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tuesday rocked

I was hoping to post last night but it's Wed morning and this will be short cause I'm running late.

Saw Keane last night and it was awesome. This was my 4th concert and they're fabulous every time. It's been a few years since the last one but they have a new album out and it looks like the lead singer is doing well (I believe he went into rehab for alcohol). Keane is one of those bands that I love but I know nothing about them, not even their names! I think the singer's name is Tom...?

Took video mainly. Here's everyone's favourite song (and yes, it gives me Klaine feels now ♥)

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The final (?) Blaine & the Pips Warbler song has leaked. Certain parts of the internets has exploded with squees, flailing, tears and an over-abundance of gifs.

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concert #5

Yep, found another concert to go to  =)   Actually, it found me.  Received a PM from waterlily over at the Kalan boards and she mentioned how she remembers that I'm a Keane fan so would I like to join her at their June 26th concert since she has an extra ticket.  I responded with an 'OMG YOU HAVE KEANE TICKETS SQUEEEEEE!!!'  I think I scared her a bit.  Hee.

The concert was held at The Mod Club.  Appears that Keane is performing at smaller clubs for this tour.  Waterlily was able to get a good spot in line about 30 mins before doors open and we ended up about 5 "rows" back from the stage.  Excellent.  No opening act but instead of the show starting at 8pm (as per the ticket), it didn't start til about 9:30.  As much as I love Keane, they could completely walk by on the street and I wouldn't recognize them.   So I was a little confused to who the guy was that just walked out on stage and sat at the piano.  Hey, he's playing!!  Ohhhhh, it's Tim, the pianist.  *smacks forehead*

The rest of the band -- Tom (singer) and Richard (drummer) -- join Tim on stage and it takes me a while to adjust to the fact that I'm seeing them so close.  In my previous concerts, I've always been a good ways back so being up front was a completely different experience.  The guys seemed so... tall.

Tom was wearing his standard concert outfit -- black shirt, black pants.  The only change is that the white belt has been traded in for a silver studded black one.  And now I understand why the outfit doesn't change.  Black clothing masks the sweat stains and omg do these guys sweat.   By the time we've hit the halfway mark, both Tom's & Tim's shirts are soaked through.  I can see the sweat dripping off them.  (No observations about Richard because he was hiding behind those drums).  And yet, no towels in sight.  I wanted to throw some towels onto the stage!

The band performed songs from both their albums but mostly from their new release.  They sound awesome live.  And a lot of the songs are much more energetic than on the CD.  Tom did all of the talking.  I love the Keane crowd cause it's mostly twenty & thirty somethings which meant there was no pushing & shoving even though it was a club show.  No high-pitched screaming and declarations of love, either.

Pictures!  But no comments cause I'm tired.  Pics mostly of Tom & Tim.  Tried to get some of Richard but again, those drums.  Oh and Syn?  That opening riff on Is It Any Wonder? is actually keyboard generated.  No guitar!

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Hoping everyone has an excellent July 1st or July 4th long weekend!  I'm off to NYC to visit my brother.
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new Keane music!!! *squee*

Oh rj_anderson, have you heard the new Keane single, Is It Any Wonder?  Here's a link  --  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1JTE2K3S

The song has a different sound from Hopes and Fears but I like it.

New album out June 20th!!!!!!

In other news...

I cut my hair.  It's sooooo short.  It's never been this short before.  People at work have commented that it's "cute".  Oh well, I'll get used to it (not like I have a choice).  Hair grows back.

This weekend, I will officially own my first car.  A 2006 indigo ink Toyota Matrix.  Here's a pic:

Buying a new car.  Researching and getting auto insurance.  Paying off the mortgage on the condo.  I feel like a grown-up.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go tell Mom I'll be late coming home tomorrow night, squee over the lastest episode of Prison Break and go read some BBM fanfiction while I wait for the next chapter of The Crackfic (aka Two Crows Joy).