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LAST WEEKEND: CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) with Rina & Shirley. We ate Korean tacos & Rina had her first beaver tail (next time, deep fried mars bars!). Watched the ice skating show with Virtue & Moir. I was finally introduced to the cuteness that is the SuperDogs. Can't believe I've been going to the CNE since I was child and never saw the SuperDogs. Ended the day with a Nick Carter concert.

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THIS WEEKEND: FanExpo. I'm so tired. I think I'm going to miss today cause I need a day of rest LOL If I can barely handle FanExpo, how would I survive ComicCon?

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IN-BETWEEN: I discovered this web series called Husbands. It's written by Brad "Cheeks" Bell (an ex of Adam Lambert, I believe?) and Jane Espenson of Buffy & Caprica fame. The second season just started & I clicked the link on a whim. The first season was 11 short episodes, a few minutes each. The second season will be 3 episodes of about 8 minutes.

The series is about a recently out baseball player, Brady, who gets drunk married in Vegas to flamboyant actor, Cheeks and what happens. It's actually amazing how much they could fit in such a short time frame. And lots of cameos!!

Here's the first episode

And the link for the rest: GoCheeksGo youtube channel
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st paddy's day

I had no idea St Patrick's Day is fast approaching until I saw the parade go by lol. Actually thought it was today but according to my trusty calendar, it's this Wednesday so wishing everyone a happy St Patrick's Day in advance!

To celebrate St Patrick's Day, I finally watched The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Collapse )

So, after watching a movie with fake Irishmen, I thought, why not do a picspam of some Irish actors? Collapse )
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boondocks spoiler

There's a YouTube channel for the filming of Boondock Saints 2 so I've been watching some of the clips.  They also have an e-mail where you can send questions to the director or cast and they answer.  I've seen the video with Young Indiana Jones Sean Patrick Flannery answering questions (he's looking fiiiine) but no Norman Reedus yet.  There was a quick glimpse of Norman at the end of one of the filming videos where he showed us what he was listening to on his ipod.  Need more Norman!

There was a quick video inviting all us Torontonians to the Yuk Yuk's located 15 minutes from me to watch one of the new cast members perform and you just know some of the cast was there.  When did I see this video?  The day after, argh!

Did spot a whole mess of trailers down by the lake last Friday night as I drove by.  I wonder if it was them. 

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boondock saints 2

According to this, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is scheduled to start filming here today!!  SQUEEEEEEE  Suddenly, I feel the urge to stalk coming on  :)  Now, I just need to find where.

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was quiet.  Stayed indoors mostly as I'm trying to get over a cold.  Saturday night, went to see Sarah McLachlan perform as part of a fundraiser for Youth Empowerment Canada.  The concert was at Roy Thomson Hall, it was just Sarah either on guitar or piano and she sounded gorgeous.  The other performer was Meaghan Smith, a folksy-pop singer from Halifax, who was great.  Anyway, Meaghan joined Sarah for "Angel" and it was so beautiful.  I wish I recorded it but the ushers were complete camera-nazis.  Boo.

Finally, watched The Dark Knight.  Totally lived up to the hype.  LOVE Christian Bale.  Although, his gravelly Batman voice was a tad distracting.
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boondock saints in the t.dot

Like I usually do, once I discover my new favourite thing, I surf the web for any and all information.  After I discovered the awesome-ness that is The Boondock Saints, did a little bit of digging and imagine my surprise when I found out that it was partially filmed here.   So, I did a bit more digging and discovered that one of the outdoor scenes was filmed right in my area.  So, this morning, my camera & I took a little walk.

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gets stalking shoes ready

Following in the UK's footsteps (as ever :D ), this summer, CBC will be airing our version of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? -- the search for who will play Maria in the upcoming production of The Sound of Music

I was planning on tuning in really just because I already have tickets to the musical so it would be kind of cool to follow the reality show and then see them perform.  But now I am so ohmygod excited because I just found out that JOHN BARROWMAN WILL BE A JUDGE!!111!!!!!!11  *massive squee*  Article here that lists John as one of the judges (scroll down).

SOLO!!!  You have to come down here and we HAVE to get tickets!!   I'm seriously gonna call the CBC tomorrow and find out the when/how/where of getting tickets to the show.

This news was posted over at barrowmanfans  and there was concern about TW S3 filming.  People were saying that filming usually doesn't start til August so it shouldn't be an issue.  Also, I highly doubt John will stay in Toronto between each show.  He'll be either jetting it back and forth between here and the UK or making trips to the US.

*gasp*  Do you think he'll be around for Pride?  That would be so awesome!  pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

In other news, I purchased The Boondock Saints DVD from HMV today.  =)    ETA:  I'm watching the special features and the deleted scene when the brothers' mom calls?  GOLD

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just gonna pass out from the over-squeeage.

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rope. always need rope.

As usual, I am behind the times but I finally watched The Boondock Saints. Count me in as one of the converted. Irish brothers killing bad guys and looking mighty fine doing it. And was it just me or was the broyay through the roof? Or have I been thoroughly corrupted by the evil internet and see hoyay everywhere? :)  I really want to see the unedited version. I've also read there's possibly a sequel in the works.

Today has been a Sean Patrick Flanery day. First, Boondock and now I'm watching the Young Indy series. And I also just discovered through the wonder that is IMDB, that he's in Ten Inch Hero with Jensen!   When is that movie gonna be released?  Come on!

janglyjewels  found this great fanvid combining Boondock Saints and Supernatural and now I must share with you all.