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more pimpage!

We all know the transformation story of Alanis Morissette, from a second rate dance pop princess to angry rock chick that did quite well for herself. And now other Canadian artist has done something similar.

Back in the late 90's, during the boyband craze, we had our own version called b4-4 (cheesiest name ever!) A trio of of boys from Thornhill, Ontario (York Region represent!), the group consisted of twin brothers, Ryan and Dan, and their best friend, Ohad. They were pretty successful here, double platinum, 3 hit songs. Then they signed with Lou Perlman (of BSB and NSync fame) and went to Europe. Did well in Germany but completely dropped out of the spotlight in Canada. And yes, I do own their CD.

The spiky hair! The coloured tips! The outfits!! *dies from the laughter* I went to down memory land and YouTube'd their old videos and, oh my gawd, words can not express how amusing that was. Just think old BSB and NSync but about 10x more cheese, lmao!

Fast forward almost 10 years later, I'm flipping through the channels and stopped to watch one of our entertainment shows. They were interviewing the twins and they looked so familiar but I couldn't place them until the interviewer mentioned b4-4. I almost fell off the couch! The strangest part was just a few days before, I was re-arranging my CDs and had a fleeting moment of wondering what happened to these guys.


The twins, who now go by RyanDan, have just released their debut CD of classical pop music. They've been described as a cross between Il Divo and Westlife. I purchased their CD and it's really good. Their voices are so clear and the harmonizing is absolutely amazing. It appears they are now based in London and doing really well in the UK. They've gone across the world doing promotion. Here, their CD debuted in the Top10 in the country and #1 in Quebec (those Quebecois always seem to be more in tune to what's happening in Europe before the rest of us). It seems Universal is really pushing them to be the Next Big Thing. It's strange and hard to explain but I actually feel proud that they're doing so well. Maybe it's the whole 'hometown boys done good' or part of the 'I knew them when'. When they come through on tour, I'm so there.

Canadian radio has been playing "The Face" as their single but the only video they have so far is for "Like the Sun" which was the international single. They've shot a video for "High" but it hasn't been released yet.

"Like the Sun" video:



bzzinglikeneon is having her Fandom Superlatives: Winter EditionClick here and vote!  For TWoP'ers, this is similar to the Tubey Awards.  Warning: the post is already pretty big and will only get bigger! 

This is my dilemma:  Sam Winchester -- biggest emo or biggest woobie?  I can't decide.



Pimping the The MTV Movie Awards.  Why you ask?  Simple.  Cause the Brokeback Mountain obsession will not die! 

Jake Gyllenhaal is nominated in the Best Performance category and Jake & Heath are nominated in the Best Kiss category (the reunion kiss).  Wouldn't it be amazing if Jake & Heath re-enacted the kiss a la Rachel & Ryan?  *sigh*  One can only dream.

Click the link and vote vote vote!  You don't have to vote for BBM if you love me you will and they actually encourage multiple voting!! 

Because I'm bored at work...

here, there, nowhere

I found this link in one of the BBM communities.  So cute!  BBM Bunnies


I am addicted to what is known in the LJ BBM slash fanfiction community (long enough?) as Teh Crackfic.  The story is called Human Interest and is written by madlori.  It even has it's own LJ community now -- humaninterest .  I'm printing out all 200+ pages.  She's already started the sequel, Two Crows Joy. *squee*  The stories are AU where Jack & Ennis are living together on a ranch in Vermont.  She is best known, though, in the HP fandom for her H/Hr fanfic.  I'm definitely going to read it someday even though H/Hr is not my favourite pairing.  </stops pimpage>


24 ended on such a sad note.  :(


I really enjoy the show, Grey's Anatomy, but holy crap,  the posters over at the TWoP thread are downers.  For once, I'll be staying away from reading the episode's threads.


I finally finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Michael Chabon).  Took me months.  Not my type of novel at all.  In contrast, I just zipped through A Home at the End of the World (Michael Cunningham).  I decided to finally read it after I watched the movie.  I really liked Colin Farrell in this movie.  In fact, this may have been the only film of Colin's I've seen.  He did a good job portraying Bobby's sweetness and lost-boy-ness.  If memory serves, this is the movie that caused "an uproar" and a re-edit cause Colin's, um, manhood, was clearly visible in a completely non-sexual scene (he walks across the room naked).  

I'm thinking about reading my Gordon Korman collection next.  I need some hilarity in my literature right about now.


Prison Break returns next week!  Yippee!!


Purchased the Goblet of Fire DVD.  Wow, Dan Radcliffe sure is excited about the prospect of doing his first kissing scene in the next movie. LOL.


bauersgirl I have not forgotten about the picspam.  Hopefully this weekend.  Was planning on doing it yesterday but ended up spending the day preparing the family's tax returns instead.  Ugh.


*waves hello to any of the GUs who I met up with Friday night that are lurking here*


Work is so tiring.  I am not a morning person.  I wish we had our own version of March Break/Reading Week.  Definitely need something to beat the winter blahs.  Why do I only get 2 weeks' worth of vacation?  I need more!


Good night, y'all.

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