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sometimes fandom is just too much

I must be one of the most laidback, hard-to-offend person cause DAMN. The rage/disgust/hate that I see on my tumblr dash -- and the people I follow are relatively sane (well, as sane as a fangirl can be) -- after a Glee episode astounds some times. I feel like I'm not watching the same show. Or is something wrong with me? Like, I saw the scenes everyone is raging over but they don't bother me. I mean, they bother me but (a) not to the same extent and/or (b) I think the scenes were suppose to bother me and (c) IT'S A TV SHOW. IDEK

And another unpopular opinion for my little corner of fandom -- as much as I love Klaine/Kurt/Blaine, I do not watch Glee solely for them. If the characters were written off, I would still watch the show. And I get that Blaine/Darren is super popular. I love the guy too but omg I hate the "BLEE" crap I see sometimes. Glee =/= Blaine. I do not want Glee to turn into the Blaine Show. It's an ENSEMBLE show. Yes, there are lead characters -- plural. The show doesn't revolve around a single character (as much Rachel would disagree).

One more rant while I'm at it. I also hate the passive-aggressive (I think that's the term) bragging that I see. You know those people, the ones who like to casually remind everyone how many times they've seen Darren and/or Chris. All the concerts/appearances they've been to. I mean, be excited about it and everything but how many times must you mention that you were at so-and-so event that happened months/over a year ago *rolls eyes*

I need to take a tumblr break. Especially with the crazy that will happen after next week's episode.
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it's official - no more merlin :(

So it has been announced -- series 5 will be Merlin's last. The creators have always said they have a 5 year plan and it looks like they're sticking to it (unlike some other show lol). That's fine.

What's not fine? That we are 4 episodes away from the finale and ARTHUR STILL DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT MERLIN'S MAGIC!!!!! The whole series, all they talked about was how Arthur will unite Albion and with Merlin by his side, magic will be restored. I want to see Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic, I want to see him pissed because (a) well, magic and (b) Merlin has been lying to him for all these years. I want to see Arthur come to realize that magic can be good. I want to see Merlin finally get the acknowledgement he deserves for the countless times he's saved Arthur/Camelot. I want to see Arthur & Merlin become friends again but this time with Arthur knowing everything. I want to see Arthur & Merlin being the BAMFs that they are together. IS THAT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH?!?!?!

*deep breaths*

Thank god for fanfiction.

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in the history of bad ideas...

Found this while procrastinating at work:

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the original novel, Toronto film-maker Kevin Sullivan has written a movie prequel to "Anne of Green Gables" reports Sneak Peek TV.

Titled "A New Beginning", Sullivan is also looking for a new actress to play the lead of 'Anne Shirley' and is conducting an extensive casting call on YouTube as well as performing a cross-Canada talent search in seven cities, looking for young actresses between the ages of ten and twelve.

Sullivan says "In the book, she just shows up at the train station. But I needed to who she was before she was brought to Prince Edward Island. I could only imagine that a child who had that kind of flamboyant imagination had to have already created her own world out of a need to escape an unusual past."

Auditions, no more than two minutes in length, are to be submitted to this Youtube group or a mailing address at this link which also has details on what the audition should include.


WORST.IDEA.EVER.  What is this man thinking??!?!?!  There is no Anne without Diana and Gilbert and, of course, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert!!  He's already crapped on my beloved Anne with Anne and The Continuing Story (the only redeeming quality was seeing Megan Follows & Jonathan Crombie together again) and now this.  It's just so very wrong.
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this is getting ridiculous

I need to rant a bit about work, so bear with me (or skip on by, whatever you wish).

For those that don't know, I'm a CA working in the public accounting field ie. an auditor.  Part of this industry is the busy/tax season that we endure from January - April.  I know this.  I've been through 6 of them.  Also, bear in mind that we don't get paid overtime.  The salary that I get for working a 35 hour week in the summer is the same I'm getting for putting in a 55 hour work week now.  Some firms will pay out a small bonus.  Others will give extra days off during the summer (this is what my firm will be doing).  Of course, if you add up all the overtime hours we put in, it doesn't come close.

Came in this morning and the first e-mail I read is the FOURTH e-mail from the partners increasing our hours once again.  We went from 35 hours to 45 to 50 to 55 and now we're up to 60 hours/week with mandatory Saturday AND Sunday.  I've never been asked to put in that many hours before.  Unbelievable.  It's poor planning by the management -- not only do we have personal tax returns on top of our normal corporate work, the level of corporate work has somehow increased.  They say that a manager is going to assess all the corporate work and try to push back as much as possible.  I'll believe it when I see it.  The one good thing is that, as you can tell from some of my previous posts, the people here are fun to work with and have pervy thoughts about.  Makes a world of difference considering the amount of time I have to spend with them.

And the profession wonders why (a) there's less students entering the CA field and (b) once they get their designation they leave public practice.  Unfortunately for me, I left once, hated what I was doing so now I'm back.  Cause I'm a glutton for punishment.

I gotta get back to work now.  Bleh.
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feeling un-christmasy

We're going to have a green Christmas.  OK, not really a green Christmas, more like a grey, dreary, drizzling Christmas.  Ugh.  Where's the snow?!?!? (I think Denver got it all, poor guys)  Don't get me wrong, snow is aggravating and the cold is not fun but for the holidays?  I want the white stuff.  Perfect scenerio - we get snow starting around Dec 20th and it'll disappear come Jan 2nd.  This over-zero celsius (32F) weather is freaking me out a bit.  I went out today with no jacket.  There are joggers wearing shorts!

I visited my friend, Monisha, and her 2 kids this past week, mainly to see her 2nd child, a boy named Sinan, who's about 4 months old.  What an absolute cutie.  Monisha has been at wit's end the last month or so because Sinan developed this rash/skin irritation that just wouldn't go away.  He's constantly scratching himself and just cries and cries.  I was holding him for a bit and he kept rubbing his forehead against my sweater.  The poor little thing.  They just discovered a few days ago it's food allergies.  So, she's in the midst of cutting out dairy and wheat from her diet (she breastfeeds) and giving him soya milk formula in the meantime.  Here's hoping it works.

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I've been put in charge for making dinner on Christmas Eve.  As we don't really celebrate Christmas, it's going to be pretty simple.  Mom wants me make prime rib roast and salmon.  When it comes to Western food, mom prefers that I do the cooking *L*  You know, the internet is great 'n all but when you get a ton of hits for a certain recipes, it's so frustrating to narrow things down.

This year, I decided to send Christmas cards to my university friends and gift cards from HMV.  I just realized last night that I forgot to send a Christmas card to one of my friends.  At first, I wasn't too worried as I've never sent out cards before so it's not like they're expecting something from me.  It'll just be late which isn't too bad.  But then another friend did a mass e-mail, wishing everyone happy holidays and then specifically thanking me for the card and gift card.  I feel so bad!!  And the worst part is that I don't know their address since they've moved.  Everyone that I've asked for her address is too busy to get back to me.  Oh the guilt.  Let's hope she's too busy to check her e-mail.

And to end this long-winded post:

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** Dear fellow drivers.  That white stuff on the ground?  It's called snow and you've seen it before!!  There wasn't even that much!  So please stop driving like there's a blizzard raging outside, 'k?  Thanks.

** Don't you hate it when you finally decide to buy, let's say DVDs, after waiting for months and you find them on sale only to see them on an even better sale a few months later?

** Lately, it seems like every video I download, there's something wrong with it.  I updated my codecs, I tried using VLC Player, nothing works.   I get all excited about finding a certain video, the video plays fine for about 10 minutes and then wham!  Dead stop.  "Corrupt file" or some nonsense pops up.  I'm pretty sure it's the file itself and maybe the DRM wasn't stripped properly or something.  I don't know.  *is frustrated*

** Dear cafeteria guy.  When making Cesar salad, it is not necessary to drown the poor lettuce in the dressing.  Seriously.

** Dear self.  Please stop eating sweets.  It's not good for you and, frankly, it wasn't even that tasty.  And stop procrastinating and get some work done!  Oh, and stop buying cesar salad from the above cafeteria guy.  You would think I would remember for future reference.

** Re-runs and "fall finales" suck.  

** There's a few fanfics that I've been following and they haven't been updated in ages.  I understand that muses can disappear or if an author gets going on another fic but as a reader, it's damn frustrating.  I need closure!

Whew.  I feel a little better now.

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my ears are bleeding

During the 1 hour commute home this afternoon, I was subjected to 4 songs over and over...

(1)  Deja Vu - Beyonce
(2) Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
(3) Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
(4) Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton

Needless to say, I wanted to rip that car radio right out.  The thing is, I can't stand NOT listening to music but every time I switched stations... ARGH!!! 

PCD and PH are just bad, no surprise there.  Today was the first time hearing "Sexyback".  Never been a big JT fan but his songs were OK-ish.  "Sexyback" is HORRIBLE.  His voice was protooled to death and it sounded like it was the same 2 lines repeated over and over and over...  No hook as I can't even remember how the song goes even after hearing it about 5 times already!  "Deja Vu"  *shudders*  Beyonce sounds like a cat dying.  The oh-so-original-let's-add-in-a-rap-in-the-middle was... I can't express how bad it is.  He used the same rhyme 2-3 times in a 1-minute rap.

Other songs I was subjected to:

-- "Ain't No Another Man", Christina Aguilera.  Like her 'n all but the song just grates on my nerves
-- that stupid new song by Jessica Simpson.  I don't know the name and let's hope it stays that way
-- "Promiscuous", Nelly Furtado.  Big fan of Nelly.  Own all her CDs, including Loose, but holy crap do I hate this song.  And watching her perform this song is cringe-worthy.  Girl needs to learn different dance moves other than jutting out her hips and touching her hair a bazillion times
-- "Crazy", Gnarls Barkley.  Decent song but overplay much?

I need to make some mixed CDs for the car.
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stressed out

I need to take a break so I'm updating even though I can't afford the time.

So much work to do and only a few more hours to do it. It's going to be a long night, folks. Why did I re-enter public accounting? And if I may bitch for a sec... most of the work that needs to be done is finishing my co-worker's sections since she's off to another client. Don't get me wrong, I know how hard she's been working these past 2 weeks but geez, couldn't she at least finish certain sections so I don't have to spend time trying to figure out what she did and what needs to be done. Argh.

Watched the SAG awards last night. Brokeback came up empty but I'm not *totally* surprised about that. Heath and Jake cracking up during their intro to the movie was (a) hilarious and (b) not too professional. Mind you, I can understand the laughter. The intro was some 3rd grade cheesy romance novel crap and to say those words with a straight face would've been hard. But (of course there's a but), I can also see how some people can interpret their behaviour as them being embarassed about the movie or something. Same thing with Sean Hayes' acceptance speech where he thanked Ang Lee for casting him and how brave he was for taking on the role. Some people took it as Sean being bitter. Others took it as Sean poking fun at how the media has made such a big deal about Jake & Heath's "brave" decision to play gay characters.

Best acceptance speech of the night had to go Locke's (Terry O'Quinn?) who spoke for the Lost cast when they won Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series. Nothing better than calling your castmates a bunch of selfish, paranoid, scene-stealing, lazy, backstabbing jerks. :D

A little Supernatural squee-age. So happy they re-ran Asylum last week since I haven't seen it before (now I'm only missing 2 eps -- Skin and Hookman). I've been reading how good this ep was and it did not disappoint. Many excellent lines but the shot with Sam and Dean climbing over the fence? Found that extremely sexy. Go figure.

Must go back to work. :(

And canno, always remember that JACK NASTY LOVES YOU!!!! (That's never going to get old)