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new hanson video

Video for Thinkin' About Something

The Hanson brothers dancing LOL Supposedly this is a homage to the Blues Brothers (I dunno as I've never watched the Blues Brothers myself). Zac is as cute as ever. Taylor's face looks fuller. Still skinny so maybe it's the shorter hair or the sunglasses which look too small for his face or maybe he's finally settling into his 'grown-up' face. Dude is like what? mid- to late 20s?

Anyway, just happy we're finally getting some new Hanson music!


OK, SPN. 100th episode. The fact that I was flipping between that and the SNL special pretty much sums up what I thought. This season is boring the hell out of me. How many times are we going to see Dean have his "revelation" about his life/path/purpose? And how many times is Sam going to apologize? I don't mind season-long Big Bads, loved Buffy et al, but this whole story arc has been going for 2 years if you start with the appearance of the angels although really, you can back much further than that. So many episodes feel like filler to me. The *wink* for the Dean/Castiel fans last night made me gag (apologizes to those that ship Dean/Castiel but I just don't see it). I miss the Monster of the Week stuff, the comedy, too much doom 'n gloom/angst. Rant over.
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hanson // tiff

I kinda forgot about these boys until I was perusing another forum this afternoon and Hanson was mentioned. Popped over to their site and was very happy to discover that new music is on its way!! \o/ But no tour stops in Toronto :(

Promo vid for "Stand Up Stand Up". Taylor just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Zac is looking good, too.


The TIFF guest list has been released. Lots of stars I've already seen (Clooney, Farrell, McGregor? whatever LOL) so who am I most excited about? Colin Firth (who I missed the last time he was here), Ben Barnes, Dominic Cooper and OMG GASPARD ULLIEL!!!!! *squeeeeeeeee*

Gaspard's coming here The Vintner's Luck.

The trailer isn't all that impressive but Gaspard as an angel?! I am SO.THERE. And I'm a tad disappointed it's in English. Just seems that it'll be better in French.

Is it wrong that I'm kinda hoping this job falls through so I'll have the time to stalk? I have my priorities straight, right?
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walking with hanson

OK, I didn't actually do the walk.  I didn't even know about the walk til it was too late.  I just happen to go on their website to see if I can find out who the opening acts were and saw the Toronto walk annoucement but alas, it had already started.  Interesting idea though.

On to the concert.  The crowd wasn't as crazy as last time so that was good.  When I'm at the Phoenix, I usually stand off to the side by the door for ease of exit but I learned from the last concert, not a good position to see Taylor so I moved more to the centre, but near the back.

As usual, the boys put on a good show.  Taylor stood a lot while playing which helped with the picture taking.  It was so difficult to get a decent picture of Zac cause of the drums and the lighting was crappy for him but turned out I did pretty okay.  Ike seemed a bit subdued.  They ended their set, including the encore, with Christmas songs.

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ETA: I've uploaded my video of "Go" to Photobucket. It's only about 1 minute long.  Forgive the shakiness.  I kept getting bumped into and I kept trying to find Zac and missing him.

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look who's coming back to town

I received an e-mail from Live Nation informing me that the pre-sale for Hanson's Dec 2 concert in Toronto begins tomorrow.  SQUEEEEEEEE!!   Obviously they're touring in support of The Walk but I thought I had missed them (pretty positive they came through at the beginning of the year).   Oh, I'm SO going.  I don't care if it's by myself.   Pretty Taylor must not be missed.
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Imagine my surprise when I see on the msn.ca page an article about Hanson.  New album, yes!  And a US-tour in April/May.  Wonder if they will come through here again?  If they do, anyone interested in joining me?  *bats eyes*  Looking forward to some new music.  
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bend it like beckham

Growing up, my Dad didn't watch a lot of sports.   World Series, Grey Cups, Superbowls & Stanley Cups all passed by without a second glance.  Even the Olympics didn't make a huge impression.  But every 4 years, when the soccer football power nations gathered for the World Cup, that was when my Dad took control of the television (back in the days when we only had the one).  

Football.  The beautiful game.

I love Toronto during the World Cup.  All the different national flags flying from cars -- Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, South Korea are the popular ones in my area.  This is the time of year when I discover where all the Italians live on my street  *grin*  I don't have a favourite team, I just like watching the games.  So many people say, "Soccer?  But it's so boring to watch!"  Which I can understand.  90 minutes and most games end in 1-nil or 2-nil.  But I love it anyway.  I'm a casual fan at best but for the last couple of World Cups, I've been getting more and more into it.

Of course, pictures like these help a lot...

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From football players to Hanson!  How's that for 2 completely different topics?  This was going to be a strictly World Cup post but I saw these pics over at ohnotheydidnt (which generated 300+ comments, scary) and I had to share.  As some of you may or may not know, Zac Hanson - youngest Hanson brother and owner of the crate (little in-joke for those going "crate? huh?") - was recently married.  Of course this means... wedding pictures!

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where's the snow?

Spurred on by the fear of being trapped in an airport for hours due to this huge snowstorm that's suppose to hit Toronto Thursday night/Friday, I made the last-minute decision to fly out of Cleveland Thursday night. Packed my bag and checked out of the hotel in 20 minutes. Was at the airport 1 hour before departure. Paid the $100 USD fee for changing my flight. And then proceeded to sit in the Cleveland airport while our flight was delayed for 3 hours. Finally get on the plane and then sat at the gate for 45 minutes. Actual flying time to Toronto -- 37 minutes. Then we proceeded to wait another 50 minutes before we can disembark. Huge line for a taxi. I finally arrive home at 2am. 9 hours in total.

And I wake up this morning to bright sunshine and... no snowstorm!! Checked my original flight -- arrived in Toronto EARLY!!!! *bangs head on desk*

Onto more pleasent things...

Thanks to my new hero, the lovely thysanotus, I'm now listening to Hand in Hand from UAL. I seriously heart this song. I always thought the beginning with Ike saying, "[this song] is about an old girlfriend who cheated on me... oh it's ok, I got her back" meant that Ike took said girlfriend back and me thinking why Ike would want to get back with a cheating girlfriend. But now it's been explained that the "I got her back" was most likely meant as revenge. Very interesting.

Hey, nia_starr, did you hear about the latest Arrested Development casting news? This is going to be awesome. And there's rumours of either ABC or Showtime picking up AD *keeps fingers crossed* And Serenity DVD out on the 20th!!

canno, I'm hoping hoping hoping that I will be watching Brokeback Mountain tomorrow night. If I do, I will make sure to talk about it constantly til you've seen it as well. ;) Looks like the movie has opened in TO, Vancouver & Montreal but in limited theatres (only 1 theatre in all of TO).

Off to unpack now.