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come and knock on my door

Don't know why but have sudden craving to watch some Three's Company so am currently downloading seasons 1-4 (the uploader hasn't uploaded the remaining seasons -- is then when Somers left the show?) I remember absolutely loving this show when I was younger. Back then, for me, it was all about John Ritter's physical comedy -- the pratfalls & the falling over furniture -- and the landlords, the Ropers & Mr Farley. Those 2 are my biggest memories of watching the show. I'm sure, upon re-watching, I will also finally get all those jokes that my young brain didn't understand :)

Hmmmm this uploader has also uploaded The Golden Girls. Am tempted to snag those as well. And I should look up Family Ties too!! I know my brother had The Cosby Show but I think he deleted them, damnit.

Any suggestions/favourites, f-list?
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fandom update (spoilers beware)

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The New Normal. Still loving it. It got a full season pick up so yay for that! And Ryan has said that Andrew Rannells will sing on the show so double yay!

Elementary. I enjoyed the pilot. I've always been a Lucy Liu fan and bless whoever decided to let Jonny Lee Miller keep his accent. Already sick and tired of the comparison to BBC Sherlock. It is possible to like both shows!
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wow i am lazy when it comes to updating

(1) So I noticed that I never actually posted my TIFF Darren pictures (and Kristen Wiig's) on my LJ LOL Brain fart, wow

I saw Imogene and it was good. Darren had 2 make-out scenes, was shirtless twice, wore guyliner, spoke French, sang twice and dirty danced with Wiig. What? I noticed the important things ;P The movie is funny -- not Bridemaids/Hangover funny, more character-driven funny (I think that's how you describe it). Main complaint was the ending -- it felt abrupt and was your standard cliched everybody-got-what-they-wanted ending.

(2) Madonna concert. Damn woman didn't start until 10:30, which meant concert ended at 12:30. On a week night *head desk* She looked great. Did a pretty good mix of her old & new stuff. The first 4-5 songs was some sort of storyline with all this religious imagery (still doing that, Madge?) and Madonna killing some guy, having a fight in a hotel room & going to jail. It was weird and over-the-top. The rest of the concert was more standard fare and much more enjoyable. As I was pretty far away, I just took some video. Here's "Like a Prayer" and "Celebration", the 2 closing numbers.

(3) Who's watching The New Normal? How cute is that show!? Of course, it doesn't hurt that Ryan Murphy has described it as future!Klaine deciding to have a baby :) Apparently though, a lot of it is based on Murphy's own life. I have a soft spot for Justin Bartha since National Treasure. I know of Andrew Rannells as he's the Book of Mormon guy. I hope they have him sing on the show. Oh! Reading up on Rannells, he was here as part of the Jersey Boys cast but I missed him :( His last show was Dec 8, 2008 and I saw the show on Dec 28th.
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okay! onto more happy stuff

~~ Before I left for Cincy, I saw Avenue Q with jenab and it was great! The theatre was small, with no more than 150 seats and dang, those seats were not comfortable! The songs were great and the lead actor was adorable :) I prefer staying as spoiler-free as I can re: musicals before I see them so while I knew Avenue Q had puppets, I thought it was more along the lines of The Muppets ie you never saw the people which wasn't the case. Both the leads play at least 2 roles using different voices so how they don't accidentally screw up is pretty cool. If you get a chance to see it, I definitely recommend it. It's not every day you get to watch a puppet sex scene!

~~ Finished watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I really enjoyed it but I think I was more excited about the nods to The Last Airbender -- OMG that's Zuko grandson! OMG that's Toph daughter! OMG AANG GREW UP TO BE A FREAKING HOTTIE!! felt weird to find an animation hot lol. The show has already been picked up for a 2nd season and on tumblr, someone made the comment that this will be the first time, in both series, that we will have a fully realized Avatar. Should be interesting to see what this will bring in the upcoming season. Although, I do miss how Aang's arrows glow when he enters the Avatar state. It just makes everything cooler.

~~ Does anyone watch Common Law? Good show? I've started to d/l the eps as it looks like something both my mom and I would enjoy. My mom likes White Collar, Suits & Burn Notice but not Leverage so if it falls into a similar category, that'll be awesome.

~~ Ryan Murphy has joined Twitter and finally clued in that a surefire way to make fans happy is to start releasing deleted scenes. Now why these scenes aren't just included in the DVD set is beyond all of us. Considering they have a huge cast and the amount of footage they have/could have between studio recording, dance rehearsals & on-set time, the DVD extras are PITIFUL compared to other shows. We don't even get a blooper reel. Seriously. So, any little morsel given out is glomped on and praise & love is heaped onto Murphy. Collapse )

~~ ETA: Went for a walk in the crazy heat, good planning there, Amy and ended up buying... a handbag! I was on my way home, walking through the Eaton Centre for the air con, walk by Micheal Kors and a purple bag caught my eye. I've been wanting a purple bag forever, loved this colour so went inside to see what other styles they had. In less than 10 minutes, walked back out with this:

I love it ♥ Probably the easiest sale that salesgirl ever had!
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i don't wanna work

I am so not in the mood to work today. Yesterday, I was quite productive. Today, not at all. So, here's a meme :D

Which TV shows did you start watching in 2011?
Once Upon a Time, The Secret Circle, Suits, Grimm, The New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Community, 18 to Life, Almost Heroes, Misfits, Downton Abbey, Happy Endings, Storage Wars.

Which TV shows did you let go of in 2011?
18 to Life & Almost Heroes -- finished in 2011. Misfits & Downton Abbey -- after watching the first eps, I never went back to them but I will at some point! Grimm & The Secret Circle -- lost interest.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2011?
Game of Thrones and Camelot. Camelot has already been cancelled so that's off the list. I've got GoT on the computer and I think I'm going to tackle them over New Year's.

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2012?
The only one that comes to mind is Smash.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2011?
Whitney & 2 Broke Girls -- don't find neither show that funny but will still watch if nothing else is on.

Which TV show do you think you might let go of in 2012 unless things significiantly improve?
When I get into a show, I'm usually in for the long run (still watching HIMYM for goodness sakes!) but I can see letting go of Once Upon a Time and H5-0 asneither show is Must See TV. I'm already losing interest in H5-0. Chuck will end in 2012.

Which TV shows do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get?
Well, never say never cause who'd've thought I would have given up on SPN? Glee's already so cracky but as long as keep on with awesome musical numbers, I'm there.
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lots of videos

You know what my journal needs? MOAR DARREN CRISS!!! :D

A video of his SMA photoshoot (seriously, they had him shirtless in the ocean and they picked an extreme close up pic for the magazine? Not that the picture wasn't great but REALLY!?!?!)

Anyone watched The Sing Off? I got into it near the end. Sara Bareills is a much better judge than Nicole S. The X-Factor can keep her. So glad my favourite, Pentatonix, won! My 10 votes really helped LOL This is my favourite performance of theirs:

When everyone drops out leaving just Mitch's voice soaring through? DAMN.

My other favourite and the one that caught my attention making me search them out on YouTube

That first "let's get it on" was a BOOM! PREGNANT! moment for me ♥

One more! As awesome as Pentatonix was, I have to say my favourite performance of them all was Vocal Point's "Every Little Step". From the choreography to just the pure fun factor,

Every time I watch this, which has been quite a lot, I always end up being all :DDDDD One thing I enjoy the most about the show is how you can see the other groups cheering each other on. Loved seeing Pentatonix getting into it in the background.

OK that's it from me. Sorry to spam y'all with videos not really
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much ado about nothing

Have you guys seen/heard about this?

Check out that cast!! I'm most excited about seeing Sean Maher again (yeah, I know he was on "Playboy Club" but, like most people, I had no interest in the show). There is a website but not a lot of information. I wonder if this will be released via internet like Dr Horrible.

ETA: EW interview with Joss Whedon, Sean Maher and Amy Acker. Whedon mentions spring film fests, do you think it'll come to TIFF? OMG COME TO TIFF PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

I watched the pilot for "Once Upon a Time" last night. Not bad, not bad. The lead actress looked so familiar to me, I can't believe I didn't recognize her as Zoe from HIMYM!! I guess that whole SL was so bad I blocked it from my memory LOL I want to check out "Grimm" too but it's on Friday nights against "Chuck"? Stupid networks.

So, SPN. Can I jump into the current episodes without being too lost? I want to see the latest ep with Spike and Cordelia James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter.

From the recent hitRECord fall formal, this awesome video of NPH & JGL talking about love (NSFW for language)

There's a better version (ie edited version with no Stephanie interruption) on AfterElton but I can't embed it.
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television talk

BUT FIRST. Zach Quinto is out and proud. Sad though that it took a passing of someone for him to take that step but he did and he did eloquently. It's rumoured that he's dating Jonathan Groff so for purely selfish reasons, I look forward to cute red carpet/candid pictures of them together :D

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So dear f-list, has anyone been watching any of the new shows this season? Any recs? I've only seen the pilot for "The Secret Circle" and an episode of "Suburgatory". That's it.

I really enjoyed H5-0 last year but just have not had the chance to see it this season. I have to correct that. I also need to catch up on Castle. Damn the networks for putting those 2 shows against each other.

Now, I'm just waiting for Chuck to return.

ETA: A couple of videos I want to include

The Princess Bride reunion. I love them all.

The Avengers panel at New York Comic Con. This video is quite Tom Hiddleston heavy. I'm getting really excited for this movie!
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matthew morrison

So Matt Morrison aka Mr Schue was in town yesterday doing promo and an autograph session. Of course, his appearance was scheduled for the middle of the work day (helloooooo, we don't get Memorial Day up here) which means I couldn't attend :( But bauersgirl was able to yay \o/ She scored some great pictures and now I'm going share them with y'all!

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