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hello f-list

*waves*  How's going it, peeps?  What's up?  What's happening?  What's going on?  Tell me what's going on in your lives.

I'm bored. 

I watched a couple of the Misha vids from the NJ con.  I was indifferent towards Misha but damn it, he's adorable! 

Just as Kyle XY gets interesting, they cancel it.  Stupid ABCFamily.  Interesting development -- I've never been a Kyle/Jessie shipper, saw them more as siblings but in the course of one episode, I am firmly on the Kessie ship.  One more episode left and it's going to end on a cliffhanger, I just know it.  

Castle.  I liked it on Nathan Fillion's charm alone.  I lurve him.  I find it's similar to Bones but with the role reversal. 

Did I mention I'm bored?  Reviewing files, while not stressful, is boooooring which is why I can never be manager.

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Just about to head off to bed but was mucking around TWoP and discovered that 2 of my favourite shows which are returning in a couple of weeks have released new trailers  *squee* 

Trailer for Kyle XY S2.5:


Looks like the Tragers are finally told the truth about Kyle.  While I am not really looking forward to more schmoopy scenes between Kyle and Amanda, there's shirtless!Kyle and tux!Kyle which totally makes up for it.

Trailer for Torchwood S2:

I'm really looking forward to this season!  James Marsters, yay!!  Gwen finally telling Rhys the truth about her job!  MARTHA!!!!!  And the 1-second clip that has exploded my f-list -- a Janto kiss!!  It also appears that there's a season-long arc which should be good.  Hopefully it'll result in a more cohesive season.
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thanksgiving weekend

Back at my parents' house for Thanksgiving.  Yep, I travelled the *really* long distance of approx 30 km, lol.  We're not doing much actually.  Brother has to work overtime, Mom's taking care of Grandma (she recently had to return to the hospital but everything is good now) and Dad didn't come back this weekend as he was here last weekend.  Planning on getting together with extended family for lunch on Monday for the traditional Thanksgiving meal consisting of Chinese food  =)

I'm currently watching Planet Earth.  What an absolute gorgeous production.  Just finished watching the "Caves" episode -- even the gross/disgusting (ie silk glow worms) look beautiful... from a distance.  But there's no need to see the meters high pile of guano (bat droppings) covered with cockroaches ever again *shudders*  I can't imagine what the production crew had to go through to get their shots.

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ETA:  More Planet Earth gems:  The episode on the Arctic & Antarctic -- penguins and polar bears and chicks and cubs!!  Awwwww...  After each episode, there's a short documentary showing what goes into filming.  So, this one shows the cameramen on an isolated Norwagian island (why Norway and not Canada?!  I kid, I kid) to film polar bears.  No motorized vehicles are allowed so they have to pull their equipment on sleds.  One of the cameraman is filming himself and talking how the explorers used to name their sleds like "Intrepid" and "Braveheart".  And in honour of this practice, he would like to name his sled, "the *bleep* *bleep* *bleeping* heavy piece of *bleep* *bleep*"  LOL  One more thing, the Arctic cameramen had it easy compared to their Antarctican counterparts.
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who is kyle xy?

He's my summer obsession, that's who!  =)

Actually, Kyle XY is a summer series airing on ABC Family and currently 3 eps into the second season.  A quick show synopsis -- When we first meet Kyle, he's a 16 year old boy with no memory of his past and yet displays extraordinary abilities.  He is essentially a teenaged newborn learning about the world.  We also discover something different about Kyle -- he has no belly button (ooo, can you guess the secret?)  Kyle's case is handled by Nicole Trager who decides to bring Kyle back to her home to live with her family.  Through his interactions with the Trager family and the outside world, Kyle learns about friendship, loyalty, love, music, lust, etc while he tries to remember his past.

Yea, it's your typical "special kid with no memory" premise but what makes the show work for me is Matt Dallas, the actor protraying Kyle.  His innocence and wide-eyed amazement when he encounters mundane, every day things.  His relationship with the Trager kids, Lori & Josh.  There's also the slash potential between Kyle and Declan, Lori's boyfriend, and the keeper of Kyle's secrets.  Plus, one of it's recurring guest stars is Victor Mansfield  Alex Krycek  Nicholas Lea, which is awesome.

I just re-watched the entire first season last week to refresh my memory and I loved it even more the 2nd time around.  So, let's get to the real reason behind this post -- a Matt Dallas picspam

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