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glee > ai

AI singing Don't Stop Believing and it's not so good. Adam has the voice for it and so do some of the others but some do not. There were some cringe-worthy parts in there. Too bad you can hardly see little Kris.

Oh why must we wait til September for new Glee? All these promos/interviews/snippets are killing me!

Let's see what else have I been up to?

* Lunch yesterday with the ex-co-workers which was nice.

* Planned on going to Centre Island but stupid strike = no ferry service

* Will be volunteering at our Pride parade this Sunday. Little nervous as I have no idea what I'm doing (first time volunteer) but it'll be fun. Yonge Street is going to be a mess with this strike though.

* Catching up on 30 Rock -- my favourite episode so far is "Cougars" where Liz dates cute coffee boy Jamie, Frank goes gay for him (LOL) and Bush/Iraq War is transferred onto the baseball field.

* Went to my 3rd and final New Kids concert. Good times.

* Currently obsessed with the Korean movie, Antique, about 4 guys working in a cake shop.

Kim Jae-Wook (2nd from the right, in the glasses) is just so... pretty.

* Saw Transformers 2 and I enjoyed it for being the summer Michael Bay blow-crap-up movie that it was :) They showed the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender and while I'm still pissed about the non-Asian casting, it did look good. Now impatiently waiting for Harry Potter!

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more new kids squee! and some other stuff

I re-checked the summer concert listing for NKOTB and we're on, baby!!  June 21st, Molson Amphitheatre!!!!  Oddly, Montreal has disappeared.  Huh.  Anyway, as I was perusing the other venues, I was amused that while all the other amphitheatres are named after telephone/cable companies, banks, etc, our amphitheatre is the only one named after a beer company.  How Canadian of us, LOL

A question for worlddescending  -- I finally started watching IQ-145 this weekend and was wondering, is the series finished?  Do you know?  I've only seen the first 3 eps so far.  Thomas should do more voice work.  He has a lovely voice :)

Robin Hood S3 premiered last weekend.  I can't believe it's been over a year since S2 ended.  Anyway, won't go into a long recap but just say that I really enjoyed the episode.  Turk can stay.  I still don't get the Guy/Armitage love but whatever.  I miss Marian, Will & Djaq.  Allan is bringing the eye candy, day-um.


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snow + boredom = picspam!

What with the neverending snow on Saturday, other than stepping outside to meet up with Mom, I spent the day cozied up inside and killed time scouring the internet for some pictures of my favourite boys.  I haven't done a picspam in a long while and I think I may have gone a bit overboard this time, lol!

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The scary part is that I could've included so many more guys.  Maybe I'll do a part two some day.  Picspams take way too long to do.
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finale ramblings

Under the cut are my ramblings for the finales of Robin Hood and Dante's Cove which I watched back-to-back. Major spoilage will occur. 

Wow, did I ramble.

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In other tv news.  I would be surprised if anyone knows about the '90's Australian tv show, Ocean Girl.  It aired here on YTV (our kid's network) at some ridiculous hour like midnight and I somehow got hooked on the show.  I've been dying to watch the show again but the DVDs were never released here.  But thanks to a wonderful poster over at a tv comm I frequent, I now have the first 7 eps and am eagerly awaiting for more.  Ah, memories.

Happy birthday to kissedbythegods.  She probably won't see this as she's backpacking her way through South Africa right now. 

I'm staying in this New Year's Eve.  Hope everyone has a good time and surrounded by good company!!

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finally some calm

Finally found some time to actually post rather than skim skim skim through my f-list which is what I've been doing for the past few days.  So, let's see, what have I been up to?

Christmas Day was pretty lowkey.  Instead of our tradition of going to the movies, we spent the day getting ready for the Invasion of the Relatives for Christmas dinner.  My contribution was mashed potatoes, which was, other than the turkey, the only Western dish on the table.  2 of my aunts are great cooks so there was lots of yummy food.

Next day, we braved the Boxing Day crowd.  My SIL and I both purchased a travel bag from Roots.  I've wanted one since they came out but no way was I paying $128 (small size) or $198 (big size).  Roots had them 30% off so both of us snagged a small one, yay!!  I tried to buy my tv but they were all sold out.  My brother's friend managed to get one but she lined up outside Best Buy at 5 in the morning.  That's just insane.  Bought a few books, got my Flip Video and some clothes.

We did manage to catch a movie this holiday season and that was National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.  Not as good as the first (and I really enjoyed the first one) but it was good fun and that's all I was looking for.  I also downloaded and finally got around to watching a couple of movies.  Waitress, starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion, about a small-town waitress who gets pregnant and has an affair with her doctor.  Not the best plot summary but in reality, a very sweet movie which I really enjoyed even though I figured out the ending halfway through.  Besides, this movie had Fillion which gets a thumbs-up from me!  The other was the indie movie, Once, about a busker and an immigrant girl in Dublin who meet and how their friendship over the course of a couple of weeks inspire their music and change their lives.  The lead roles were played by non-actors and the songs are lovely so I snagged the soundtrack, too.  Shot on very small budget, this only helped with the intimate, almost documentary-like feel to the movie.  Really loved this one.

Of course, I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned.  Not the best, Kylie Minogue was decent but really, I was just giddy to see Ten again.  Ten in a tux was very nice.  Waiting impatiently for the new season of Doctor Who and Torchwood to begin.  And I'm even more impatient for the season finale of Robin Hood that is airing right now in the UK.  Reading insta-reactions at the RH comm isn't helping but I have to look.  *crosses fingers for a link tonight*

The rest of my days have been filled with work and running around with Bro and SIL looking at wedding stuff.  The hall and the menu are pretty much done, now it's just everything else -- photographer, DJ, flowers, decorations, wedding favours, bridesmaids/groomsmen, invitations, seating plan, cake, hair & makeup, wedding & traditional dresses, travel arrangements, hotel accomodations for out-of-towners, etc etc etc.  Too stressful.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [info]charlea2   !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Come January, when I'm back in my condo and at my own computer again, I'll have lots of video to upload for you  *wink*

I also wanted to share some music and I had almost half of my CD list up on cd-tracker.com but the site is closing down on the 31st.  Anyone know of a similar site?



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marshmallow & holly

How did I forget about this?  My artist cousin, Bobby (Imaginism Studios) was contracted by Borders to create 2 characters for their Christmas/winter advertising.  Since Dad lives in the States, he went to his local Borders and snapped some pictures even though he wasn't allowed to and had staff tell him to stop, LOL.  He just e-mailed me the pics.

So if you see Marshmallow & Holly at your local Borders, that's Bobby and his girlfriend, Kai.  *feels proud*

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All my shows have gone on hiatus now.  Here's wishing & hoping there'll be resolution on the strike soon.  I need more Supernatural and Chuck and Pushing Daisies!!!

Well, at least I still have my BBC shows.  Robin Hood has been great this season and I can't believe there's only 2 episodes left and they're making us wait an extra week to see them, wah!  I'm madly refreshing my f-list waiting for a link for tonight's ep.  All the reaction posts in the RH comms aren't helping either!!  I've been a Robin/Marian shipper from the start so I've been loving their storyline.  I'm also loving Allan this season.  Last year, he didn't stand out for me, just kinda faded into the crowd.  Hello blue eyes!!  How did I not notice them before??  I'm thinking it's the new black wardrobe and boy, does he look good in black. 

After RH ends, there's the Doctor Who Christmas special and then in January, there's the new Doctor Who and Torchwood to look forward to.

*returns to refreshing f-list for some Robin/Marian and slashy goodness*
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Damn, this turned out to be one long ass post.  But one more thing.  I can not believe I neglected to include this in my Gaspard picspam so I'm including it here.  Because it just can't be seen enough.

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thanksgiving weekend

Back at my parents' house for Thanksgiving.  Yep, I travelled the *really* long distance of approx 30 km, lol.  We're not doing much actually.  Brother has to work overtime, Mom's taking care of Grandma (she recently had to return to the hospital but everything is good now) and Dad didn't come back this weekend as he was here last weekend.  Planning on getting together with extended family for lunch on Monday for the traditional Thanksgiving meal consisting of Chinese food  =)

I'm currently watching Planet Earth.  What an absolute gorgeous production.  Just finished watching the "Caves" episode -- even the gross/disgusting (ie silk glow worms) look beautiful... from a distance.  But there's no need to see the meters high pile of guano (bat droppings) covered with cockroaches ever again *shudders*  I can't imagine what the production crew had to go through to get their shots.

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ETA:  More Planet Earth gems:  The episode on the Arctic & Antarctic -- penguins and polar bears and chicks and cubs!!  Awwwww...  After each episode, there's a short documentary showing what goes into filming.  So, this one shows the cameramen on an isolated Norwagian island (why Norway and not Canada?!  I kid, I kid) to film polar bears.  No motorized vehicles are allowed so they have to pull their equipment on sleds.  One of the cameraman is filming himself and talking how the explorers used to name their sleds like "Intrepid" and "Braveheart".  And in honour of this practice, he would like to name his sled, "the *bleep* *bleep* *bleeping* heavy piece of *bleep* *bleep*"  LOL  One more thing, the Arctic cameramen had it easy compared to their Antarctican counterparts.
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in the fandom minority

As most of you know, I love slash.  I still can't get into RPS but that's neither here nor there.  However, in most of my fandoms, I ship gen pairings.  Yes, it's true  =)  Where I'm all for the slash is usually when it's canon -- eg Jack/Ennis and Jack/Ianto (Torchwood).  The only time I've ever immediately spotted slash in the non-canon sense was The OC's Seth & Ryan.  I wasn't even into Spike/Angel.  I did wander into the Wincest fandom for a bit but I've lost interest in reading fanfics & such (still enjoy all the slashy bits the boys provide though cause damn, their chemistry is through the roof!).  Being a gen shipper can get frustrating in terms of finding good fic, especially for 2 fandoms in particular.

Firefly.  I was, and still am, all about Mal & Inara.  The sparring and UST and angst and Inara crying alone in Heart of Gold and Mal defending her honour in Shindig etc etc gives me the warm & fuzzies.  But in the fandom -- especially in regards to fanfiction -- it's all about the slash, mostly between Mal/Simon/Jayne in different combinations.  It's so difficult finding Mal/Inara fic.  I think I've found most of what is out there and it wasn't much.

Robin Hood.  I am only a few days old in this fandom and still working my way through the series 1 episodes.  What ship did I jump on?  Robin & Marian of course (parts of ep 7 killed me with the angst).  The Master/Manservant love between Robin & Much is very sweet and totally reminds me of Sam & Frodo.   Next step: search for fic and icons.  Lots of slash which didn't surprise me.  What did surprise me is that it appears the popular couple in the fandom is another gen pairing -- Sir Guy & Marian.  Finally, a popular gen pairing but it's not the one I like!  I can't win, lol.


Reading update!  I stopped reading for about 2 months but I'm hoping for lots of reading during the summer.

The 158-pound Marriage, John Irving   9 / 50   2,631 / 15,000

My progress is so sad, lol.  I wonder if I can break 20 in # of books and 10,000 in # of pages?


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