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the monday blahs

*  It's Monday.  BLAH

*  Weekend was uneventful.  Did some work; did some shopping.  Highlight was going to the St Lawrence Market and finally getting a peameal bacon on a bun.  The line is usually really long but I happened to catch it during a rare slow period and OMG DELICIOUS.

*  Had to wake up extra early today as I will be at our Brampton office for this week.  Me no like.  They page people here, over the intercom, and it makes me jump every damn time. 

*  The sun is shining though (at least, that's what I heard as I can't see anything from this cubicle) and weather is supposed to be lovely this week.

openmydoors  sorta tagged me with the "things you associate with me" meme so here it goes (keeping it short & sweet):

Zac Efron  The boy is adorable and he sings and dances, c'mon, what's not to love?!  And, from what I've seen -- yes, I've seen Zac in the flesh!  *rubs it in* -- he's super nice to his fans.  Appears to have a good head on his shoulders; hasn't fallen into the many pitfalls of young fame (ie partying, drugs, etc) so far and has made some pretty good choices re: his career (ie turning down a record contract, thank god).  He's also legal, so there :P

That Seeker Show   LOL  I'm loving this show!  The leads playing Richard and Kahlan are just so pretty, together and separately.  I've already mentioned the sword twirling with bonus shirtlessness.  And I just realized that Craig Parker, who plays the villian, Darken Rahl, was also Haldir the Elf in Lord of the RingsI may have shed a tear when Haldir died at Helm's Deep. No wonder he looked familiar!

Handbags  This is new as my quest for a designer handbag only began a few weeks ago when my mother suggested I should get one as a birthday present to myself.   I was going to get a Coach bag but then was told by practically everyone NOT to.  Aim higher.  So I was introduced to the world of Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc etc  I've already got an overpriced wallet, now I need a purse to go with it.  Hopefully, the search will end once busy season is over.

Asian families  Oh, something openmydoors  and I have in common.  ;)  Being a child of immigrant Asian parents makes for an, um, interesting childhood LOL  The pressure, the expectations (did you know that my father had my life planned out for me?), trying to reconcile 2 very different cultures.  Piano lessons.  Chinese school, first on Friday nights, then Saturday mornings (which meant no Saturday morning cartoons).  You respect your elders.  You will not do anything that will cause your parents to "lose face".  Not saying that my childhood was tougher than normal.  I had it good and I know it.  Not tough, just different.
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the sun is shining and the temperature is rising

** After a few days of bone-chilling cold -- made even worse by the fact it came after a couple of days of lovely weather -- Mother Nature has finally taken pity on us.

** I have finally migrated over to using Firefox.  Any must-have/cool add-ons I should use, f-list?

** Last week's Legend of the Seeker ep had an overused fantasy/sci-fi plot (main characters' bodies being taken over by the spirits of star-crossed lovers) and was complete fanservice but who the hell cares when we got scenes like this:

(animation by[info]cathartic_prose)

And there was the whole Richard unlacing Kahlan's gown and the hair & back grabbage and the kissing and the belt unbuckling...

...  What was I going to say again? I've completely lost my train of thought.

** Saw The Color Purple, the musical.  The singing was phenomenal.  I only had a vague recollection of the book & movie but according to Wiki, the musical appears to be pretty faithful to the book. 

** I have d/l'd the Twilight movie.  Let's see how long it'll take me to actually watch it.

** The Harry Potter boys continue to age quite nicely.   I thought Tom Felton (Draco) went through an awkward phase but he's looking good these days.   Collapse )IMO, Tom/Draco has been dreadfully underused in the last couple of HP films.  Hopefully this will be corrected in the upcoming movies.

** mmmmm, Thai curry for lunch but now I'm stuffed.

** Tomorrow is Toronto's 175th birthday and the Star did a list of 175 reasons to love TO.  I feel all fuzzy and warm inside, lol.  A lot of things I've seen/done on that list and a lot of things I haven't.  Will have to continue my Discovering My City tour this summer.

** Nathan Fillion has a new TV show!!!  Castle on ABC starting March 9th.  I hope this show works out for him, I miss my Capt Tight Pants.
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i love twirling

This scene pretty much cemented my love for The Legend of the Seeker. Not only is it SWORD-TWIRLING but it's SWORD-TWIRLING in SLO-MO while SHIRTLESS!! C'mon, how could I resist that?!!!? LOL

I need an animated icon of this. Or an animated gif.

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hello, shiny new fandom

I have a shiny new fandom to play with and it's called Legend of the Seeker (based on the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind).  I like new fandoms *nods*
It's got CUTE BOY! in leather with SWORD-TWIRLING!! (man, I love sword-twirling and in ep6 I got shirtless sword-twirling, w00t!) and PRETTY LADY! who has flowing hair and a magical white gown that never seems to get dirty and is a KICKASS FIGHTER!! \o/ Not heavy on the slash but that's cool. There's Merlin for that ;) This show fits right in there with Merlin and Robin Hood. Cheesy but fun. It's been compared to Xena/Hercules but I never watched those shows so can't say if that's accurate.

The amount of times the words "seeker" and "prophecy" and "destiny" have been used so far is LOL-worthy and I've only seen 7 eps! "Are you the seeker? The prophecy is true?" "You ARE the seeker and it's your destiny!" "I am the seeker!" "He's the seeker! Kill him!" LOL

Collapse )

Craig Horner, the lead, is Australian but he uses an American accent in the show. Who made that stupid decision?

Fandom bonus: the show has already been renewed for a 2nd season so there's more sword-twirling goodness to come!!

In other fandom happy news -- Olli FINALLY returns to VL today and my favourite soap couple will be back together again!! I need to go check YouTube to see if the clip is up!

Sad fandom news -- RIP Kim Manners. You are missed. :(