta. Casting of Rue was perfect. Almost cried twice. Only 608 days til the sequel!! (Release date for Catching Fire is November 22, 2013).

StarKid: Today is Space Tour Day of StarKid's weeklong merchandise specials. I only really wanted the DVD of the tour. I was planning on getting the CD off of iTunes. Don't really need the program but it's nice. Have absolutely no need for the sunglasses. But if you bought all 4 items, you (a) receive a $10 discount and (b) get a free poster signed by the Starkids. You got me, Starkid. Here's my money. Although giving me a $10 discount and then turning around and charging me $12 for shipping, not so nice.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! The weather is getting cooler (ie normal March temperatures), I'll be seeing Shrek: The Musical this afternoon and will be spending the rest of the weekend reading fanfic (I've fallen so behind!), doing my personal taxes and start spring cleaning my condo.

the hunger games

I resisted The Hunger Games for a long time. The series caught my attention with all the hype surrounding the release of the 3rd book so I looked into it but once I discovered what it was about, I put it right back. But then more hype with the announcement of the movie. And then my brother -- the brother that barely reads! -- asked me if I had the book. I downloaded the trilogy onto my e-reader for my UK trip but I never got around to reading it. Why? Cause my mom started reading it on the train to Edinburgh and kept it for the rest of the trip.

Now, all 3 books have been read (the 3rd one in a day! don't remember the last time I did that). Really looking forward to the movie although I'll probably watch a lot of it peeking through my fingers.

BTW, I'm totally on Team Peeta :)

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