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Spending the day with a HIMYM marathon on in the background, the window open for some fresh air (seriously, it's 10C here, WTH? not that I'm complaining...), attempting to clean my condo (guess the spring-like weather has prompted some spring cleaning) and deciding what I want for lunch.

Starting the new year with a new moodtheme -- woooo I'm crazy like that! Love me some Merlin but I've used that one for so long so Glee is in!

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve and may 2011 bring all of us some happy times ♥♥
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Writer's Block: Where I want to be

What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

I wanted to be a marine biologist basically cause I wanted to swim with dolphins all day. Cause that's what marine biologists do, right? :) Hopefully some day I will actually swim with the dolphins.

One childhood dream that did come true: meeting the New Kids. Only took 20 years and a chunk of change but it happened!

Dear LJ, please don't fill in my tags for me. I can do that on my own. Thanks for changing the homepage back though. Much appreciated.
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do you believe?

The Olympic torch relay came through the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)/Toronto today. A friend & I went to City Hall to see. The place was packed. We got there around 6:40. The torch was scheduled to arrive at 7pm. It arrived more like 8pm -- supposedly a protest held up the relay. We got a pretty good view from the upper walkway but we couldn't see the stage at all. All that waiting in the cold for a few seconds LOL

I don't even know who I saw carrying the torch in LOL. Brian Orser carried it way early this morning. And I know Ivan & Jason Reitman carried it for a stretch. *Googles* Oh, looks like it was Vicky Sunohara -- member of the women's gold medal Olympic hockey team. Cool.

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Thanks to my f-list, I have been informed that as a permanent member, I can hand out 10 $10 coupons to those who have a basic account and wish to upgrade to a paid account. Let me know if you're interested!
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hello, 2009!

Even though I worked through the holidays, it was still hard to get up and go to work this morning.  It was actually kinda nice in the office the last 2 weeks -- no crowd waiting for the elevators, no partners or managers bothering you, no clients calling you for stuff, we turned on the music and actually got some work done.

It was Big News days at the office this morning -- one co-worker announced she's pregnant (yay!) and another announced he got engaged (double yay!)  All that good news was an excellent way to start a Monday.

So, Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.  I'm liking it.  At first, I was a tad disappointed they went the male caucasian route again but the more I watch Matt's interview, the more I like him.  Love the talking with his hands, especially the finger waggle when he's trying to think of what to say.  The hair can be cut/tamed.  He rocks a pair of glasses.  The eyebrows do exist but they're really light.  I'm looking forward to meeting Eleven although I may shed a tear saying goodbye to Ten.  Now that Eleven has been revealed, the speculation is on for his companion.  And I really can't wait to see Capt Jack's reaction =)  In the meantime, downloading Party Animals to acquaint myself with some of Smith's work.

The Dr Horrible DVD was released to Amazon and I was thisclose to ordering it off the US site and just paying the damn shipping but yay for Amazon.ca for coming through!  We're getting it a few weeks later but I can deal with that.  I can't wait to hear Commentary, The Musical.

Jersey Boys.  Excellent and highly recommend it.  I was "singing" Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry and Oh What a Night for days after.

I'm LOVING the auto-complete tag feature.  Thank goodness they finally got that working.

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made it home in the snow *sigh of relief*

Damn, driving in snow is not my idea of fun. Especially when the roads/highways are covered so it becomes "let's make our own lanes!" time. I'm pretty sure that for a good chunk of Hwy 427, I was half-on the shoulder but hey, I was just following the car in front of me.

Vancouver SPN convention in August! I'm thinking of going. I'm already planning on going to the Chicago con but how can I miss a SPN con in my home country?! I wonder how the pricing is going to work. Are they going to jack up the prices "for the foreign exchange"? On the other hand, I'm assuming the guys will already be in town for shooting so transportation costs will be minimal. What am I saying? This is Creation we're talking about. I'm sure they'll have an excuse ready.

In other Vancouver-related news, my 2 favourite German soap actors -- Jo and Thore from VL -- will be in Whistler this February for Winterpride 2009. And omg I so want to go cause when will I ever get this chance again? Why oh why did it have to be on the other side of the country? For now, I'm waiting to see their schedule. I do know they're going to be at this one event but it takes place on the Thursday night so that's out for sure. In the meantime, I've already checked flights, you know, just in case ;)

New Merlin moodtheme \o/

I keep seeing the happy meme on my f-list so I thought I would share this video my co-worker showed me the other day. The combination of the boy's accent, his facial expressions and the timing of the baby's laughter makes the whole thing so adorable and hilarious. So far, this video has almost 69 million views. Introducing Charlie and his big brother:

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i'm scared of my december credit card bill

* For some reason, I have been bitten by the Christmas shopping fever this year and purchased some nice shit, if I do say so myself, for my brothers. I got the whole family tickets to Jersey Boys (the era & music is right up my dad's alley). This weekend, will be entering the scary world of Tiffany's for SIL's gift (and maybe a little something something for me). And to top it all off, I went on Amazon.ca this afternoon and they had a one day sale of the Gilmore Girls complete series boxset for $110 and the next thing I know, I'm buying it! Yeah, so not looking forward to the cc bill.

* Nico wins SYTYCD Canada. No surprise there. He definitely deserved it. He wasn't the best technical dancer (his ballroom was lacking) but he had the charisma, the looks, the abs and was so very humble. All very important ;) I have tickets for the tour in February and I'm really looking forward to it.

* LJ has increased the numbers of icons! I have 195 spaces now, woot!! Now I'm on the hunt for icons.

* For the Avatar fans -- looks like the movie has been cast. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry over the casting of Zuko. Seriously, M Night Shyalaman?

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lj anniversary

LJ anniversaries were mentioned a couple of times on my f-list today which prompted me to check when my own LJ anniversary was.  Guess what?  It's today!!  3 years ago today, tinderblast  ushered me into the world of Livejournal by creating this account for me.  I was only planning on using my account for the purpose of commenting on other LJs but things turned out a bit differently :P  A short time later, I met a group of Kieferettes and the rest, as they say, is history  :D

New LJ moodtheme to celebrate -- animated Ianto  \o/

Went to KT Tunstall's concert last weekend.  We had great seats (3rd row) and it was a great show.  KT is just this cute little thing!  It was an acoustic set which I loved.  The set featured a good balance from both her CDs and of course, Black Horse & a Cherry Tree and Suddenly I See got the biggest crowd reaction.  I have a few videos but they're all too large to upload to photobucket.

After hearing about how great the show, Avatar, is from certain people -- you know who you are -- including my cousins, I've been downloading and am about halfway through the second season.  It's pretty good and Sokka makes me laugh more than I care to admit.


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lj help

This is probably something so simple but I just can't seem to figure it out.  My current layout is flexible squares and I'm thinking about adding a header.  I think I can handle that part.  What I can't figure out is how to see the coding.  Help, dear f-list?

Still at work. =(  Ate donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch and KFC for dinner.  Ugh.  Another work gripe -- the blatant favouritism that is shown towards certain staff members is getting to the point of major irritation.

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is there such thing as too much chocolate?

I fell asleep last night on the couch (which is getting to be a bad habit) with the window open and I was actually hot.  The weather has been up-and-down lately, not that I'm complaining about the ups.

Spent 1.5 hours this morning at the passport office.  What a way to start the morning.  Ugh.

A friend of mine works at the Bulk Barn head office so she gets a discount.  The catch is all the candy/chips comes in the bulk sizes (ie 10kg = 22 lbs).  I just put in an order for reese pieces for the office as we start the first phase of tax season hours (42.5 hrs/week).  10 kilos of reese pieces.  I think I'm gonna be really sick of them by April 30th!  On top of that, one of my co-workers, her mother, works for Nestle.  We'll be hitting her up for chocolate for sure!

Picked up my Tokio Hotel ticket last night!  The guy thought I wanted to buy one and informed me that the show was sold out.  I'm really surprised.  And now I'm kinda worried cause this means I have to go earlier than I originally planned to get a decent spot.

Speaking of concerts, going to another Kalan one.  This makes it 3 Kalan concerts in 3 days.  What am I thinking?!?  That's it, I'm drawing the line.  No more concerts.

2 co-workers complimented me this morning, said I looked really nice today.  I haven't done anything special, in fact, I thought I looked all frazzled with the whole being-late-cause-of-the-passport-thing.  Don't usually get compliments so that was nice.

I switched my mood theme to a Sammy one.  I loved the David Tennant one but I needed a change.
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i don't even like justin timberlake but...

...for some reason, I watched his interview with Rove, on Australian tv. It was his answer to "who would you go gay for?" that made me post this for tinderblast   . Have you seen it? Anyway, Justin comes across as down-to-earth and pretty funny. Don't make me like you, Justin. 


The Jane Austen Book Club, Karen Fowler  15 / 50       5,068 / 50,000

I also watched the movie was pretty meh.  But wow, is Kevin Zegers hot.  I knew he was a cutie but, um, yea.  HOT.  I have a copy of Transamerica somewhere but of course, now that I want to watch it, I can't find it.


I can't stop watching Chicago Con videos!  Especially the J2 ones.  They're like a drug.  The way Jensen says, "this is fantastic!" about his Sammy t-shirt gets me everytime.  I am thisclose to booking Asylum people!! HELP!!!!

Anyone know where I can find a Jared mood theme?  I found a Sammy-centric one which I think I'm gonna use next but I would love a Jared one.


I HATE YOU LJ. STOP MESSING UP MY POST! I just wanted to edit and then most of it disappears. Re-posted and again!! ARGHHHHHH!!!