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random thoughts in point form

* the World Series ended yesterday so why didn't we get Glee today??? waaaaaaaah

* I am sooooo thirsty *chugs like the 5th drink I've had tonight*

* Forgot Ricky Martin was on Oprah today, damnit! Did catch the last 15 mins and I have to say, dude is looking fine.

* Some of you have probably seen this pic many times but it must be posted once more:

I miss this Jared! He's still growing out of his babyface phase and he's not all muscly like he is now. Picture was taken in 2007, I believe? I may be meh about SPN but I still ♥ Jared :)

* Watching Hannah Montana (don't judge me, there was nothing else on!), I noticed something -- there are no cute guys on that show! Wizards of Waverly Place has Justin; JONAS has, well, the Jonas brothers; Sonny With a Chance has Chad; Suite Life has Zack & Cody; iCarly has Freddie and I'm going to stop now before I really embarrass myself LOL But the boys on HM are, I'm sorry to say, kinda unfortunate looking. Did Billy Ray decree that there should be no cute boys on the show for fear of them stealing little fangirls' attention away from Miley? Clearly, I'm thinking about this too much.

* People, people, I just about died when I saw this picture:

Picture taken at a Hallowe'en party in LA. That's Matthew Morrison of Glee as Richard Simmons (LOL oh what would Sue say about that hair!) but who's that as Larry King? Why, it's KALAN FUCKING PORTER!!! (for those who don't know -- he's CI2 winner and who I obsessed over for a few years). Thoughts that ran through my mind: OMG KALAN TOTALLY NEEDS TO BE ON GLEE!!!! But I don't know if he can act & he probably can't dance either... whatever, dude needs to finish his bloody new CD cause it's been THREE YEARS and counting... seriously, Kalan on Glee, it'll never happen but how cool would that be?!?

* How to Train Your Drago is the cutest movie! LOOOOOVE Toothless! I was really impressed how he could be so adorable and also completely dangerous.

* I have watched Scott Pilgrim a ridiculous amount of times. Love the fights. Love Knives. Love Wallace.

* Still thirsty...

* And sleepy...
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doctor who spoilers

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if this was "old news" given my track record with keeping up with fandom, lol. 

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The last 2 days have been spent working during the day and attending a Kalan Porter concert at night.  Today will be pretty much the same minus the driving as the concert is in TO.  And one of the gals in our group was able to score front row tickets by pure luck, score!   Will have pictures and video to share for those interested by tomorrow (hopefully!).  In the meantime, the lovely Cathy has posted the audio of One Last Try from Thursday's Hamilton concert (no need to download, can just stream the audio).  And there's lots and lots of video from the concerts out west on YouTube.
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is there such thing as too much chocolate?

I fell asleep last night on the couch (which is getting to be a bad habit) with the window open and I was actually hot.  The weather has been up-and-down lately, not that I'm complaining about the ups.

Spent 1.5 hours this morning at the passport office.  What a way to start the morning.  Ugh.

A friend of mine works at the Bulk Barn head office so she gets a discount.  The catch is all the candy/chips comes in the bulk sizes (ie 10kg = 22 lbs).  I just put in an order for reese pieces for the office as we start the first phase of tax season hours (42.5 hrs/week).  10 kilos of reese pieces.  I think I'm gonna be really sick of them by April 30th!  On top of that, one of my co-workers, her mother, works for Nestle.  We'll be hitting her up for chocolate for sure!

Picked up my Tokio Hotel ticket last night!  The guy thought I wanted to buy one and informed me that the show was sold out.  I'm really surprised.  And now I'm kinda worried cause this means I have to go earlier than I originally planned to get a decent spot.

Speaking of concerts, going to another Kalan one.  This makes it 3 Kalan concerts in 3 days.  What am I thinking?!?  That's it, I'm drawing the line.  No more concerts.

2 co-workers complimented me this morning, said I looked really nice today.  I haven't done anything special, in fact, I thought I looked all frazzled with the whole being-late-cause-of-the-passport-thing.  Don't usually get compliments so that was nice.

I switched my mood theme to a Sammy one.  I loved the David Tennant one but I needed a change.
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concerts galore

What is this?  I have a Tokio Hotel icon now?  When did I become a fangirl?  LOL

Thanks to claireyfairy1's post for the heads up, I am now the proud owner of a TH concert ticket!!  \o/ !!!!!  I think this would be the perfect time to try out my flip video, too!

Also have plans to attend 2 Kalan concerts in March.  That's 3 concerts in a span of 1.5 months.  Right in the middle of busy/tax season.  Why must these people tour (a) in the middle of tax season and (b) in the middle of winter?!

4_leafclover -- no Kalan or TH dates for BC  =(  There's still hope for Kalan cause I don't think he's released all his dates yet but he's doing like 10 shows in Alberta.  Maybe go on a roadtrip?

ETA:  I just purchased a subscription to the Torchwood magazine.  I figure it's cheaper than buying them on the newsstand.  *rationalizes*  Wow, today has been quite a fangirly day, lol.
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words can not fully express

We all know Jared is one big loveable squishable ginormous puppy dog of a goof.  But to see it in person?  PURE LOVE.  Jensen is fucking hot.  The End.  The Padackles together is just WIN.

I took 145 pictures of the boys.  I've already deleted 35 of them.  Less than 10 are what I would consider pretty good.  Clearly, my camera is made of FAIL.  Since we basically blinded the boys with flashing cameras, I'm just gonna have to comb the interwebs for the good pics.

I don't have the time to do a proper posting right now but the highlights are already all over my f-list!  Man, these people are fast, LOL!  The presentation to the boys from the US military was very touching, especially on this Remembrance/Veteran's Day.  Jared looked like he was thisclose to losing it.  It was an honour to witness that experience.

Jared put his arm around me for the photo op.  I am still a puddle of goo almost 7 hours after the fact.

In other news.  Samantha Ferris (Ellen) is awesome.  Fred Lehne (YED) is so much better looking in person and he sings, too!  Nicholas Brenden (Xander, Buffy) needs to get a haircut.  Mark Lutz (Groo, Angel) is hot and buff and very funny.  Apologies to Steve Carlson for almost falling asleep during your set but the last thing I needed after a tiring 16 hour day was slow acoustic guitar rock songs. 

OK, I'm off to find some food and say bye to some of the great people I've met here.

ETA:  Dear heavens, I completely forgot today is Kalan's birthday as well.  I am really a bad fan.

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the winchester boys makes everything better

Let's see what I've been up to lately...

This past weekend was pretty jam packed.  Attended the Kalan Porter concert Saturday night.  Good crowd, bad sound system.  Kalan sounded great despite just getting over strep throat.  Loved all the instrumentals and when he morphed into the violin opening for Bittersweet Symphony, I squee'd hardcore.

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After the concert, I walked part of the way home and tried to see a bit of Nuit Blanche.  Now that I know about this, next year, I'm all over it.

I couldn't stay up for Nuit Blanche because I was doing the ScotiaBank 5K the next morning at the ungodly hour of 7:45am.  I just walked the 5K but hopefully next year, I'll be able to do at least a mixture.  Was able to witness one of the Kenyan marathoners break the Canadian marathon record.  The speed at which these elite marathoners run is just astounding and to do it for 2+ hours?

Headed up to Markham to visit with the parents as it was my dad's birthday and saw a friend I haven't seen in ages.  Booked it back downtown for the Toronto Supernatural fen meetup at dendritejungle's where we watched the S2 finale and enjoyed purple nurples with Skittles, yay!!  A great way to end the weekend.  We must do it again, soon.

The week itself has been pretty blah.  I've been feeling down lately, perhaps due to the change in weather.  I'm literally dragging my ass out of my bed.  My brain just doesn't want to function which means everything at work is taking twice, three times longer than usual.  But today is Thursday which means SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE!!!  I did contemplate downloading the ep from iTunes last night but decided against it.  Only 1 hr 40 mins to go!!!!!

Oh yea, new mood theme featuring David Tennant  =) (created by cheesygirl)
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we interrupt for squee

* Last night I attended the Top3 results show for Canadian Idol.  Lots of fun and a fair amount of squee was had!!  It was so nice to see everyone (fans I've met in the past) again.  Kalan sounded wonderful and it was nice to see all 4 judges give him a standing ovation after his performance.

* A group of us ended up grabbing some dinner after the show and ended up meeting Brian Melo (one of the Top2)!!!!  I was quite meh towards this season in the beginning but Brian has definitely grown on me to the point where I'm now actively voting for him.  Heh.  So, yea, turned out we were seated by his family and they told us Brian was expected to join them later in the evening and they'll bring him over to us to say hi.  I even got my picture taken with him which is something I rarely do so yay!!  Brian FTW!!!!!

* Jared AND Jensen are scheduled to appear at the Creation Convention!!! Squee!!!!!  And I have a Gold ticket thanks to Fan!!  It's a ridiculous amount of money but I. Don't. Care.  It'll be worth it just to be in the upclose prescence of The Padackles.

* I just realized that today is the 5th.  Which means TIFF IN 2 DAYS!!!!!  Fan is coming!!!!
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beachfest 07

What did I learn at Beachfest 07?  I want to have David Usher's babiez.  Dear heavens, that man is HOT.  He's one of those artists that I kinda forget about, even though I have almost all of his stuff, but when I see him live... *drooooool*

Anyhoo, let's back up.  Beachfest is an annual free music festival that's sponsored by one of the radio stations here in Toronto.  It's used to showcase Canadian talent and runs all afternoon and into the evening with about 12 acts playing 20-30 minute sets.

I got to the festival about 3:45 and caught the last few minutes of Chantel Kreviazuk's set.  The next performer was Kalan, whom I've mentioned before.  This was his first performance in about 2 years and fans flew in from all over the country.  Some fans apparently camped out overnight to get a spot right up front!  Totally unnecessary as I was able to find a perfectly decent spot 15 minutes before his set.  Kalan did a couple songs from both his CDs and a pretty decent cover of U2's Where the Streets Have No Name.

Next was Serena Ryder.  She was really good.  Her CD is on sale at HMV, I'll probably pick it up.  Then the cast of "We Will Rock You".  The male lead, Yvan?  Still hot.  Next up was Suzie McNeil, who was on Rockstar: INXS (last female standing, if I remember correctly) and was part of the cast of "We Will Rock You".  She was great.  Very energetic.  For her last song, she called up any WWRY castmembers still hanging around to join her for Bohemian Rhapsody.  

A little sidenote:  I was standing off to the side of the stage where I can see into the backstage area.  Near the end of Suzie's set, I noticed a little flurry of activity backstage and could tell someone showed up cause I could see people taking out their cameras.  dramady, I totally thought of you while I was taking pictures  =)  Next up was a fairly new band, The Last Goodnight.  They're actually an American band but the keyboardist is Canadian so yay for that?  LOL  The band reminded me of Maroon 5 but rockier. 

Next up -- David Usher.  LOVE HIM.  He's quite spazzy on stage, it's hard to explain.  Lots of jumping and his free arm is always going.  A total squee moment for me was when he sang, Push, which is a Moist song -- David was the lead singer of a 90's rock band, Moist, which was pretty popular here back in the day.  I've seen him live 3 times as a solo artist and this was the first time he did a Moist song.  He also did an amazing rock cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.

The closing act was Bedouin Soundclash but I'm not a big fan so I headed home.  Good way to beat the mass exodus, too.

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David Usher and Suzie McNeil are currently touring together.  Oooo, he's doing a show in Toronto AND Markham!!  I wanna goooo...