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fanexpo '14 - year of the doctor

Once again, I planned on skipping FanExpo. And once again, they announced guests that I had to see. This year, it was Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill (Karen Gillan too but she cancelled last minute). Spent a lot of time on my feet helping out at my cousin's booth. I was dead tired by Sunday afternoon. Thank heavens Monday was a holiday. I already know I'm going next year - a friend of mine really wants to meet Stephen and chances are very good he will be there.

They keep changing the celebrity autograph area layout and this year, well, it was impossible to get any pics of the celebs unless I went to their panel. I went to 3 panels: Matt Smith, Doctor Who (Matt & Arthur) and Stephen Amell. My photo ops were with them as well.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith & Arthur Darvill (I find Arthur ridiculously good looking that it annoys me)

Stephen Amell (total sweetheart)

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eleven was my doctor

Matt Smith has announced that he will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of this year. I am so sad :( I had a feeling he was going to leave soon but I was hoping for one more year. Most Whovians have a Doctor they considered theirs. I started watching during Ten's run but as much as I loved David Tennant and the 10th Doctor, I never really considered him 'mine'. Maybe cause I started partway through. Unpopular opinion but Rose annoyed me so much and I hated how she was constant cloud throughout Ten's run.

I was there for the beginning of Eleven. I loved the relationship between Amy/Doctor and Amy/Rory and Rory/Doctor. I loved how Amy and Rory chose having "a normal life" over travelling with the Doctor. Loved how the identity of River Song was revealed. Loved Souffle Girl. Especially loved Eleven's (and Matt's) rapport with children. Most of my favourite episodes are from this era.

Matt Smith made a thank you video while filming a movie in Detroit (he's so close ahhhhh!) (hence the shaved off hair)

I'm going to miss the Raggedy Doctor who is, most definitely, a madman with a box.
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so much pretty today

~~ The National Television Awards (UK) were last night and it brought so much pretty

Colin's shaggy hair! Bradley's bedhead hair! Bow ties cause bow ties are cool.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillian, looking lovely with their awards.

~~ Today was the Toronto premiere of The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Trying to get an autograph was hard as so many people were pushing & shoving but I had my secret weapon -- my How to Succeed playbill. I'm pretty sure I was the only one there who had one, everyone else had Harry Potter stuff. Anyway, as I was holding my playbill out, without too much hope cause I was a few 'rows' back, I noticed I was holding it upside down. So as I'm pulling my hand back to adjust, I heard Daniel say, "hey, I'll sign my playbill!" I handed it to him, he took it out of my hands, signed it, and gave it back *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

~~ OK so no one in this clip is English (although Chris does have a slight obsession with the royal family), c'mon, I had to post it!

I've seen some other clips and this episode look EPIC. I love Sebastian and boy, does he bring the douchiness out in this ep!
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this is not the post you're looking for

OK OK I know I promised the Harry Potter World post and I AM WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW. I SWEAR.

In the meantime, enjoy some random awesomeness.

Cory's delightful Gemini opening sketch video

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Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson. Ferguson being an utter DW fanboy was delightful.

Hey, the Supernatural Creation Con is coming to town! Should I go?? Anyone going?? If anything, I might get a day ticket or something. I know I swore off Creation cons (those greedy bastards!) but it's like the boys will be in town, how could I not go?

OK back to working on those HP pics! And to all those who will be watching DH on opening day, I'm jealous. I plan on seeing it this Sunday, hopefully!
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strike a pose

For those who haven't seen Sue Sylvester's Vogue, like us poor Canucks. This was aired after the ep last night. Jane Lynch is 100% pure AWESOME.


Anyone want to check out the Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Centre with me? I'm definitely going. I want to get sorted! The exhibit runs til August 22.


I tuned into American Idol last night only because Adam Lambert was the mentor. I made it almost halfway through the program before switching the channel. They're only at the Top 9? Yes, double elimination tonight but still. It feels like this season has been on for forever! The show was 90 minutes long and it felt like the judges barely had time to make a comment! The music actually cut off Simon at one point LOL


Can't believe I was so busy at work that I forgot to listen to Matt Smith on CBC Radio 1. Thank goodness it re-airs tonight at 10pm.


Reading about derivatives and hedging and futures etc is boring and confusing. Why oh why did I sign up for the Canadian Securities Course?
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a mad man with a box

How much am I loving the Eleventh Doctor? THIS MUCH *spreads arms wide* Only 2 eps in and I'm absolutely adoring the Doctor and Amy (the fact that the companion & I share the same name is a bonus). I love the quirkiness of this Doctor and it's true, you really can believe that he's young and old at the same time. As much as I loved Tennant, his over-the-topness was starting to be grate. And if this new Doctor/production/writing team etc means never seeing/hearing/watching the Doctor moon over/thinking about/mentioning Saint Rose again, I welcome it. Although I do hope Captain Jack makes an appearance one day. Donna, too.

I don't find Matt Smith conventionally handsome but there is something about him. Don't know what it is but I do know that I'm loving all the photoshoots emerging =)

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the doctor's new clothes

First, the Comic Con Tennant/Barrowman kiss and subsequent reaction from Barrowman was adorable. I would faint/scream too if Tennant kissed me! From John's remarks, it sounds like this was the first time which I'm surprised cause I figured John would've been all over David!

Anyway, I realize that I'm about a week behind with this but what else is new? LOL

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a smorgasbord of stuff

Guys. I am so bored right now. I have done nothing today, NOTHING! There's no work. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

So, what have I been doing?

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2. Watching a very cute video of Thomas Dekker thanking the fans for fighting to save T:SCC.

I love that he left a voicemail for Fox! And he's too adorable for having just woken up.

3. This weekend, the lottery is at $40m and everyone chipped in at the office for tickets. So of course, this meant perusing the real estate sites and looking at multi-million dollar homes that are currently on sale in the area. We sure can dream, can't we? If we do win, it'll come to $1.4m per person. Not too shabby *crosses fingers*

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5. It's the long weeknd for us. I'll be spending it doing much needed spring cleaning and maybe catching a movie. 1.5 hours to go...