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odds n ends

  • I downloaded the Wonderfalls series and watched the first 3 eps. I forgot what a great show it was. Stupid Fox for cancelling it. And Lee Pace! And the girl who plays Hilary from KyleXY!

  • After watching bootlegs of both the Broadway and London version of Wicked, I have to say I prefer the Broadway version better. Yes, London had Idina Menzel (awesome) as Elphaba but I found Broadway Glinda was so much better than her London counterpart. One of my favourite scenes is "Popular" and Broadway Glinda was just so perfectly perky, I absolutely adored her.

  • My office building has a Treats on the main floor. Treats serves coffee, muffins, sandwiches and the like for those that don't know. Anyway, about a month ago they changed owners so all the workers are different now. They've hired the cutest guy ever and I seriously melted when I discovered he had an Australian accent as I bought a muffin for breakfast. The rest of the office gals discovered him this afternoon and for about 15 minutes we acted like 13 year olds giggling over the cute new boy. And the guys mocked us. And then we all went to our separate cubicles/offices and reverted back to the adult professionals that we are. =)

  • I found someone who had uploaded the entire series of Ocean Girl, yay!! So for the past 3 days I've been in state of constant downloading. And then I begin the long process of burning.

  • Last week I attended the Brian Melo/Faber Drive concert at the Opera House. Brian, the current CI, sounded pretty good but he's gained some weight. Too bad the sound wasn't that great. There were some ear-splitting feedback moments. This was also the first concert I actually used earplugs. I just couldn't handle the high-pitched screaming anymore. As for Faber Drive, I've only listened to their music, had no idea how these guys looked like, never saw a video. They were nothing like I thought they would be. Physically, I pictured something like Sum41 or Simple Plan but these guys were quite tall and lanky and looked older than I expected. Music was too damn loud though, could barely hear the singer sing.

  • Speaking of concerts, purchased tickets to see KT Tunstall in May and tomorrow begins the 3 days in a row of Kalan.

  • My goal to watch the remaining AFI's Top100 movies has begun. So far, I've obtained Some Like It Hot, Vertigo & It Happened One Night (which I've already seen but want a copy). It's been too long since I've watched the classics, I'm looking forward to it.
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finale ramblings

Under the cut are my ramblings for the finales of Robin Hood and Dante's Cove which I watched back-to-back. Major spoilage will occur. 

Wow, did I ramble.

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In other tv news.  I would be surprised if anyone knows about the '90's Australian tv show, Ocean Girl.  It aired here on YTV (our kid's network) at some ridiculous hour like midnight and I somehow got hooked on the show.  I've been dying to watch the show again but the DVDs were never released here.  But thanks to a wonderful poster over at a tv comm I frequent, I now have the first 7 eps and am eagerly awaiting for more.  Ah, memories.

Happy birthday to kissedbythegods.  She probably won't see this as she's backpacking her way through South Africa right now. 

I'm staying in this New Year's Eve.  Hope everyone has a good time and surrounded by good company!!