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a couple of videos to make you smile

It is probably fair to say that nothing will ever amuse you as much as ripping paper amuses this adorable baby.


Will Smith raps the Fresh Prince theme show on the Graham Norton Show. Featuring the musical skills of one Gary Barlow. And yes, I totally rapped along. It can't be helped. It's a reflex :)

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things on my mind atm

~ It's Thursday! Our office is closed tomorrow for Passover.

~ ummmmm in all my other previous places of employment, when the office is closed on the Friday, Thursday becomes "casual Friday" so why am I the only person in the office casual? Oopsie. But none of the bosses have said anything so *thumbs up*

~ Disco + Glee next week. Klaine dancing together. I look forward to the hilarity.

~ Remember you have a dentist appt tomorrow

~ And remember to pick up the Coldplay tickets

~ The Avengers had their premiere yesterday(? day before?) Have been trying to stay as spoiler-free as I can but it's been hard. We're getting a premiere too! Wonder who will come?

~ I'm still quite full from lunch (yummy sushi) and yet can't stop munching on M&Ms.

~ Oooh e-mail to remind us about database upgrade so must log out by 4pm. Does that mean we can leave early?

~ Co-worker has been testing my nerves lately. Really wish she would just leave me alone for a while and stop being so clingy and the whining about her job, her kids, her husband, wanting to make more money, blah blah blah.

~ Have fallen so far behind in my Goodreads reading challenge. Why can't fanfiction be counted towards my goal? I would've reached it by now LOL

~ As much as I really really wish I was going to NYC next weekend for the TriBeCa film fest & Chris Colfer & Struck By Lightning, I wish I was in NYC right now a million times more cause OMG DOCTOR WHO IS FILMING THERE AND THERE'S ALL THESE PICS OF MATT & KAREN & ARTHUR IN CENTRAL PARK AND TAKING PICTURES WITH THE FANS AND JUST BEING REALLY FRIENDLY AND AWESOME.

~ Time to go home yet?
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i forgot how real coke tastes like

Cute video about announcing the Emmy nominations

Joel McHale looking HOT with the scruff! I want that puppy omgsofreakingadorable!

And I was reminded of the awesome Glee Emmy opening

I just discovered today that Emily Osmet of Hannah Montana fame is the younger sister of Haley Joel Osmet. I had no idea! Huh.

Had my first original Coke a couple of days ago in probably years and seriously, I had forgotten what it tasted like. SO GOOD. But it's back to Coke Zero.
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the macmanus brothers are not amused

Do you guys know about this site, Spokeo? I just found out about it. Appears to be mainly USA-based (I looked myself up but it came back with nothing considering Toronto, ON doesn't exist in the US). If you type in your name & city, see what info they have on you. I looked you up, faninohio -- phone & address popped up, property value (don't know if it's accurate tho), goggle map picture of house, hubby's name and supposedly a whole bunch more of info "available for purchase".

Go here for instructions on how to remove yourself from their listing. It appears the accuracy is different for everyone but it doesn't hurt to check it out.

I did do a search using my e-mail and again, nothing popped up so thank goodness for that!


Pete Postlethwaite passed away? :(
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I PASSED MY EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \O/ \O/ \O/

All finished with the Securities course, whew!

Although, I'm probably more 'lucky' than 'awesome' considering it's multiple choice and there were plenty of questions I had NO IDEA what the answer was but let's go with 'awesome', Y/Y?

OK, back to watching Glee!

ETA: I just checked my exam results on-line (before, I was only told if I passed or failed) and wow, I rock at just scrapping by!

Mark required to pass: 60%

My mark for Exam #1: 60%
My mark for Exam #2: 60%

HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh well, it's not like anyone will be hiring me for investment advice so it's all good.
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random thoughts in point form

* the World Series ended yesterday so why didn't we get Glee today??? waaaaaaaah

* I am sooooo thirsty *chugs like the 5th drink I've had tonight*

* Forgot Ricky Martin was on Oprah today, damnit! Did catch the last 15 mins and I have to say, dude is looking fine.

* Some of you have probably seen this pic many times but it must be posted once more:

I miss this Jared! He's still growing out of his babyface phase and he's not all muscly like he is now. Picture was taken in 2007, I believe? I may be meh about SPN but I still ♥ Jared :)

* Watching Hannah Montana (don't judge me, there was nothing else on!), I noticed something -- there are no cute guys on that show! Wizards of Waverly Place has Justin; JONAS has, well, the Jonas brothers; Sonny With a Chance has Chad; Suite Life has Zack & Cody; iCarly has Freddie and I'm going to stop now before I really embarrass myself LOL But the boys on HM are, I'm sorry to say, kinda unfortunate looking. Did Billy Ray decree that there should be no cute boys on the show for fear of them stealing little fangirls' attention away from Miley? Clearly, I'm thinking about this too much.

* People, people, I just about died when I saw this picture:

Picture taken at a Hallowe'en party in LA. That's Matthew Morrison of Glee as Richard Simmons (LOL oh what would Sue say about that hair!) but who's that as Larry King? Why, it's KALAN FUCKING PORTER!!! (for those who don't know -- he's CI2 winner and who I obsessed over for a few years). Thoughts that ran through my mind: OMG KALAN TOTALLY NEEDS TO BE ON GLEE!!!! But I don't know if he can act & he probably can't dance either... whatever, dude needs to finish his bloody new CD cause it's been THREE YEARS and counting... seriously, Kalan on Glee, it'll never happen but how cool would that be?!?

* How to Train Your Drago is the cutest movie! LOOOOOVE Toothless! I was really impressed how he could be so adorable and also completely dangerous.

* I have watched Scott Pilgrim a ridiculous amount of times. Love the fights. Love Knives. Love Wallace.

* Still thirsty...

* And sleepy...
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* It's bad enough that Glee is doing a Britney episode but she's actually going to be on the show too?! The silver lining is that this ep will be focusing on Brittany -- maybe she'll even get a last name!

* Kurt Browning accidently sets his house on fire. His wife now has ammunition to last for a lifetime. "Oh you don't want to do this thing with me? Remember when YOU SET OUR HOUSE ON FIRE MORON?!?!!!"

* The amount of fic the Sherlock fandom is generating is insane and has basically swallowed up my f-list but I have discovered something that makes me sad: I can not read Sherlock/John slash fic. You know I love the slash and I definitely see the chemistry between the two. It's the whole Sherlock having sex thing. I just can't picture it. But not everything is lost! I've noticed certain fic labelled as "squint" as in: can be read as gen or, if you squint, slash. Now, if I only someone would do rec lists cause I don't want to waste time reading crappy fic.

* Rumour has it that NKOTB & BSB are planning to tour together. OMG I AM SO THERE

* Finished reading Mysterious Skin today. Wonderful book but hard to read in some places. Will definitely be watching the movie soon.

* I'm close to being offered a FT position at another real estate company (I need to pass HR still). Location is better -- it's on the subway line which knocks the commute down by half. I'll be starting at the same salary as I am now but if I pass the 6-month probation period, it'll bump up $5k. The only problem is that I'm not 100% sure I want it.

* bauersgirl, forget Salt cuz I just d/l'd it, we need to see Scott Pilgrim!

* I have run out of things to say...
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iphones & monsters

Last Sunday, R & I went to see Lady Gaga's Monster Ball concert. Great show. Gaga sounded amazing. Not too sure about the whole 'storyline' concept -- Lady Gaga & friends are trying to get to the Monster Ball -- and due to the many set changes & costume changes there were quite a few breaks which interrupted the flow. It's amazing how many hits Gaga has. When you think she's played them all, another one starts and I was all "oh yeah, I forgot about Paparazzi!"

For once, I didn't bring my camera. With our seats, I figured it wouldn't be worth it. And it was nice to just enjoy the concert without having to take pics/video. During Bad Romance (still love that song!), her encore, someone threw on the stage a Canada Pride flag.

Picture courtesy of R.

We also had a special guest in the audience. About 10 minutes before showtime, I noticed a group of security guards entering the floor area. Next thing I know, people start running over towards to the sound pit and cameras start flashing. We couldn't see who it was but the next morning, heard on the radio that the celeb was Sir Elton John. Man, I wish I could've seen him!


Saw this link on another LJ and OMG it is hilarious because it's true! Warning: there is swearing.

For all my iPhone carrying friends and my sympathies for all those who have/are working in retail. I can't imagine the stupidity that must cross your paths.

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odds and ends

Hi everyone. Long time no talk :) Hope everyone had a nice Canada Day/Independence Day if you celebrate it. We're experiencing a heat wave -- it's hot and humid and muggy and generally blah -- which will last all week. Joy.

Had a 4-day weekend (Canada Day was a Thurs, took Friday off) which flew by but was productive. Spent Canada Day studying for the Canadian Securities Exam (cuz I do everything last minute). Friday -- wrote the exam (I finished 20 mins early, don't know if that's a good or bad thing); met with a headhunter; went in for an oil change (only 3 months overdue, not bad); attended my cousin's wedding dinner (10 courses, so much food could barely move).

Saturday. Watched the Germany/Argentina game (wow, ARG just imploded there) and went to see Cyndi Lauper at Pride. For a 57 y.o., the girl is still rocking & belting. Spent the first hour doing material from her latest CD which is all blues/jazz and the crowd was getting restless. But the 7-minute rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun made it all worth it! Also performed Time After Time and closed with True Colours. Sunday, braved the heat for the Pride parade. No pictures this time as we didn't have the best view and the sun was glaring right into the lens. Heat wave + Pride = many shirtless guys & water guns so good times were had =)

Saw Toy Story 3. Pixar pretty much pwns all, don't they? I fully expected to cry but I didn't which was surprising. Excellent movie. Will definitely buy the Toy Story 3-pack when released.

Is anyone sick & tired of the 3D trend? Every single preview before TS3 touted being in 3D. RealD -- what is that? I will save my money and stick with good ol' 2D, thank you very much.

R told me about this video taken during the G20 protests that has gone viral (1.2m+ hits):

NO STEALING! Hope that kid learned his lesson (but I doubt it). The guy has been tracked down and turns out he's a banker (and has a belt in martial arts).

A few weeks back, the Backstreet Boys joined NKOTB on stage. That's like boyband nirvana right there for someone like me LOL! Damn, I wish I was there! Even more, I wish I could find decent footage!

Turning the AC back on and going to bed now. Me sleepy.