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some musical covers

One of the It Songs right now is Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know". Glee is even covering this song in an upcoming episode. Personally, I'm not too fond of it. Pentatonix -- The Sing-Off S3 winners -- did a cover and OMG it's amazing. Love their version so much.

I even re-listened to the original as it has been a while and perhaps my first impression was wrong. Nope, still not my taste but I've listened to Pentatonix's version 5x already.

And I just discovered Linkin Park's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".

Awesome. Loved the audience singing along. Usually this bothers me (see 99% of Darren Criss' live videos) but it works here.
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lots of videos

You know what my journal needs? MOAR DARREN CRISS!!! :D

A video of his SMA photoshoot (seriously, they had him shirtless in the ocean and they picked an extreme close up pic for the magazine? Not that the picture wasn't great but REALLY!?!?!)

Anyone watched The Sing Off? I got into it near the end. Sara Bareills is a much better judge than Nicole S. The X-Factor can keep her. So glad my favourite, Pentatonix, won! My 10 votes really helped LOL This is my favourite performance of theirs:

When everyone drops out leaving just Mitch's voice soaring through? DAMN.

My other favourite and the one that caught my attention making me search them out on YouTube

That first "let's get it on" was a BOOM! PREGNANT! moment for me ♥

One more! As awesome as Pentatonix was, I have to say my favourite performance of them all was Vocal Point's "Every Little Step". From the choreography to just the pure fun factor,

Every time I watch this, which has been quite a lot, I always end up being all :DDDDD One thing I enjoy the most about the show is how you can see the other groups cheering each other on. Loved seeing Pentatonix getting into it in the background.

OK that's it from me. Sorry to spam y'all with videos not really