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kris allen being adorable

Kris @ The Mint. This is how I would love to see Kris live, in an intimate setting like this or a small theatre. And is it wrong that my first thought was "oh, he's covering Glee songs!" haha

alright with me



happy-making things

Things that made me happy today (and they all seem to revolve around cute boys, huh) ;P

OK, I normally don't do RPS but damn it, these 2 are crumbling the resolve already weakened by the existence of Colin/Bradley.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who-related spoilerCollapse )

Colin Morgan & Bradley James. S3 of Merlin is currently being filmed in France which means lots of fan stalking pictures of the boys on set.

Bradley and his horse! I can't explain it but Bradley wearing sunglasses while wearing 'Arthur' clothes just does something for me. UNF. And how can anyone resist Colin in a fleece biting his thumb? THESE BOYS ARE JUST TOO PERFECT AND MAKE ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY.

Hmmmm, I'm bored, let's check out JustJared. SURPRISE SHIRTLESS KRIS ALLEN OMG!

Who knew that was hiding underneath?! How Adam resisted jumping this man is an example of superhuman restraint LOL!

In RL news, new bus driver on my usual bus home is a HOTTIE!

so cute


because the world needs more kradam

I've been listening to Kris' CD almost non-stop this past week and I love it more each time.

I finally listened to Adam's CD today and overall, I like it. Love the up-tempo stuff. Also listened to a few tracks from Take One which are older tunes recorded by Adam. Didn't like that as much. Compared to Kris' pre-Idol songs, I definitely prefer Kris.

I need one of those mp3 player car adapter thingees so I can listen to Kris and Adam at the same time because constantly switching CDs is not conducive to safe driving.

And now for some eye candy.

^^ I love that picture of Kris like whoa

this icon amuses me so

You know what else amused me? Today's episode of Supernatural. Changing ChannelsCollapse )

What did not amuse me was discovering that Kris Allen's super special limited offer of CD with signed lithograph is available only in the US =( Oh well. To cheer me up, here are some pics of Kris' recent photoshoot and Adam on the red black (ooo how edgy!) carpet for 2012. Kris & Adam -- separately, unfortunatelyCollapse )

more cuteness from kris

A lazy Sunday afternoon + looking for Kris icons led me to this picture:

I want to jump him. I'll probably break him but I want to do it anyway LOL

And I found the 30-sec previews of Kris' new CD on YouTube \o/ !!! I'm surprised so many songs are upbeat. I was expecting more of a mellow vibe. It's hard to judge an entire CD based on 30-sec clips but I like what I heard :)


why so cute??

I'm watching Yahoo's Kris Allen album preview interview and he's just so bloody adorable!!!! He's like a big kid sitting cross-legged on a couch =) SO HUGGABLE.

I've been listening to his Brand New Shoes a lot lately and I love it more each time. Supposedly there are previews of his CD out there somewhere in internet-land? Must find now.

In other Cuteness News -- the last scene from the latest Merlin (2x06)

Arthur's Nooooooo! Merlin's smile! The episode began with Arthur protecting Merlin by ordering him to run so he won't be arrested. Merlin hiding under Arthur's bed! This was a brilliant and hilarious episode. Loved the Dragon laughing when he heard about Uther :)

2 album covers

The album covers for both boys' CDs have been released.

Kris' is a tad boring but it's fine. Adam's, I'm sorry to say, I HATE. It's horrible! First, I'm not a fan of close-up shots. His head looks like it's floating in space! Hate the hand placement. Maybe if there was no hand, it wouldn't be too bad. It looks like someone's else hand is pushing his face LOL Man, my excitement for buying his actual CD (vs buying from iTunes) has fallen :( I'll still get it and hope the pictures inside are better.

more soap talk...

This Tuesday, peeps! Tuesday is the day I will start watching General Hospital again.

Pictures from soapnet it feels like 1998 again!Collapse )

some one life to live cutenessCollapse )

Non-soap talk. Kris Allen being all adorable throwing a football. Just how tiny is Kris? The picture of him with the Dolphin cheerleaders, he's like the same size as the girls!

pictures of Michael Buble from the signingCollapse )

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