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bring on 2010

Watching the NYE coverage, I had no idea the BIG ISSUE was "how will YOU say '2010'?" LOL It's the Twenty-Ten vs Two Thousand & Ten showdown!! Just for the record, I say Twenty-Ten :)

Am back from the trip! The weather was better than expected *thumbs up* I had sucky throat issues *thumbs down* Our hotel in Quebec City was right beside where the NYE celebrations were taking place *thumbs up* Overall, it was good. A bit quick - a lot of the sightseeing through the bus window. I definitely want to go back to Ottawa in the spring. I'm thinking Easter long weekend. After working in public accounting for so long, I forget that hey, I actually don't have to work on the 2 stat holidays between January and April yay! I'm still at parents' so pictures over the weekend.

I haven't watched the Doctor Who 2-parter yet. I've been sorta staying clear of spoilers but it's HARD. Am I going to cry? I'm flipping between anticipation and dread.

But first things first -- OLTL's NYE episode where Kyle & Fish consummate their relationship make love have sex. God bless YouTube and the uploaders. OH MY GOD that may have been the SWEETEST love scene I've seen on a soap. I gather from other sources that there was also a Gigi/Sky love scene and Kish wasn't shortchanged in any way. There was even humping \o/!! Oh, it was a long shot and with a soft focus but there was definite humping!! Kudos to ABC and OLTL. Two men in bed on daytime television. And the world did not end =)
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welcome to 2008

Happy new year, everyone :)  

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Last book I finished in 2007:  Stardust, Neil Gaiman    17 / 50    5,541 / 50,000

I actually liked the movie better (gasp!)  I just didn't feel the love between Tristan & Yvaine in the novel compared to the movie.  I also preferred the movie ending to the novel which was actually kinda sad in a way.

Well, I certainly failed at completing my reading challenge for 2007.  I'm just gonna keep going and see how long it takes me to finish.  As for resolutions, same old ones but this time I have the added incentive of my brother's wedding this summer.  Both my parents have already mentioned this to me *sigh*

My travel plans to the UK fell through last fall and I was already looking into going this summer to catch David Tennant in Hamlet but that's no longer an option.  Travel plans for 2008 will be to Taiwan in July for the big engagement party and hopefully a sidetrip to either Tokyo or Seoul.  Last time I visited Taiwan was back in '93 so it has been a while but damn, I am not looking forward to the heat or the long-ass plane ride.
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finale ramblings

Under the cut are my ramblings for the finales of Robin Hood and Dante's Cove which I watched back-to-back. Major spoilage will occur. 

Wow, did I ramble.

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In other tv news.  I would be surprised if anyone knows about the '90's Australian tv show, Ocean Girl.  It aired here on YTV (our kid's network) at some ridiculous hour like midnight and I somehow got hooked on the show.  I've been dying to watch the show again but the DVDs were never released here.  But thanks to a wonderful poster over at a tv comm I frequent, I now have the first 7 eps and am eagerly awaiting for more.  Ah, memories.

Happy birthday to kissedbythegods.  She probably won't see this as she's backpacking her way through South Africa right now. 

I'm staying in this New Year's Eve.  Hope everyone has a good time and surrounded by good company!!

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happy 2007!!

Hope everyone had a great New Year's.  Had lunch with the lovely ariadne - next time, I'll make sure Salad King is open, lol - and she scored with an awesome digital camera purchase (looking forward to your photo posts).  Did you brave City Hall last night?

Met up with bauersgirl for dinner of sushi then headed off to see Dreamgirls.  Did it live up to the hype?  Certain parts.  Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson were great.  As was Anika Noni Rose.  Jamie Foxx and Beyonce were pretty bland.  The movie dragged though.  Another fault was that the movie couldn't decide whether it was a "modern" musical where the songs are performances or a traditional musical where the actors start singing out of nowhere.  I found the switch pretty jarring.  Giggles were heard when they started singing dialogue.  Hudson's performance of And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going was really good but damn, I don't remember the song being *that* long!  I listened to the soundtrack today and it sounds a lot better on CD.  We then snuck into a late showing of The Holiday and that's how we celebrated the ringing in of the new year.  The movie was cute and as much as I love Jude Law, the time spent on the Cameron Diaz/Jude Law romance was way too much.  I kept wondering when they'll get back to Kate.

I headed home just as the crowd from City Hall was emptying.  Thank heavens I was in the first subway car cause the crowds were crazy.  The TTC operator kept saying over the speakers, in this really loud, gruff voice, "Stay clear of the doors.  There's another train right behind us.  Stay clear of the doors.  That means you, Sir."  A pause as the subway slowly starts to inch out of the station and then "Happy New Year!" which illicited a round of cheers from the people on the subway.


Oh canno, are you around?  *pokes you*  I have Jake news!!  He's hosting Saturday Night Live on January 13th.  I'm so taping it.  They're gonna do a BBM spoof, I just know it!  Can't wait.  Do you think it'll be impossible to get tickets? *ponders wistfully*

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Happy belated birthday, kissedbythegods!!  Hope you had a good one!

ETA:  Remember how I mentioned that I planned to move into the condo once the tenants' lease was up at the end of June?  Well, I just received an e-mail and they've given me the required 2 months notice for lease termination.  Which means, I can start the removations / moving in process a whole 4 months earlier!!  SQUEEEEE!!!!!
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much love

Happy New Year everyone!

First, let me squee over the new Kalan message.


It's amazing how something so simple can just brighten up my day. I know there's speculation about whether or not Kalan actually writes these letters himself or whatever but honestly?  Don't really care. I'm sure he, at the bare minimum, has put his stamp of approval on them as he doesn't appear to be the type to let his name be attached to something without checking it out first. And that's enough for me. I'm easy like that.

The rest of this post is all about certain fandoms/obsessions and is a picspam (my first!) of sorts plus some other goodies. Showing off my newly acquired skill of using LJ cuts... :)

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