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Sooooooo long time no update. What's been happening with me? Well, the big thing was last week, I had my right thyroid taken out. Everything went fine although apparently, according to the nurses I overheard, I oozed the most of the 3 patients who had thyroid surgery that day. Go me LOL I've been exiled recovering at the parents' house since then which meant computer time was spotty (I find it amusing that my dad used to lecture us about being on the computer too much and now that he's retired, he probably spends just as long on the internet as we did).

I took pictures, let's have a look :) This was me a few days after the surgery. I was told to keep the gauze on for about a week. I took it off after 5 days cause it was driving me nuts.

And this is what it basically looks now. I need to wait til the strips fall off naturally but damn, they're like a scab that I can't keep poking at *sits on hands*

While I was laid up in the hospital waiting to be released, I missed a Chris Colfer sex riot on tumblr :( Mr Colfer recently did a beautiful photoshoot.

I also had lofty goals of doing lots of reading but that didn't happen. Did catch up on my fanfiction reading though (those should totally count towards my Goodreads goal!) and, thanks to tumblr, I got sucked into Teen Wolf and mainlined all the episodes over 3 days. The show is pretty cheesy. The fight scenes are bad. The main couple angst (he's a werewolf! she's from a family of werewolf hunters! oh noes!!) gets boring. And the make-up. I'm pretty sure there is just no way to make a werewolf look cool without going 100% CGI. BUT the show is complete eye-candy, strangely addictive and it has Stiles. Stiles is awesome and everyone's favourite.

The cast at Comic Con

Now that I'm caught up with Teen Wolf (except for the last 2 eps cause I can't d/l them here), I'm starting to watch The Legend of Korra. Yay for more Avatar!!

OK, have rambled enough. Will be returning to my condo this weekend and life shall resume as normal :)