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a free saturday, at last

* I slept in (to 8:40 but that's sleeping in for me!)

* Went to St Lawrence Market, bought some fruit and fresh bagels. One of the downsides of living alone is wanting to buy all these yummy bakery things but there's no way I could eat it all before it loses its freshness or, conversely, I stuff myself and eat way too much.

* Got a mani/pedi. Yay for pretty purple polish!

* Did a picspam of Grant Gustin's tweet pictures. Collapse )

* Now, I'm going to make some lunch, clean up the place before my bro + SIL drop by & perhaps watch a movie or catch up on some tv shows.

* Have a good weekend everyone!
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glee related stuff

* The songs for the 'winter finale' of Glee have been released and OMG I've become obsessed with "Cough Syrup". A 7 weeks hiatus is just cruel, Fox. CRUEL.

* I like Sebastian/Grant. He needs to stay around (but no hooking up with Blaine!)

* Trailer for Chris' movie, Struck By Lightning has been released!

This looks a lot better than I expected!

* No Glee tour this year :( Not surprised though and the cast deserves a break. Chris would probably be busy doing a book tour & promoting SBL. There's a chance Darren will return to Broadway (rumours already abound) and, if not, there's always StarKid stuff or maybe he'll do his own mini-tour?

* I'm on tumblr now (bellefontaine152 if anyone is interested) and even in my teeny tiny corner, the hysteria over there is overwhelming. I'm just there for the pretty pretty pictures and gifs.