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got milk?

What is going on here? Why was this filmed? How does ZQ not even blink? Why is this oddly hot and this is from someone who has never crushed on the man. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

In my mind, it's Pine off-screen throwing the milk ;) *hits play again* I'm going to have a glass of milk now.
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random things of happiness

* The bromance of Quinto & Pine continues in epic form with this find by openmydoors

* Another Trek related item -- click the link for LOOOOOLs but be warned as music is part of the post and there's swearing.

* Final Trek contribution -- Vulcan pick up lines!

I wish to confirm your proficiency at cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Cadet, as I find myself experiencing an increased probability of respiratory system malfunction while in your vicinity.

I am concerned that you are not showing signs of fatigue, Cadet Uhura, as you have been vigorously sprinting through the confines of my subconscious since dawn.

Cadet Uhura, if I were to select an enzyme that most exemplifies my current state of being, I would select the DNA helicase. This, of course, would permit me to unzip your genes.

* pictures of sweaty!footballer!Bradley at a celebrity(?) match here. One minor complaint though -- this weekend was the London Expo with the Merlin cast and the football game and the pictures I've seen have not been the best. Am I just not finding them? C'mon Merlin fans, you can do better!

* the explosion of Glee icons has been awesome! It is very possible that every single frame of the ep will be iconized by the time the show comes back LOL!

* Terminator: Salvation was pretty good. Lots of Anton Yelchin on the big screen was even better.