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Still buzzing from the Glee finale. Really need to go to sleep but these finally finished uploading and I wanted to post the videos I took from the Matt Nathanson concert tonight.

The club was very small. I'm guessing only a couple hundred people? Just Matt and Aaron both on guitars. Didn't video the whole thing cause I wasn't in the greatest spot and the fact my arms were getting tired! There was a guy audio recording the whole thing though and he said he wasn't going to post it until after his album comes out.

So, this one is for phetch, jerseybelle77 & anyone else who enjoys Mr Nathanson :D The quality isn't the greatest though.

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Hello, hello. Feels like I've been neglecting LJ even though I still read my f-list. So, here's an update.

~~ Still unemployed. Should find out about one possibility tomorrow (the decision keeps getting pushed back, so annoying). Also, have come to the depressing realization after spending almost 3 months reading job ads and interviewing... I think I'm best suited for work in public practice *headdesk* If the aforementioned job doesn't pan out, I'll be expanding the job search into public accounting but, like before, no big firms.

~~ Spent the weekend with my visiting cousin & her 10 y.o. daughter, Ling. Saturday was Centre Island. Well, it was just Centreville (the kids amusement park). We never made it to anywhere else. I rode the ferris wheel with Ling and I felt queasy afterwards. Wow, I am getting old. Sunday was the Toronto Zoo. Bad day to go cause it was so bloody hot. 30C + humidex, it was pushing 40C. After Ling spent 20 mins touching the stingrays and another 20 mins ooohing & ahhhing over the polar bears, she was ready to go. You know it's hot when my born-and-bred Taiwanese cousins are remarking about the heat.

~~ I discovered that the AC in the car wasn't working back in June but it wasn't really needed so I let it slide. Yeah, that sucker is getting fixed this Wednesday. Thank goodness my friend's boyfriend is a mechanic so he's getting me a deal. Still going to cost a pretty penny though.

~~ Chopped off about 4 inches of hair today. My annual haircut, done.

~~ Matt Nathanson concert was fantastic. Good news, he's working on his next album. Bad news, he has no idea when it'll be done.

~~ OLTL and the Kish SL just keeps getting better. Today, we got a small glimpse of Jealous!Oliver when he sees Kyle is ready to move on without him i.e. chatting up a hot guy. Can't wait til tomorrow's ep!! and that's how sad my life has become lol

And yeah, that's basically it.
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the good, the bad but mostly good

I seem to do a lot of these catch-all posts.  I have this bad habit of starting a post but then changing my mind and when I do get in the mood to post, I go kinda crazy.

** Finally watched The Christmas Cottage and yes, it is cheesy (and not in that good HSM way) and schmaltzy and I don't care cause I kinda loved it.  Jared looked STUNNING in this movie.  Since I won't be watching F13 or any other horror movies he has done/may do in the future, I just glomp up any non-horror work he does.  Have not watched Ten Inch Hero yet *shameful* and my excuse is

** Merlin.  My new fandom.  I watched all 7 eps over the weekend using up the time I had alloted for TIH.  Oops.  Read a review by a LJ-er declaring that Merlin was awful but at least it's better than Robin Hood.  I love Robin Hood.  Guess I'm just a sucker for historically inaccurate British shows with pretty boys, what can I say?

** Went to the Leafs game last night with a co-worker, a partner and a client.  Had dinner at the Platinum Club (fancy!) where I will probably never set foot inside again.  Had a taste of foie gras and elk for the first (and probably last) time.  They allow guests to order dessert before the game starts, we come back during 1st intermission and it's there waiting for us.  How cool is that?  Of course, we ended up missing the entire 2nd period (although I was still watching on the tv screen) cause the guys kept talking.  Leafs lost in the overtime but it was an exciting game as we were down 4-1 at in the 1st period but came back to tie it in the 3rd.

** Although I haven't been attending Stitch-n-Bitch, I am still cross-stitching so I'm there in spirit!  Started a new pattern, a smaller one, cause I just had no desire to continue my 2 work-in-progresses.  The new one is about 1/2 done already and I'll post a picture of it when it's done.

** phetch  is coming!!  phetch  is coming!!  And we're going to see Matt Nathanson!  I have 16 days left to clean my place up.

** Yay for Obama winning!!!  But boo for all the anti-gay propositions for passing.  Although I read that California's Prop 8 is still too close to call?

** I'm loving SYTYCD Canada and all the shirtlessness we've been getting lately.  Blake from S1 is always either a judge or a choreographer.  We've had Benji choreograph for 2 weeks now, Dmitry *squee* was there last week and Mary was a guest judge.  Thank goodness Mary toned her shrieking down but her craziness was balanced out by awesome Rex Harrington who, god bless him, had no problems voicing his, and our, admiration of Nico's abs.  My co-workers and I have given up on trying to get tickets to the tapings.  The demand is too high and we are just not rush-line type of people.  Oh well.  Go Arassay/Nico & Allie/Danny!!