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CHUCK IS BACK TONIGHT!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!! So excited, peeps! Other than knowing some of the guest stars - Chuck always gets awesome guest stars - I've been pretty much spoiler-free. Looking forward to Action!Chuck and more of Capt Awesome in the spy world. And Jeffster! And Casey and Sarah!

Monday is HIMYM's 100th epsiode which means MUSICAL NUMBER!! I've seen a few clips and it looks, I gotta say it, AWESOME.

A lovely person uploaded the entire series of Boy Meets World. I have vague but very fond memories of this show so I can not wait to re-watch! And I fully admit that a certain Pocket Idol's love for this show has brought it to my attention again :) What is with the Savage brothers and awesome tv shows?
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this cold saturday afternoon

Dude, it is FREEZING outside. I had to enter the scary scary place called the Eaton's Centre on the last weekend before Christmas. So many people. But, I survived. Just grabbed what I needed and beelined right out of there.

One more reason why the cast of HIMYM is awesome. They re-created some of the best moments of 2008 for Entertainment Weekly.

(1) Check out NPH's bod! YUM. (2) I didn't notice this right away til I read the caption but dude, they shaved their body hair, including the armpits! LOL (3) NPH's body. Again.

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My plan for the rest of the afternoon: I got my fleece blanket, Gilmore Girls DVDs (cute!Dean FTW), a bowl of sour cream 'n onion chips and cream soda pop. I'm all set :D
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chuck vs terminator vs barney

Whoever decides on the tv lineups -- I HATE YOU. Why did you put 3 of my favourite shows ON AT THE SAME TIME????

The Monday 8-9 time slot has Chuck, Terminator & HIMYM. Plus, I also want to start watching The Big Bang Theory cause I've loved the bits & pieces that I have seen (Sheldon FTW). Thank goodness for timeshifting and downloading but still. Couldn't they spread the love a little?

Speaking of Chuck, I just watched the premiere ep (it was released to the internet a week early) and omg so good with some great funny moments.

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I've already lost interest in Fringe.  Downloaded the first 3 eps of True Blood and plan on watching them on the plane ride to Orlando FOR EYECON  EEEEEEEEE 2.5 DAYS TO GOOOOO TIL I GET TO SEE MY GIRLS AND JARED!!!!!!

In other news, the wank over Clay's coming out is in full force.  I alternated between laughing and cringing at some of the comments carried over to fandom_wank.  There's been flouncing, the hurt feelings over being OMG LIED TO, moral dilemmas etc but my favourite is the "don't judge me for being judgmental" crowd.  *eyeroll* 
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How I Met Your Mother.  Season 3.  Episode  14.  BEST.TAG.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome episode.  The use of the brackets/March Madness (aside: I won my office's March Madness pool & I had no idea what I was doing *self high-five*).  The Barney/Robin scenes.  Marshall not knowing what to do with his hands.  Lily dancing.  The continuity of bringing some of Barney's conquests back.  Barney getting slapped.  Repeatedly.  www.tedmosbyisajerk.com  with a 20 minute song that is beyond brilliant.  And then... wait for it...

*plucky synthesizer music from years gone by*

DOOGIE HOWSER HOMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The ending with Barney typing in his blog.  The blue screen!  The sound of the keyboard as he types!  The smile and head tilt!  I laughed so hard my neighbours probably think I've gone crazy.

This show has completely won me over.  It deserves its own tag.  One more episode to watch and then I'm all caught up.  It's going to be hard waiting for the weekly episodes after watching 2-3 episodes a night.  And yes, S1 & S2 DVDs have already been purchased.  Surprised?  I didn't think so.  =) 

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point-form posts are awe... wait for it... some

  • I've been watching How I Met Your Mother and omg what a great show! So far I'm halfway through season 2 and Neil Patrick Harris completely steals the show as the womanizing Barney. He gets the greatest lines and catchphrases. Also, this show is awesome with the continuity, like Arrested Development-level awesome.

  • So, in the last few months I've re-discovered Chad Allen, Neil Patrick Harris and Brian Austin Green. I wonder which teen idol from my youth will be the next to wow me.

  • Also started to watch download/watch Psych. I've only watched the first 2 eps but so far, so good. In other tv news, I've tried Life, New Amsterdam & The Tudors but none of them captured my interest

  • I don't even watch American Idol but I've promised my co-worker that I'll go with her to the concert when they tour. Maybe I'll start watching next week

  • Sad news -- my Dallas trip is no more =( Man, I was so looking forward to hanging out with my girls. However, it has come to my attention that they've ganged up on someone else is possibly contemplating considering attending... *cough*phetch*cough* I have a J2 photoshoot ticket... *waves bait* Also, any hopes of attending Dragon*Con and Comic Con are kaput. Guess my stalking fangirly activities for 2008 will be limited to the TIFF. It's all my brother's fault. Him and his stupid wedding!

  • Japan may also be out. It's looking to be way too expensive. So we're debating on alternatives -- China (although not Beijing cause Olympics = chaos), Korea (although one brother has already been) or one of the SE Asian countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malayisa, Vietnam, Singapore, etc).

  • My unpopular opinion of the day. After watching some of the concert footage of John Barrowman's tour on YouTube, I found parts of his show kinda cheesy. His stage movements/"dancing" made me giggle and not in a good way. However, his voice is as gorgeous as ever and I would've gladly sat through awkward dancing to see him live. Dammit for not being in the UK!

  • Donna continues to be awesome on Doctor Who.

  • Last weekend, I purchased my first ever designer clothing -- Calvin Klein. And only because the store had plus sizes! Granted, it was one little table in the huge store but still, it took me by surprise. I never go in these type of stores as I can't wear any of the clothes but I was with my SIL. Proceeded to drop $220 on 3 tops and a pair of capris. This should be a lesson to all the other stores, we may be fat but we've also got money.

  • It's April 16th and you know what that means? Only 14 more days til tax season is OVER!!