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some musical covers

One of the It Songs right now is Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know". Glee is even covering this song in an upcoming episode. Personally, I'm not too fond of it. Pentatonix -- The Sing-Off S3 winners -- did a cover and OMG it's amazing. Love their version so much.

I even re-listened to the original as it has been a while and perhaps my first impression was wrong. Nope, still not my taste but I've listened to Pentatonix's version 5x already.

And I just discovered Linkin Park's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".

Awesome. Loved the audience singing along. Usually this bothers me (see 99% of Darren Criss' live videos) but it works here.
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this is my new favourite song

Atlantic, The Midway State

Just thought I would share :D

Oh one more thing, it took me 3 viewings to realize that Norman Reedus (of Boondock fame) is Judas in Lady Gaga's video.

Am I the only one who really hates Beyonce's new song? Admittedly, I haven't listened to the whole thing yet -- had to turn it off about a minute into it, it was so bad.
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post of random stuff

* LOVING this weather! It's so glorious outside. Even though I'm still adjusting to DST and waking up in the dark sucks, coming home while the sun's still shining is very nice indeed.

* I usually don't read romance novels but my uni roommate introduced me to Julie Garwood when I was itching to read something that wasn't a textbook and all she reads are historical romances. I really enjoyed it, purchased a few more of Garwood's books but never got around to reading them. I grabbed one for the flight to Vancouver. Now I'm hooked and am on my 5th book! They're complete brain candy. She uses the same basic formula for her main female (independent, strong, petite, etc) and male (stubborn, gruff, protector, tall, etc) but so far, I'm not tired of it. Great for reading on the subway, too.

* Speaking of brain candy, I downloaded Justin Bieber's CD. But that's not the worst of it. Oh no. I can't believe I'm saying but I *whispers* kinda like it. Damn that One Time for being so catchy! Although, I can't stop laughing when I hear these lyrics from his song, "Bigger" -- I was a player when I was little // But now I'm bigger, I'm bigger // A heartbreaker when I was little // But now I'm bigger, I'm bigger. Who wrote these lyrics for a 15 year-old boy?! LOLOLOLOL

* Corey Haim's (RIP) funeral was today and I found out where he will be buried. The cemetery is actually only 1.5 blocks north of where I work. I kinda want to visit. Am I being creepy? I feel like it a bit. bauersgirl said she might be creepy with me though.

* Doctor Who starts April 3rd!!! I've seen some of the spoiler pics and man, I am excited for this season! As much as I will miss Tennant, I'm really looking forward to meeting Eleven.

* OLTL has canceled the Kish storyline and let the actors go. BASTARDS!! And now I'm reading that due to low ratings, Forbidden Love may be in trouble which means no more Ollian. Lenny & Carsten's storyline will be coming to end in a few months on GSZS. All my fave soap opera storylines are disappearing or in trouble! =( DeRo of AWZ may be the only one left standing.

* Cadbury Mini Eggs are so yummy.

* Dear Adam Lambert, I love you but can we cool it on the promo tour? If only to save my f-list from Adam overload. It's gotten to the point where I've thought about removing the Adam comm from my f-list because it's too much. I'm not even reading the posts anymore, just skimming on by.
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more pimpage!

We all know the transformation story of Alanis Morissette, from a second rate dance pop princess to angry rock chick that did quite well for herself. And now other Canadian artist has done something similar.

Back in the late 90's, during the boyband craze, we had our own version called b4-4 (cheesiest name ever!) A trio of of boys from Thornhill, Ontario (York Region represent!), the group consisted of twin brothers, Ryan and Dan, and their best friend, Ohad. They were pretty successful here, double platinum, 3 hit songs. Then they signed with Lou Perlman (of BSB and NSync fame) and went to Europe. Did well in Germany but completely dropped out of the spotlight in Canada. And yes, I do own their CD.

The spiky hair! The coloured tips! The outfits!! *dies from the laughter* I went to down memory land and YouTube'd their old videos and, oh my gawd, words can not express how amusing that was. Just think old BSB and NSync but about 10x more cheese, lmao!

Fast forward almost 10 years later, I'm flipping through the channels and stopped to watch one of our entertainment shows. They were interviewing the twins and they looked so familiar but I couldn't place them until the interviewer mentioned b4-4. I almost fell off the couch! The strangest part was just a few days before, I was re-arranging my CDs and had a fleeting moment of wondering what happened to these guys.


The twins, who now go by RyanDan, have just released their debut CD of classical pop music. They've been described as a cross between Il Divo and Westlife. I purchased their CD and it's really good. Their voices are so clear and the harmonizing is absolutely amazing. It appears they are now based in London and doing really well in the UK. They've gone across the world doing promotion. Here, their CD debuted in the Top10 in the country and #1 in Quebec (those Quebecois always seem to be more in tune to what's happening in Europe before the rest of us). It seems Universal is really pushing them to be the Next Big Thing. It's strange and hard to explain but I actually feel proud that they're doing so well. Maybe it's the whole 'hometown boys done good' or part of the 'I knew them when'. When they come through on tour, I'm so there.

Canadian radio has been playing "The Face" as their single but the only video they have so far is for "Like the Sun" which was the international single. They've shot a video for "High" but it hasn't been released yet.

"Like the Sun" video:

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hotel beds are awesome

Still in Guelph. One more day and then we're finally done. After 8 days of eating out for lunch and dinner, I feel like I've gained 20 lbs. Blah. 

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Tired of giving out those generic cards for whatever occassion?  My good friend, faninohio makes beautiful handmade cards and I definitely recommend you check out her website -- www.fanmadecreations.com -- for samples!  I've received a few of her cards and they are definitely something I treasure.

Once again, this post has taken way too much time and I must get some work done. 


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spice up your life

Continuing in the tradition of my AWESOME music taste (see post re: NKOTB), I'm currently listening to the Spice Girls.  :D


I had my biopsy done.  The first time I had it done -- in a hospital -- it was quick and painless.  This time, I went to a clinic cause the wait times are shorter.  A doctor performed the test and I don't know what he was doing.  I can see him move the needle around once it was inserted and it caused this strange tingling feeling to go up my jaw into the ear on my right side.  And then there was this loud pop! -- I guess the needle plunger popped out or something?!  How does that even happen?  He had to start over. 


May is shaping up to be a fun month.  First, we go back to regular hours, YAY!  The firm is giving us May 4th off and Spiderman 3 is being released that day so guess where I'll be?  I'll be accompanying bauersgirl  to her first baseball game visit inside the Dome.  It's been forever since I've gone to a game myself.  Just purchased tickets to We Will Rock You with a co-worker.  And of course, there's the visit from faninohio  (you're still coming, right?)  


Tomorrow is my day to order lunch -- I've been designated Chinese food -- for the office.  I've been all worried about whether or not I'm ordering too much or not enough, trying to cater to everyone's tastes, etc for the last 3 days.  Why couldn't I get something easy like Swiss Chalet?


Tonight is the premiere of the new Fox show, Drive.  I'm quite excited because it stars Nathan Fillion (Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly; Caleb, Buffy).  The premise -- various people, unknown to each other, participate in a race across the country to an unknown destination -- sounds intriguing.  The show was created by Tim Minnear who has written for Firefly, Angel & X-Files.
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What a difference 24 hour makes.  Blue skies, above freezing weather and everything is melting.  I'm watching the news right now and the leading story?  Chunks of ice from yesterday's snowstorm & freezing rain are falling from the CN Tower and because of high winds, the chunks are travelling pretty far.  They showed a parked car that was hit by one of these chunks and it shattered the windshield.  Eek.


Our office is going through a mini-renovation so we were all sent home early.  Yay!!  My plan was to go home, prepare the assignment for Monday's tax seminar and do my own tax return.  Instead, I ended up going to the mall to pick up some stuff and getting a hot stone massage.  LOL.


PITNB posted a picture of nekkid DanRad from a German newspaper.  It's very blurry and grainy and you really can't see much of anything.


Fellow CI watchers.  Did y'all know that Craig "Razzor" Sharpe (I can't type that without laughing) had a CD out?  I knew he was working on one but I didn't realize it was already released.  I had to buy it of course.  Uh, when did Craig get a nose ring?  Not a good look for him, IMO.  I've only listened to a few tracks so far and it's alright.  I definitely prefer him singing ballads.  The tracks include Danny Boy (of course) and a cover of City & Colour's Hello, I'm in Delaware.

I've uploaded the CD for those interested -- Craig Sharpe - I Am.


I've watched a couple of the Deal or No Deal Canada shows - how annoying was that RCMP officier? - but missed last night's finale.  One of the contestants was a cowboy from Calgary.  But not just any ol' cowboy.  A gay cowboy.  Awesome.
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house of carters

MuchMusic has started to air this series and I watched the first ep out of curiousity.  OMG what a completely f-ed up family.  You know it's bad when Nick comes out as the sane one.  Aaron is a brat who has this disturbing tendency to date Nick's ex-girlfriends, ewwwwwww.  The 3 sisters are completely useless in all senses of the word.  The way they view Nick as their personal ATM is disgusting.  "He's the one with the millions" whines one of them when Nick refused to pay for something.   I don't know much about what happened with their parents, especially the mother, but there are *so* many issues there.  The oldest girl comes across as having a drinking problem and gives Britney a run for her money in the white trash category.   The more I watch, the more I feel bad for Nick.  You can tell he wants to re-connect with his siblings but he doesn't know how to deal with the craziness.  He's been forced into the father position -- he's repeatedly told Aaron, "I'm NOT your father, I'm you brother!"  I've been reading the TWoP thread and it's hilarious in all its cruel, but well-deserved, snark.


In RL news, I've survived my first week at the new job.  The commute is a bitch -- it went from 20mins to 75mins -- but I only have to live with it for a couple of months. 


Due to a loss of sanity this afternoon, I ended up purchasing 3 CDs from former Idols.  Rex Goudie's 2nd CD, Suzi Rawn & Aaron Walpole.  There was a sale!!  And a discount on top of the sale!!  And I hadn't eaten lunch yet so obviously my brain was lacking nutrition and was not functioning normally.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it :)  I can upload if anyone is curious.  I haven't listened to the CDs myself, yet.


My goal for the new year is to refrain from buying books for 1 year and read the books I own.  So, inspired by 50bookchallenge and 15000pages, I'll be recording my progress on my LJ.  I won't do any book reviews cause I suck at reviews.  I don't think I'll hit either goals but I'm curious to see how close I'll get.  So, my first entry, which is a bit of cheating since I actually started to read it before the new year but it was just a few days --

Eragon, Christopher Paolini  -- 1/50; 497/15,000

PS The movie version wasn't that great.
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the work blahs

I've been back to work for 3 days now and I'm stuck doing boring crap.  The file I did before I left for vacation was supposed to be reviewed so I can clear the notes upon return.  The manager hasn't review it yet.  The job I was booked for this week has been postponed, pending on a decision to be made by a partner.  I'm in work limbo hell.

I need another vacation.

We have moved back into our newly renovated office space.  It's definitely lighter, more airer, more open.  Brighter.  Seating has been all re-arranged so it's been amusing watching people wander around, going "where's so-and-so's office?"  The bad side is that staff (other than tax) no longer have their own cubicles.  We all have to put up with hotelling.  On one hand, I can totally understand why -- how many days did I actually sit at my own desk last year?  Not many as I would spend weeks at a client's.  On the other hand, there's no where you can put your stuff anymore.  We get a shelf in a file cabinet now.  Oh joy.

I'm waiting for someone on one of the mp3-related LJ communities I watch to upload Clay Aiken's new CD.  Don't judge me.

Going to lunch now.
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impulse buy

I seem to be very easily persuaded when it comes to music/buying CDs.  Just today, I purchased the new Snow Patrol album even though I remember not liking the first one very much (I loved the CD so I may have to re-visit the original).  Why did I buy this CD?  Because last night I saw a Grey's Anatomy video on television to Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars.  It got me thinking -- how many CDs do I own just because I heard one song on a tv show.  The answer -- quite a few.

Athenaeum -- General Hospital
Edwin McCain -- General Hospital
Jeff Buckley -- The OC
Death Cab for Cutie -- The OC
Jem -- The OC
Dido -- Roswell
Ivy -- Roswell
Howie Day -- Joan of Arcadia

I've also downloaded qutie a few singles as well, mostly because of The OC.  Man, that show was like my entryway to alternative/indie/emo rock during its first year.  It introduced me to Keane with the song, Walnut Tree.  Too bad the show sucks and I stopped watching a couple episodes into S2.