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chuck vs terminator vs barney

Whoever decides on the tv lineups -- I HATE YOU. Why did you put 3 of my favourite shows ON AT THE SAME TIME????

The Monday 8-9 time slot has Chuck, Terminator & HIMYM. Plus, I also want to start watching The Big Bang Theory cause I've loved the bits & pieces that I have seen (Sheldon FTW). Thank goodness for timeshifting and downloading but still. Couldn't they spread the love a little?

Speaking of Chuck, I just watched the premiere ep (it was released to the internet a week early) and omg so good with some great funny moments.

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I've already lost interest in Fringe.  Downloaded the first 3 eps of True Blood and plan on watching them on the plane ride to Orlando FOR EYECON  EEEEEEEEE 2.5 DAYS TO GOOOOO TIL I GET TO SEE MY GIRLS AND JARED!!!!!!

In other news, the wank over Clay's coming out is in full force.  I alternated between laughing and cringing at some of the comments carried over to fandom_wank.  There's been flouncing, the hurt feelings over being OMG LIED TO, moral dilemmas etc but my favourite is the "don't judge me for being judgmental" crowd.  *eyeroll* 
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Damn, this turned out to be one long ass post.  But one more thing.  I can not believe I neglected to include this in my Gaspard picspam so I'm including it here.  Because it just can't be seen enough.

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the drastic fantastic

KT Tunstall had a secret show here in TO last night.  I got tickets when I purchased her new CD and the cashier at HMV offered them.  Free tickets?  Of course I'm taking.  bauersgirl  (henceforth called R) was kind enough to come with me.  KT sounds fantastic live.  She sang songs from both her albums and closed her set with a great performance of Suddenly I See.  Unfortunately, even in a pretty small venue (a club that held approx 600 people), I could barely see her.  She is one tiny person.  Even on stage, she was barely taller than some of the audience.  Granted, I don't think the stage was that high.  So, I spent the set alternatively trying to catch glimpses of her and watching her on one of the screens.  Time was also spent trying to figure out if the 2 cute guys in front of me were a couple or just friends.  =)

After the show was over -- we got free stuff, too! -- we headed over to R's to watch Heroes on her beautiful brand new flatscreen tv and I was introduced to the wonders of the PVR.  I want one but alas, I'm kinda broke at the moment as I did the responsible thing and just contributed a big lump sum to my RRSP.  So, instead of continuing to live with my crappy little 15" tv, I did the next best thing -- steal borrow R's old tv.  :)

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After Heroes, I just watched the beginning of Chuck until the first break before I had to go.  I really liked what I saw so was looking forward to downloading it tonight but it hasn't been uploaded yet on the comm!!  Multiple posts for the Heroes premiere and Ep2 of Prison Break but no love for Chuck?  =(   Guess I'm gonna have to find a torrent now  *grumble grumble*

I can not believe there has been no S3 promo pictures for Supernatural yet!!  What's up with that?!  And those promos pics that feature them don't count.  I need my Sam & Dean pictures!!  In the meantime, at least there's a few new Jared pictures from the Kincaid movie.  These have probably been cross-posted all over already as I am, as usual, late to the party.

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heroes encounter

Today was the last stop of the North American leg of the Heroes World Tour.  The appearance was scheduled at noon, I got there around 11am.  We were entertained for a while by the University of Western Ontario cheerleaders which was pretty cool.  Of course, as a Laurier GoldenHawk alum, I couldn't give them too many props  ;)  Lots of flipping, tossing, lifting etc.  The guys even grabbed a few teenage girls out of the crowd and lifted them up.  After a while, I noticed the girls around me kept pointing out this one cheerleader -- they all thought he looked like Milo Ventimiglia, LOL.

Our host was Rick Campenelli of ET Canada and the show started off with a video clip of Tim Kring talking about season 1 and how the success of the show took everyone by surprise, touched a bit on each of the characters and what's to come for season 2.   It was hinted that Peter Petrelli's story will take him into Canada.  In addition to the cast, we also had one of the co-producers.  The Q&A was pretty short.  While they didn't tell us what the new character, Maya's superpower was, we were told that one wouldn't want to get her mad and that while she has what some would call a "bad power", she's not a bad person.  

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ETA:  The S3 promo trailer for Dante's Cove is up over at Gregory Michael's mySpace.  Reichan has joined the cast and looks like he tries to get with Kevin and Adam, LOL.  Didn't see much of Toby/Charlie David but from the glimpses, it appears he cut his hair and shaved.  Noooooo!!!  There better more Toby and Kevin/Toby in S3!!  Noticed quite a few new characters as well.
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being responsible suxxors

For the Heroes world tour, Toronto is getting Zachary Quinto (Sylar), Noah Grey-Cabey (Micah), James Kyson Lee (Ando) and a new cast member, Dania Ramirez (Maya).  The downtown Best Buy is holding a promotion today where the first 100 people to purchase the Heroes S1 DVD will be guaranteed an autograph this Friday when the actors come through.  

I walked by the store this morning and there was only about 40 people in line.  I stood there for about 30 seconds, debating whether or not to join in.  In the end, responsibility won out cause I have an afternoon deadline.  Stupid work and stuff.  =(  Anyway, I will definitely be there for the appearance so no autographs but hopefully pictures.

In other news, today is the day that (a) Kalan's CD is finally released and (b) the TIFF film schedule and advance tickets orders are released.  Both will be picked up after work today.  YAY!
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tuesday blahs

Remember how I wanted to walk up the stairs of the CN Tower - it's an annual fundraising event - as part of my To Do List?  First, finding stairs to practice on is harder than I thought.  I can't use the stairs in the office building or the condo building.  Second, I walked up a flight of stairs in the subway station (I'm trying to avoid escalators and take the stairs instead whenever I can) and I was out of breath.  One flight.  I am so out of shape.


I have my own cubicle at work now.  Yay! 


Ain't It Cool News has posted a review of the new Harry Potter movie.  Kinda spoilery in the way that you find out what's been included or not.


TV tidbits --

Jack Bauer was looking mighty fine in that suit.  Love Jack's total disregard for other country's consulates -- first the Chinese, now the Russians.

A 6 week hiatus for Heroes??  Who's stupid idea was that?  Yay for the return of Ando and Nathan/Hiro.  Mama Petrelli working with the Haitian!  I immediately thought of Supernatural when they showed Mohinder at the end.  And Peter, poor Peter.  Milo finally gets his wish and loses his bangs.

The Amazing Race.  If you're afraid of fish, why do the fish task?  I just love Danny & Oswald.  They need to make it to the final 3.  Can't believe that the Beauty Queens screwed up, went back to find the clue and didn't even lose their standing.  Buh bye Kentucky, I won't be missing Mary's annoying voice.  Now, if we can only get rid of Mirna/Charla, my ears will be most thankful.


Paid a visit to the condo this past weekend.  Measured the place, threw out some furniture and moved everything else to the centre of the room to get ready for next weekend's painting.  Even though these tenants were a pain in the ass, they did leave the place really clean so that was good.  The plan was to do as much as we can during the weekends over the next 2 months.  I talked to management and they informed me that there's a "no renovation work on weekend" rule.  WTF.  I guess it's the noise factor and people are home on the weekends but I can't take time off during the week in the middle of tax season.  Stupid condo management.
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while on my lunchbreak...

More hi-res Equus pictures, in colour & b/w, are located here.  (thanks tinderblastfor the link)

Pictures from SN 2.14 "Born Under a Bad Sign".   This scene looks amazing.  Squee!

I'm getting quite bored with Prison Break.  I turn it on but I'm not really paying attention.  Is it just me?

Last night's Heroes was kinda boring, too.  Like no one didn't guess who "The Boss" was.  They've been pimping Taki's appearance for so long.  I also don't understand the hoopla over the "de-gaying" of Zach.  That is, I don't see the "de-gaying" part.  IIRC, the only time Zach's sexuality was mentioned was when other students would make fun of him, especially when he & Claire became friends.  Now, after the mindwipe, he & Claire are just starting their friendship again.  Zach's become the loner/outsider/nerd again.  His sexuality hasn't been mentioned since but then, why would it? The fact that he is (or not) gay is so not the point of the friendship or his character anyway.  Have I completely missed something here?

Anyone watched the SAG awards?  Seems like the Lead Actor/Actress is pretty much a given at this point.  Dr. House won out over Jack Bauer.  Oh well.  At least it was't McDreamy this time.  Megan Mullaly was nominated?  Huh?  Who allowed Ellen Pompeo - who looked godawful - to speak on behalf of the show upon winning Best Cast in a Drama?  That was one of the most horrible acceptance speeches ever.  Especially compared to Chandra Wilson's speech, which was one of the best.  "I would like to thank those 10 people over there and the other one in rehab."  LOL

My Amazon order should be arriving today.  I'm looking forward to spending the night watching Dante's Cove (hey! It's Lindsay from QAF US!  But that's S2).  I also ordered the Collector's Edition of Brokeback Mountain.  Looking at the specs, it appears there's not that much difference from the original DVD release -- just a couple more featurettes and ooooo postcards.  No commentary track either.  :(
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grownup tv

For a long time, my tv watching was skewed to shows aimed at the younger (than me) demographic -- Buffy, Angel, The OC, Joan of Arcadia, Roswell, Smallville, Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural etc etc.  

I never/rarely watched shows that my peers were all talking about -- Sex and the City, Ally McBeal, CSI, Alias, The West Wing, Nip/Tuck, The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives and the like.  I started watching Lost but now I'm bored and just tell me the friggin' point already!  Watched Six Feet Under for a while and then my interest petered out.

Now, I'm back into watching 24 after a 3 year hiatus.  Still loving Prison BreakGrey's Anatomy is a favourite (although Meredith grates on the nerves and the McDreamy love is gone).   While Numb3rs isn't must-see-tv, I enjoy it and watch it when I can.  I just watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip last night and really enjoyed it so will continue to tune in.  Tonight, I'm looking forward to the premiere of Heroes.  Looks like I'm finally venturing back into "grownup television".

Still love my teen shows though.  Of course, of all the shows I listed above, 5 of the shows are no longer on the air, I don't watch 2 of the shows anymore, which leaves Gilmore Girls and Supernatural.  Waiting anxiously for their seasons to start (SN this Thursday, squee!)

edited 6 hours later to say that I loved Heroes!  Hiro is the best.  Super Hiro!!  Mohinder is eye-candy.  Indestructible!cheerleader grossed me out but in a good way and the twist about her father, I totally saw that one coming.  However, the twist at the end in regards to the brothers, I did not see coming.  Another show added to my list.  But what am I going to do come January and 24 is back?