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next week on glee

It's going to hurt.

They replaced the picture in the choir room with Finn's. Kurt wearing the letterman jacket. The drumsticks. I'm already crying :*(

In other news, the first 2 episodes were quite good. I like Demi/Dani. She can definitely stay. And I'm looking forward to Adam Lambert.
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sometimes fandom is just too much

I must be one of the most laidback, hard-to-offend person cause DAMN. The rage/disgust/hate that I see on my tumblr dash -- and the people I follow are relatively sane (well, as sane as a fangirl can be) -- after a Glee episode astounds some times. I feel like I'm not watching the same show. Or is something wrong with me? Like, I saw the scenes everyone is raging over but they don't bother me. I mean, they bother me but (a) not to the same extent and/or (b) I think the scenes were suppose to bother me and (c) IT'S A TV SHOW. IDEK

And another unpopular opinion for my little corner of fandom -- as much as I love Klaine/Kurt/Blaine, I do not watch Glee solely for them. If the characters were written off, I would still watch the show. And I get that Blaine/Darren is super popular. I love the guy too but omg I hate the "BLEE" crap I see sometimes. Glee =/= Blaine. I do not want Glee to turn into the Blaine Show. It's an ENSEMBLE show. Yes, there are lead characters -- plural. The show doesn't revolve around a single character (as much Rachel would disagree).

One more rant while I'm at it. I also hate the passive-aggressive (I think that's the term) bragging that I see. You know those people, the ones who like to casually remind everyone how many times they've seen Darren and/or Chris. All the concerts/appearances they've been to. I mean, be excited about it and everything but how many times must you mention that you were at so-and-so event that happened months/over a year ago *rolls eyes*

I need to take a tumblr break. Especially with the crazy that will happen after next week's episode.
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so far so good

Just found out Boss is not coming in today! It's like a surprise quasi-vacation day and, as you can see, I am being very productive ;)

Today is also Glee day. Am meeting up with a fellow Gleek who I met during TIFF and we will watch the episode together, eat pizza, drink alcohol, cry and then go on tumblr and, at least for me, watch and enjoy the collective Klaine fandom have a meltdown.

Forgot to mention that I saw Pitch Perfect with R. Really fun movie and I immediately downloaded the soundtrack once I got home.
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fandom update (spoilers beware)

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The New Normal. Still loving it. It got a full season pick up so yay for that! And Ryan has said that Andrew Rannells will sing on the show so double yay!

Elementary. I enjoyed the pilot. I've always been a Lucy Liu fan and bless whoever decided to let Jonny Lee Miller keep his accent. Already sick and tired of the comparison to BBC Sherlock. It is possible to like both shows!
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okay! onto more happy stuff

~~ Before I left for Cincy, I saw Avenue Q with jenab and it was great! The theatre was small, with no more than 150 seats and dang, those seats were not comfortable! The songs were great and the lead actor was adorable :) I prefer staying as spoiler-free as I can re: musicals before I see them so while I knew Avenue Q had puppets, I thought it was more along the lines of The Muppets ie you never saw the people which wasn't the case. Both the leads play at least 2 roles using different voices so how they don't accidentally screw up is pretty cool. If you get a chance to see it, I definitely recommend it. It's not every day you get to watch a puppet sex scene!

~~ Finished watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I really enjoyed it but I think I was more excited about the nods to The Last Airbender -- OMG that's Zuko grandson! OMG that's Toph daughter! OMG AANG GREW UP TO BE A FREAKING HOTTIE!! felt weird to find an animation hot lol. The show has already been picked up for a 2nd season and on tumblr, someone made the comment that this will be the first time, in both series, that we will have a fully realized Avatar. Should be interesting to see what this will bring in the upcoming season. Although, I do miss how Aang's arrows glow when he enters the Avatar state. It just makes everything cooler.

~~ Does anyone watch Common Law? Good show? I've started to d/l the eps as it looks like something both my mom and I would enjoy. My mom likes White Collar, Suits & Burn Notice but not Leverage so if it falls into a similar category, that'll be awesome.

~~ Ryan Murphy has joined Twitter and finally clued in that a surefire way to make fans happy is to start releasing deleted scenes. Now why these scenes aren't just included in the DVD set is beyond all of us. Considering they have a huge cast and the amount of footage they have/could have between studio recording, dance rehearsals & on-set time, the DVD extras are PITIFUL compared to other shows. We don't even get a blooper reel. Seriously. So, any little morsel given out is glomped on and praise & love is heaped onto Murphy. Collapse )

~~ ETA: Went for a walk in the crazy heat, good planning there, Amy and ended up buying... a handbag! I was on my way home, walking through the Eaton Centre for the air con, walk by Micheal Kors and a purple bag caught my eye. I've been wanting a purple bag forever, loved this colour so went inside to see what other styles they had. In less than 10 minutes, walked back out with this:

I love it ♥ Probably the easiest sale that salesgirl ever had!
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glee 317

OMG EMOTIONALLY DRAINED. Almost cried twice. Heart was broken, then mended and am now feeding it chocolate. Artie + Mercedes needs to sing all the soulful duets together.
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totally worth it




*watches video twice while hiding in the bathroom & trying to contain my squee*

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glee related stuff

* The songs for the 'winter finale' of Glee have been released and OMG I've become obsessed with "Cough Syrup". A 7 weeks hiatus is just cruel, Fox. CRUEL.

* I like Sebastian/Grant. He needs to stay around (but no hooking up with Blaine!)

* Trailer for Chris' movie, Struck By Lightning has been released!

This looks a lot better than I expected!

* No Glee tour this year :( Not surprised though and the cast deserves a break. Chris would probably be busy doing a book tour & promoting SBL. There's a chance Darren will return to Broadway (rumours already abound) and, if not, there's always StarKid stuff or maybe he'll do his own mini-tour?

* I'm on tumblr now (bellefontaine152 if anyone is interested) and even in my teeny tiny corner, the hysteria over there is overwhelming. I'm just there for the pretty pretty pictures and gifs.