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my life list

Inspired by  (I saw it one time on LJ spotlight). I thought it would fun to make one of my own, post it and bump it up once a year. Figure I would post it today cause it'll be easy to remember next year. And I'm gonna give myself a time limit -- 40 years old which gives me 7 years. Won't be able to do everything (don't have that much money or vacation time!) but let's see how I do. Wonder if I'll even be on LJ in 7 years.

* originally posted Feb 20, 2007

Well holy crap. Still around 7 years later albeit not as much.  Which is a new year resolution I definitely will try to keep!  So, it's my 40th year and haha doesn't look like I've accomplished a lot on the list.  Oh well.  Turning this into my bucket list.

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toto, i don't think we're in kansas anymore

So that movie quote meme is going around again and since I'm here at work bored, thought I would participate. Since I already did this meme back here, just fyi, I won't be using any of the same movies.

Oh, and I'm gonna try that comment screening thing just so everyone gets a fair shot.   
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Continuing with the movie theme, last night was the 10th anniversary of AFI's 100 Movies. So in the same vein as my lifelist (and because I love checklists), let's see how I'm currently faring.  
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lifelist 2008

So, um, yea, it's that time of the year again.   A year older, no wiser, a little fatter, poorer but as fangirly and obsessive as ever.  =)

Under the cut is the lifelist from last year with a few additions.  Didn't do the travelling that I wanted or any of the fitness-related ones but this is a new year, right?  2007 was the Year of the Padackles.  Not one sighting but two!!!  And worth every single damn penny.

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