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so far so good

Just found out Boss is not coming in today! It's like a surprise quasi-vacation day and, as you can see, I am being very productive ;)

Today is also Glee day. Am meeting up with a fellow Gleek who I met during TIFF and we will watch the episode together, eat pizza, drink alcohol, cry and then go on tumblr and, at least for me, watch and enjoy the collective Klaine fandom have a meltdown.

Forgot to mention that I saw Pitch Perfect with R. Really fun movie and I immediately downloaded the soundtrack once I got home.
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all spoilered out

I never thought I would say this but my gawd, I can not read another spoiler about the next episode of Glee. SO MUCH has been spoilered already due to an advance screening. YOU GUYYYYYYYYYS I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. A performance was released of which I've watched way too many times. A scene was also released but I controlled myself and only watched once twice. For the sake of my sanity, I've stopped reading spoilers since yesterday. And I'm resisting the urge to listen to the leaked songs (other than the performance released).

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pretty cast is pretty

I don't know what this Fashion Night Out event is but it gave us a Vogue photoshoot + video of the Glee cast so me like.

Unfortunately no Amber or Naya =( The consensus around fandom is that they were both sick when this was done.

The full length video (a shorter version was aired tonight during the "Born This Way" episode)

Thought pretty much everyone looked stunning. Not loving Dianna's hair straightened like that but whatever. Almost didn't recognize Cory the first time I saw the promo! Lea is stunning. Harry practically steals the video for me. But, this is me so of course, best part of the whole thing?


Oh and Cory's adorable smile when he throws the sunglasses, loved that too :D

Just finished watching the finale of "The Glee Project". Basically everyone wins, Ryan Murphy? LOLOL how very Glee of you! TPTB say fewer guest stars but we already have 6 new characters, SIX!!
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they kissed... and fandom exploded

For those not following the Glee! Live tour here's the basic set up: Brittany comes on stage and says last year she made a fool of herself when she declared her love for Kurt as she wasn't Kurt's type. This year, she's going to go for someone she can get and calls Blaine to stage. Brittany asks Blaine if he wants to make out, Blaine says he's taken *cue audience screaming*, Kurt comes on stage with a "Brittany, are you flirting with my man?!" *cue more audience screaming* Brittany leaves. Kurt & Blaine have a little back-and-forth which Chris changes in every show. Kurt "proposes" to Blaine *scream* ... asking him to join Glee Club. Blaine accepts and its segues into Finn's "Jessie's Girl".

OKAY. Last show of the tour in Dublin.

Starts the same, Brittany calls Blaine on stage. But then Santana comes on stage and OMG BRITTANA KISS!!

Brittana/Heya shippers and fandom in general explodes.

Kurt comes on stage and recites a poem to Blaine which apparently went something like this:

Blaine warbler Anderson
I have never loved another
except for last year when I was in love with my stepbrother
I admire you almost as much as I admire the late Alexander McQueen
You squint when you sing
How I missed our impromptu performances in the Dalton Academy halls, the rooms, the bleachers
where the hell were all the teachers?
We’ve seen everything eye to eye, all the pain, all the hurt
at least we did till my last growth spurt
We’ve shared so many intimate moments, memories that shine and glitter
just the two of us, facebook myspace, tumblr Twitter
Since we've met it's been absolute heaven
For your Emmy consideration, 2011
But through all the glory, the scary and the hype,
I swear to god I’m going to punch the next person that calls me a stereotype
I’m so thankful to have found a partner as talented as me
And forever we shall be unless the writers change things in season 3


Kurt then proceeds with the proposal, Blaine tells him to get up and...

And then says, "you thought Santana would be the only one having fun tonight?"


The pictures are crap but at this point, who cares?! Tumblr is apparently going apeshit. Twitter has exploded and "THEYKISSED" is now trending worldwide. And we now wait with collective breath for video. C'mon Dubliners! You have the entire fandom waiting in anticipation!!



Too busy squeeing and sealclapping and generally flailing to form any coherent thoughts.
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happy stuff

NKOTBSB has released a new single! I didn't even know they were going to do one. Pretty much have not stopped listening to it for the last few days.

Don't Turn Out the Lights


This made me LOL in RL


Jared is still one gorgeous mofo.

Shopping in Rome (there for a SPN con)

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Busy weekend coming up. Spent morning cleaning condo as we're having, as my friend likes to call it, a LGD (Laurier Gal Day ie uni reunion). This time it's at my place so cleaning was a must! Going for mani/pedis and then dinner. Tomorrow, visit my cousin & figure out why the government keeps re-assessing his payroll and then dinner with the family for my grandma's birthday. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in doing my own tax return some time cause the faster I get my refund, the better!

Happy weekend everyone =)