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hello, lovely people

I've been practically living over at kurt_blaine reveling in the squee, reading fic and laughing at the fact a 1 second appearance in the Super Bowl promo generated pages of comments.

Really, not much is happening over here in my little corner. Work is busy busy.

Thanks to the hiatus and certain shows coming back early, I happened to catch the S2 premiere of Canadian show, 18 to Life (The CW aired S1 over the summer so that's pretty awesome). I loved it! It's a half hour comedy about 18 year olds Tom and Jesse -- they're neighbours, they're in love and, much to the shock of their parents, decided to get married. I've already mainlined S1 so now watching S2 as it airs.

Let's see, other TV news... Watched the Misfits pilot -- British drama about a group of teens doing community service, they get hit by lightning and develop superpowers! -- I really enjoyed it, got all the eps but I haven't continued watching cause... I'm making my way through Primeval. Halfway through S3. Connor and Becker sure are easy on the eyes :) After powering through the first 2 seasons of The IT Crowd, I'm taking a breather. And so happy to have White Collar back on my screen.

Finally watched The Social Network. Great movie. Had no idea Sean Parker was part of Facebook (and is he really that douchey in RL?)

What's Your State's Shame? I am highly amused that Utah has the highest number of porn subscriptions LOL

Who's excited for the Oscars?! Cause after seeing this promo, I kinda am!


A couple of memes. Since I failed spectacularly with my 50 book reading challenge back in 08/09, I'm going try again. Now that I'm taking the subway everyday for work, hopefully I'll do it this time.

1) Slam, Nick Hornby

2) The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood

And snagged from bzzinglikeneon, I will periodically post my 100 Crushes, in no particular order.

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boys with names beginning with 'j'

Leo and Kate.

Keanu and Sandra.

Jake and Anne. Dear Jake, please dump Ms Swift and hook up with Ms Hathaway, kthxbye.

Oh you can be sure I'll be watching this movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the indie movie, Hesher. This is seriously the synopsis on IMDB: Hesher is a loner. He hates the world and everyone in it. He has long greasy hair and homemade tattoos. He is malnourished and smokes a lot of cigarettes. He likes fire and blowing things up. He lives in his van, until he meets TJ. WTH? LOLOLOL

It's gotten mostly negative reviews but this is not what concerns me. Collapse )
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the good and the ugly

First, the good. Jim Parsons? Good. Jim Parsons on Sesame Street? A.DOR.A.BLE.


The bad. There are rumours going around that Jakey poo is dating, ugh, I don't even want to say it, Taylor Swift.


I'm sorry but I just can not stand her. I have no ear for voices but upon hearing her sing live on SNL, even I cringed. I don't find her pretty at all either.

JAKE PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM SWIFT. There are so many actresses out there for you! Look, Carey Mulligan is single now, date her!
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oh boys...

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Jakey getting coffee in LA and looking damn fine doing it.

It's being reported that Jake will be in the movie musical adaptation of Damn Yankees. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SQUEE IN THE WORLD TO CONVEY MY HAPPINESS.


The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman 25 / 50 8,423 / 50,000

The last time I finished a book was back in Oct 08! Ahhhhh, it was good to dive into a book again.
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being attacked by ping pong balls

Merlin fans! feilongfan has uploaded the commentary for ep 102 Valiant by Bradley and Angel here. Bradley and Angel have really great chemistry together.

Man, I haven't posted Jakey pictures in a looooooong time. There's been a few pap sightings, mostly of him and Reese (lucky bitch). But look! He's exercising in public again! Woohoo for Workout!Jake!!

Not the greatest pictures but look at those arms! Swoon. I miss my Jake. He needs to start doing some press.
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snow + boredom = picspam!

What with the neverending snow on Saturday, other than stepping outside to meet up with Mom, I spent the day cozied up inside and killed time scouring the internet for some pictures of my favourite boys.  I haven't done a picspam in a long while and I think I may have gone a bit overboard this time, lol!

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The scary part is that I could've included so many more guys.  Maybe I'll do a part two some day.  Picspams take way too long to do.
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belated birthdays

First, to cerisaye .... hope it was a good one and the next year will be full of laughter, family, happiness and lots of good porn!

I also failed to celebrate Jakey's birthday.  I'm a bad fan.

.... ummmm, I lost my train of thought there.... 

ETA:  See, this is why I shouldn't post sexy pictures of Jakey cause I forgot to thank claireyfairy1for her card.  It's so pretty!!  So THANK YOU!!!!!
singer: bsb


I am listening to the new BSB CD right now!!!   I will buy the CD when it gets officially released on the 30th but I just couldn't resist. 

I received my photo op ticket for JPad at the Chicago con.  OMG, this is actually happening.  Reading the info, I found it amusing how it stated that the celebrity "will be sitting down".  Is this to save Jared's back from bending down all the time?  lol  15 more days!!  eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Is the Gyllenspoon reality or just friends or maybe a publicity stunt?

As I've already seen this week's ep of Pushing Daisies (we Canucks get it 1 day earlier), I'm now finally going to watch one of the Gaspard movies I have on my harddrive.

Still no torrent for Dante's Cove.  =(