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I've seen Riverdance on the television and via video but today, I finally saw it live. Amazing, of course. What was especially amusing was a twenty-something year-old guy (with his gf) in our little row who kept making exclamations like "Jesus!" and "Wow!" Awwww, he was completely fanboying the dancers.

The precision and speed is beyond brillant but what always gets me is how the guy seems to float/glide across the stage as if his feet never touches the ground. It awes me. And the flamenco dance is probably one of the sexiest things I've seen on stage.

In other news, I need to STOP SPENDING MONEY. This is especially hard to do when there is all this free time and a freaking mall right outside my building.

The reading challenge is becoming pathetic. I'm 2.5 years into it and I've just passed the halfway mark. That's just sad.

The Shadow in the North, Philip Pullman 26/50

Faery Rebels: Spellhunter, rj_anderson 27/50 (can I have sequel now plz?)
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oh boys...

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Jakey getting coffee in LA and looking damn fine doing it.

It's being reported that Jake will be in the movie musical adaptation of Damn Yankees. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SQUEE IN THE WORLD TO CONVEY MY HAPPINESS.


The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman 25 / 50 8,423 / 50,000

The last time I finished a book was back in Oct 08! Ahhhhh, it was good to dive into a book again.
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perving below

Pictures of Zac and Vanessa in Hawaii.  *drools*


C'mon!  You can't fault me for drooling!!  More pictures here at JustJared.  Beware of annoying brunette who insists on clinging to The Efron.



Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman        23 / 50    7,702 / 50,000

False Impression, Jeffrey Archer     24 / 50    8,214 / 50,000

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0 to 7 in 24 hours

Leave it to the women to win Canada's first medals, a gold and bronze in women's wrestling.  We've also won like 4 medals in rowing.  We've always been good in rowing and, in the shallow end, rowers are yummy too!  And a swimming medal, yay!  Now currently waiting for the recaps so I can actually watch the races.

Damn, another 4th place finish by our women's 3m diver (although, she was way behind the bronze).  Our shotputter -- yes, I watched freakin' shotput! -- missed the bronze by a 1 cm. 

Congrats to Phelps, I'm not surprised he got all 8 but damn, that butterfly race was freakin' close!  I've also figured out why I've been missing a lot of the swimming -- it's been airing after 10pm here and I've been turning the tv off by then.  There's still men springboard diving coming up and I won't be missing the pretty this time!

The 100 metre was INSANE.  It wasn't even close!  And I do love how the runner from Trinidad (?) who came in second was celebrating just as much Bolt was.

Beach volleyball is still going?!  Will that sport never end?

I've been reading the "Best Olympic Moments" thread over at TWoP and, for me, the one I remember the most is Steven Bradbury of AUS winning short track gold all because he didn't fall.  That is brilliant in and of itself.  The attitude of the skaters was the icing on the cake, especially Apollo Anton who was just as happy with a silver.  That's sportsmanship, right there.  And while I still stand by my "no pros at the Olympics", the double hockey gold was sweet indeed (with bonus lucky loonie buried in the ice).  I also remember, I think it was the winter biathlon or maybe cross-country, where the winner waited at the finish line to welcome the person who came in last.  I don't remember the Derek Redmond moment but damn, that Visa commercial makes me tear up.  I blame Morgan Freeman's voice.


The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner       21 / 50        6,866 / 50,000

Watership Down, Richard Adams      22 / 50         7,344 / 50,000

Shoe, you were so right about Watership Down.  It really was compulsive reading.  Have you seen the movie adaptation?  I think I'm gonna d/l it.
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the big read

I'm still awake so snagged this meme from trystan830

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.
1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read (or in my case, own & intend to read)
3) Underline the books you LOVE.

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My reading challenge continues, slowly but surely

Angels, Marian Keyes     20 / 50      6,586 / 50,000

Geez, at this rate, it's gonna take me 3 years to finish this challenge.

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jason behr

dendritejungle  was intrigued by my icon so I decided to post the photoshoot.  Jason Behr is probably best known as Max Evans on the series Roswell (when he also dated a certain Katherine Heigl).   

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The Phantom Tollbooth, Norton Juster    19 / 50   6,104 / 50,000

One of the many books I've heard about but never read when I was a child.


That Jared clip where those screencaps came from?  agt_spooky  uploaded it!!


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playing catch-up

Haven't been in the mood much for posting lately.  Besides, nothing has been happening other than work work and more work.  Next week I start on one of the clients from hell for a whole month.  Just kill me now, 'k?

In other news, with the lure of the Padackles and much peer pressure from Fan and Jersey, I'll probably be off to Dallas this summer for another convention.  Didn't I swear them off the last time?  *sigh*  Seriously, if it was just one of the guys, I would pass but together?  I can't resist that.  But this time, we plan on getting the cheap seats and hopefully we'll actually do some sightseeing that will involve more than the hotel and theatre like last time  ;P  *starts saving pennies*

I just finished watching the 2 Donald Strachey films starring Chad Allen.  Oh Chad, I had such a crush on you back in your Dr Quinn Medicine Woman days.   He's looking good -- especially in a white tanktop -- and I'm looking forward to the 3rd instalment to be released sometime next year.  And after seeing many squee's on some of the sites I frequent over one Sebastian Spence (who portrays Donald's boyfriend, Timothy), I get that now, too.

My computer harddrive has a capacity of 260 GB.  I just checked it and I'm down to 51.9 GB of free space.  Wha??  I know what it is -- it's all these movies I keep downloading but not watching, full seasons of tv shows, tonnes of screencaps.  Good thing there's not much on television right now so I can start doing some much needed cleanup.  But why does burning a DVD have to take so bloody long?!

You guys did pretty awesome on the movie quote meme.   Although no one got the quote from The Usual Suspects.  I was going to use "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist" but I thought that would be too easy. 

And February comes to a close.  Spring is right around the corner, right?  *looks bleakly outside at the slush/snow-covered roads*


Hot Valley, James Lear      18 / 50   5,848 / 50,000
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welcome to 2008

Happy new year, everyone :)  

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Last book I finished in 2007:  Stardust, Neil Gaiman    17 / 50    5,541 / 50,000

I actually liked the movie better (gasp!)  I just didn't feel the love between Tristan & Yvaine in the novel compared to the movie.  I also preferred the movie ending to the novel which was actually kinda sad in a way.

Well, I certainly failed at completing my reading challenge for 2007.  I'm just gonna keep going and see how long it takes me to finish.  As for resolutions, same old ones but this time I have the added incentive of my brother's wedding this summer.  Both my parents have already mentioned this to me *sigh*

My travel plans to the UK fell through last fall and I was already looking into going this summer to catch David Tennant in Hamlet but that's no longer an option.  Travel plans for 2008 will be to Taiwan in July for the big engagement party and hopefully a sidetrip to either Tokyo or Seoul.  Last time I visited Taiwan was back in '93 so it has been a while but damn, I am not looking forward to the heat or the long-ass plane ride.
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nobody puts baby in the corner


Went to see Dirty Dancing yesterday with bauersgirl  and we both came to the same conclusion:  stay home and watch the movie instead.  The stage version is basically a literal translation of the movie -- same scenes, same dialogue, same dance moves.  I don't really know what I was expecting but it wasn't that.  And considering the movie is 100 minutes long and the stage version is over 2 hours long, this means lots of filler.  The actress playing Penny has the longest legs I've ever seen!  I was highly amused that the audience actually cheered after the "nobody puts baby in the corner" line.  The staging and sets were good though.  I was wondering how they would do the "learning the lift in the water" scene and it was cool how they did it (using projectors and screens).


Our Man Weston, Gordon Korman      16 / 50      5,293 / 50,000

It's December 9th and I didn't even make it to the halfway mark.  That's so pathetic.
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i don't even like justin timberlake but...

...for some reason, I watched his interview with Rove, on Australian tv. It was his answer to "who would you go gay for?" that made me post this for tinderblast   . Have you seen it? Anyway, Justin comes across as down-to-earth and pretty funny. Don't make me like you, Justin. 


The Jane Austen Book Club, Karen Fowler  15 / 50       5,068 / 50,000

I also watched the movie was pretty meh.  But wow, is Kevin Zegers hot.  I knew he was a cutie but, um, yea.  HOT.  I have a copy of Transamerica somewhere but of course, now that I want to watch it, I can't find it.


I can't stop watching Chicago Con videos!  Especially the J2 ones.  They're like a drug.  The way Jensen says, "this is fantastic!" about his Sammy t-shirt gets me everytime.  I am thisclose to booking Asylum people!! HELP!!!!

Anyone know where I can find a Jared mood theme?  I found a Sammy-centric one which I think I'm gonna use next but I would love a Jared one.


I HATE YOU LJ. STOP MESSING UP MY POST! I just wanted to edit and then most of it disappears. Re-posted and again!! ARGHHHHHH!!!