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** Sense8, has anyone watched this? I've already downloaded the series but I'm going to save it for my trip at the end of July. I really kinda wanna watch it right now before I get too spoiled

** I've read so much Matt/Foggy fanfic, I'm at the point of checking AO3 daily for updates. And, for once, I don't care about the rating or if it's slash, pre-slash, gen, brotp etc

** I also want Daredevil season 2 like right now

** Works sucks and it's June. Our busy season gets longer every freaking year.

** Mockingjay Part 2 trailer looks awesome!!!!

** I miss Chinese food. Seriously. I have a craving for good dim sum that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. My office is surrounded by Japanese and Korean food. Yeah, there's some Chinese restaurants close to me but they either are in a food court (only when desperate) or they lean more towards a fusion style. And I can't cook for shit. Basically wah wah wah I want my mom to cook for me :(

** Travel plans! Northern Europe & Russia at the end of July! Alberta over Labour Day weekend! Chicago to hang with Lori & Becky in October! Maybe another NYC trip in Oct/Nov! (that would be dependent on the state of Broadway)

** Due to above travel plans, I will be missing FanExpo this year. I was already bummed cause Jenna Coleman, Hayley Atwell and Tyler Posey were already announced. Since then, Billie Piper, Karen Gillan (who cancelled last minute last year because of filming) and the Weasley twins from HP have been added. Every time I get an e-mail update announcing another guest, it hurrrrrrrrrts.

** The thought of diving back into Supernatural over the summer has been floating around my brain lately. If I do, I'm thinking of starting at the very beginning cause I really don't remember much anymore

** One of my New Year Resolutions was to purge and de-clutter my life. It's June and I've barely made a dent *sigh* Donated most of my movie DVDs and a bunch of books (which have already been replaced with new books *double sigh*) and sold some CDs. But I need to do more! Hopefully, this weekend will be the weekend I get off my lazy ass and clean out my closet (seriously there are clothes that I haven't worn in 5+ years that are taking up space!) and then I need to tackle The Stuff. I have too much Stuff and I need to be brutal and trash/recycle away.
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i think it's finally over

After missing the last couple of SPN episodes, I made a point and sat down to watch tonight's ep. Commercial break after the scene where Dean leaves to visit Ben/Lisa, I get up to throw my laundry into the washer, then I washed the dishes, mucked about on the computer, brushed my teeth, cleaned up a bit and never made it back to the tv. I think the only episode of this season I've watched in its entirety was the premiere. :(
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You can't take that away from me!

If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

Oh this is so easy -- mobile phone. I wish I could get rid of it right now.


Confession: You know TV Guide cover contest that's going on? I've been voting for Chuck, not SPN *sheepish grin*. Also, I have not watched the last 3 SPN episodes -- the Bobby one, the audio was out of sync so I switched off the tv; saw the beginning of the Twihard one but something distracted me and I never finished it; and totally forgot last Friday. All are on the computer so need to catch up before I fall too far behind. Just realized will be missing this week's episode too!
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meme answer

faninohio asked this: What 5 characters do you dislike the most in your favorite fandoms?

Thinking of 5 was pretty hard. I'm the type of person where I tend to like everyone in my fandoms. If I disliked a character a lot, I simply stop watching the show (see: Meredith, Grey's Anatomy and Marisa, The O.C.).

1. Rose Tyler, Doctor Who. Perhaps I was expecting too much considering, at that time, all I read was how awesome and wonderful Rose was and Rose+Doctor=OTP4EVA!!!!! I also started in the DW fandom with Series 3 and I LOVED Martha but the constant comparison to Rose (in canon & fanon) and how no one could be as brilliant as Rose... UGH UGH UGH. But really, Rose grated on my nerves. I hated how she treated Mickey. I hated how cliquey the Doctor & her got, like they knew they were awesome and let us make you feel like an outsider with our cute little inside jokes and whatnot. And then fact that RTD just wouldn't let her go! I also don't get the appeal of Billie Piper. At all.

2. Castiel, Supernatural. This is more of a 'too much of a good thing'. I liked Castiel at first. But then he kept coming back, more and more frequently until he was made a series regular! But I think what got to me the most was the fandom. For a fandom that constantly harps on SPN for being misogynistic, it sure loves to hate 99.9% of the female characters -- "I don't want no stupid female to come between Dean & Sam!! This show is about brothers!" -- but introduce a good-looking male portrayed by an actor who enjoys playing up to the fandom, the chorus of "OMG Dean/Castiel is soooo hawt! Sam who? Get rid of Sam, we want our D/C!!!!" really annoyed me.

3. Uther Pendragon, Merlin. It said "your favourite fandoms" and Merlin is one of my faves. So, if I had choose someone, it would be Uther. His "all magic is evil and must be destroyed" stance is getting tired and old. There hasn't been a lot of growth/progression with this character over the last 2 seasons. Here's hoping for S3.

4. Rebecca, Oli/Christian fandom. This character is just plain annoying. Her insipid crush on Christian was stupid and lame. Most of the blame goes to the writers -- if one character falls in love with another character who is already in a relationship, then one would expect a storyline involving a love triangle or evil!third party trying to break up established couple or something. This is a soap opera after all. But none of those things happened with Rebecca. She just mooned over Christian for months on end. Booooooooring.

5. Kate, White Collar. We never found out much about Kate so I never understood why Neal would risk so much her. Why were they even in relationship? And then the show blew her up. Buh-bye.


Something different from the preceding fandom rant-age. Have some happy, my fellow DOWs! Video of Zac's Details photoshoot:

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new hanson video

Video for Thinkin' About Something

The Hanson brothers dancing LOL Supposedly this is a homage to the Blues Brothers (I dunno as I've never watched the Blues Brothers myself). Zac is as cute as ever. Taylor's face looks fuller. Still skinny so maybe it's the shorter hair or the sunglasses which look too small for his face or maybe he's finally settling into his 'grown-up' face. Dude is like what? mid- to late 20s?

Anyway, just happy we're finally getting some new Hanson music!


OK, SPN. 100th episode. The fact that I was flipping between that and the SNL special pretty much sums up what I thought. This season is boring the hell out of me. How many times are we going to see Dean have his "revelation" about his life/path/purpose? And how many times is Sam going to apologize? I don't mind season-long Big Bads, loved Buffy et al, but this whole story arc has been going for 2 years if you start with the appearance of the angels although really, you can back much further than that. So many episodes feel like filler to me. The *wink* for the Dean/Castiel fans last night made me gag (apologizes to those that ship Dean/Castiel but I just don't see it). I miss the Monster of the Week stuff, the comedy, too much doom 'n gloom/angst. Rant over.
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hey hey

** I had no idea SPN was coming back last night so thanks to my f-list for being on the ball and your squee-age! Your squee = my gain =) Best part of the episode:

OH BOYS. <3333

** the dream of Jared in a loincloth is no more :( Jason Momoa of SGA has won the role.

** I know some people don't get the appeal of fanfiction. You know what I don't get? Fanmixes. I love music but I don't link songs to characters that way (unless the song was specifically used in the show/movie) and the desire to hear someone else's fanmix? No thanks. Any fandom things which you just don't get?

** Speaking of fanfiction, I read a lot of it but I've never had a problem separating the fanfic from the original source. Until now. In the Merlin fandom, there's a fic that uses Bradley & Colin in Persuasion. Bradley = Wentworth; Colin = Anne. Now that I'm finally reading Persuasion myself, I find that I'm mixing the two! Even though I'm reading about Frederick & Anne, in my mind, I see Bradley & Colin ;)

** Condo reno will commence this Monday! Finally. So tonight & tomorrow will be for emptying out the bathroom & kitchen. Force me to clean/purge.

** On March 26-28, there will be a Gays of Our Lives convention in NYC. The main guests are the actors in the gay storylines from the 3 German soap operas that I follow. I think I'm going to go as it's unlikely this will ever happen again. Only 1 or 2 of you on my f-list even watch these soaps but if anyone wants to join me in NYC for a weekend...? I'll definitely be taking in a Broadway show (I want to see Billy Elliot). Just putting it out there... :)
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and so ends my last con

The quick rundown version as (a) everything and anything important has probably been tweeted or posted about already (b) I am currently pre-occupied with stuffing my face with chicken teriyaki & sushi as I am starving and only had junk food (ie chips, M&Ms & Tim Tams) all day (c) my pictures most likely suck as we were too far back for decent pics and (d) I don't have my photo ops pics as I had to leave before they were printed.

* Aldis is very soft spoken which I did not expect and a big sweetheart, which I did expect and he has very white teeth that even his smile dazzled us in row S
* I now have a teeny tiny crush on Robert Spreight Jr who had the best story about Misha's underpants
* Was operating on an hour's sleep for almost 40 hours so decided to give up Jim Beaver's autograph line and crashed @ 11pm on Saturday night
* I don't think Misha answered one question straight but then he wouldn't be Misha. Looked very dapper in the black suit
* During the J2 photo op, I accidentally stepped on Jared's foot. I kept apologizing and he replied, right in my ear as we were posing for the camera, "You get ONE". *diez*
* Due to my "international" status (or because I am *that* special), I did not get an e-mail ticket or a standard photo op ticket for my Jensen, Jared & J2 photo ops. Instead, I got some super special tickets that were handwritten on lined paper cut into ticket-size. CLASSY.
* The boys were funny and HOT and microphone-destroying and extremely sweaty (ie Jared)

Now, off to finish unpacking and downloading the new Merlin and Doctor Who, which OMG how did I not know there was new DW this weekend? Shame on me!
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this icon amuses me so

You know what else amused me? Today's episode of Supernatural. Collapse )

What did not amuse me was discovering that Kris Allen's super special limited offer of CD with signed lithograph is available only in the US =( Oh well. To cheer me up, here are some pics of Kris' recent photoshoot and Adam on the red black (ooo how edgy!) carpet for 2012. Collapse )