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some awesomeness from nerdHQ

Someone grabbed a whole bunch of the photo ops from the NerdHQ thing at Comic Con. Majority of the pics were of the actors with fans -- making fabulous weird faces most of the times -- but there were a few particularly awesome ones:

I'm loving this Zac/Jared friendship ♥

The boys from Firefly! *sniff* (plus random fan in the corner lol)
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1) The fact that Jared Padalecki and Zac Levi are tweeting each other makes me ridiculously happy!! I had no idea they even knew each other!

2) Had to include Brent's tweet cause it brings back memories, doesn't it bauersgirl? How long did we wait for a cab in Orlando? At least a hour, right? And we weren't waiting for a random cab to hail, we called for one and it still took forever!

3) GO CANUCKS GO!! (not really watching the finals but gotta cheer for the Canadian team -- the Stanley Cup needs to return to its home soil!)
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happy stuff

NKOTBSB has released a new single! I didn't even know they were going to do one. Pretty much have not stopped listening to it for the last few days.

Don't Turn Out the Lights


This made me LOL in RL


Jared is still one gorgeous mofo.

Shopping in Rome (there for a SPN con)

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Busy weekend coming up. Spent morning cleaning condo as we're having, as my friend likes to call it, a LGD (Laurier Gal Day ie uni reunion). This time it's at my place so cleaning was a must! Going for mani/pedis and then dinner. Tomorrow, visit my cousin & figure out why the government keeps re-assessing his payroll and then dinner with the family for my grandma's birthday. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in doing my own tax return some time cause the faster I get my refund, the better!

Happy weekend everyone =)
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random thoughts in point form

* the World Series ended yesterday so why didn't we get Glee today??? waaaaaaaah

* I am sooooo thirsty *chugs like the 5th drink I've had tonight*

* Forgot Ricky Martin was on Oprah today, damnit! Did catch the last 15 mins and I have to say, dude is looking fine.

* Some of you have probably seen this pic many times but it must be posted once more:

I miss this Jared! He's still growing out of his babyface phase and he's not all muscly like he is now. Picture was taken in 2007, I believe? I may be meh about SPN but I still ♥ Jared :)

* Watching Hannah Montana (don't judge me, there was nothing else on!), I noticed something -- there are no cute guys on that show! Wizards of Waverly Place has Justin; JONAS has, well, the Jonas brothers; Sonny With a Chance has Chad; Suite Life has Zack & Cody; iCarly has Freddie and I'm going to stop now before I really embarrass myself LOL But the boys on HM are, I'm sorry to say, kinda unfortunate looking. Did Billy Ray decree that there should be no cute boys on the show for fear of them stealing little fangirls' attention away from Miley? Clearly, I'm thinking about this too much.

* People, people, I just about died when I saw this picture:

Picture taken at a Hallowe'en party in LA. That's Matthew Morrison of Glee as Richard Simmons (LOL oh what would Sue say about that hair!) but who's that as Larry King? Why, it's KALAN FUCKING PORTER!!! (for those who don't know -- he's CI2 winner and who I obsessed over for a few years). Thoughts that ran through my mind: OMG KALAN TOTALLY NEEDS TO BE ON GLEE!!!! But I don't know if he can act & he probably can't dance either... whatever, dude needs to finish his bloody new CD cause it's been THREE YEARS and counting... seriously, Kalan on Glee, it'll never happen but how cool would that be?!?

* How to Train Your Drago is the cutest movie! LOOOOOVE Toothless! I was really impressed how he could be so adorable and also completely dangerous.

* I have watched Scott Pilgrim a ridiculous amount of times. Love the fights. Love Knives. Love Wallace.

* Still thirsty...

* And sleepy...
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mega post

I have this thing where I think of something to post but then I don't and I was too lazy to post my Winnipeg pictures last week so the result is one big giant post. Sorry! *sheepish grin*

~~ Chuck finale. How awesome was that?! The kick ass gene really does run in the Bartowski family -- go Ellie! Routh as evil!Shaw was so good. He needs to play bad more. Jeffster's "Blaze of Glory" was epic and the video was so awesomely bad LOL And unlike another tv show *cough*Supernatural*cough* when Chuck sets up a showdown fight, it actually delivers. Chuck's "I just needed to reboot" was brilliant!

~~ Watched the 24 finale while in Winnipeg. Didn't catch all of it as I was moving stuff out of my brother's apartment but I did see the final minutes between Jack and Chloe. Very well done.

~~ Glee. How brilliant was Bad Romance? LOVED IT. Santana KILLED it and Quinn was gorgeous in her outfit, although those eyelashes look super annoying to wear. Burt continues to be The Best Father Ever. The TWOP gang continues to beat the dead horse that is (a) whether or not Burt was justified in how he treated Finn; (b) Finn's motivation behind his rant; (c) whether or not Kurt received any fallout blah blah blabbity blah for 50+ pages. My Glee music post has been updated here. Only 2 more eps left :(

~~ Somebody somehow found Jared & Genevieve's wedding pictures online. I admit to feeling a bit uncomfortable/stalkerish watching the slideshow but not enough to stop me from screencapping a good portion of the pictures.

~~ I finally relented and turned on the AC this afternoon.

~~ bauersgirl, Anj & I will be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in November. I'm super excited about this! I believe Anj timed it so we'll be there when the next movie is released. I can't wait to try butterbeer!! Speaking of HP, I never posted my HP exhibit pictures here! Pictures were strictly forbidden but I had to sneak some shots! I only got about 10 pictures but if you're interested, you can check them out over at my facebook.

~~ I really would love to go see Broadway Bares once. Looks like it happens every year in June. I'm thinking next year. Who wants to come with? Even if one doesn't want to see BB, a weekend in NYC is always fun.

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loincloths, fabulous boyfriends & superman

Calling all Jared Girls! Have you heard? I read on Just Jared that Jared is in the running for the Conan remake! Oh my. Jared in a loincloth. If this happens, for the first time, I will spend money to see a Jared movie. I don't even care if it's a crappy movie. Can you imagine Jared running around half-naked with a sword on the big screen!?

I was SHOCKED when Glee won the GG last night. Totally wasn't expecting that. And Avatar winning Best Picture? WTF? But anyway. There were some spoilers on After Elton re: S2 Collapse )

Last night, I also watched the new epsiode of Chuck. I wonder if CityTV will continue airing it on Sunday vs NBC on Monday. Collapse )
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i clearly fail at life

Exhibit A: (picture snagged from all over my f-list)

Why is this is not my job? Why did I not go into hair/makeup for movies/tv? WHHHHHYYYYYYY????

Exhibit B: I am not at the Torchsong convention in Chicago (for Torchwood). I didn't even know there was a con until a bunch of bad news sprung up just before. First Kai Owen had to cancel due to a family tragedy. Then John Barrowman injures himself (he fell off his balcony and badly injured his ankle) and is not allowed to fly. Then Tom Price gets hit by a bloody car! (but he still shows up for a bit with a broken arm).

Anyway, Barrowman still made an appearance via video link which was great of him. Now, all these reports are coming in about how Scott, John's gorgeous hubby, made an appearance in A WHITE SPEEDO WITH 'FUEL INJECTION' WRITTEN ACROSS HIS ARSE. Scott, whom fandom has pretty much left alone as it was known that he preferred to stay in the background. Now he's making con appearances 90% naked, getting his arse slapped by John and demostrating sexual positions! All I'm saying is that there better be pictures!

Exhibit C: The refrigerator and cupboards are bare. I have nothing to eat except for Campbell soup which I am really sick of. Must grocery shop tomorrow.