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gilmore girls reunion

Awwwww look at them! I'm so glad Jared was there :) Totally didn't even recognize Zac and Brian! Sookie and, of course, Richard, are missed. I believe the actual panel is tomorrow and here's hoping that someone will record & share.

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tiff parts 1 & 2

Sorry to post & run but it's almost midnight and I am wiped out. I've practically given up trying to get any decent pics at the red carpets especially the 9pm galas cause camera + darkness = crappy pics. Plus the crowds are getting bigger earlier now. However, it is nice to just watch the craziness instead of trying to snap photos.

The following is a mix of mine and bauersgirl's photos (the ones with a *). I had to attend a wedding Friday night so I missed a few red carpets.

Things that need to be noted:

Justin Long is adorable. Alexis Bledel's eyes are insane. David Schwimmer looks like he just stepped off the Friends set. Robin Wright was actually smiling. Redford and DeNiro were elusive as expected. Asshole autograph hounds continue to be asses. AND JAMES MCAVOY IS FUCKING GORGEOUS FULL STOP.

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tv: rory & dean

look! a non-tiff post

Today is my last day of TIFF stalking as, wait for it, I start work tomorrow \o/ It's that contract job that I was waiting on for weeks and when they finally approved it, I made them wait for another week as I had another opportunity in progress. They wanted me to start as soon as possible so I had to sacrifice the last half of TIFF. It's cool cause most of the big celebs have already come and gone. Besides, in case you missed it, I GOT MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH GASPARD ULLIEL, so everything else is just gravy. Today is going to be a long day. Let's hope it's a successful one!

Apologies to the Jensen girls but this had to be reposted because it's totally true

by smallcaps

I'm loving Kris so hard right now.

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze
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creation sucks; dean rocks

The hatred for Creation just continues to build.  Look at what they're charging for the Vancouver con.  I think that may be the highest price for Gold.  And it's in US dollars!  WTF!!!!!  Not only are we getting screwed on the exchange rate in our own bloody country (that's over $600 CDN for a Gold pass!) but the American fans are getting screwed as well cause they can't take advantage of the exchange rate.  The boys should be in town already for shooting so no flight cost and even no hotel cost as they can just go home (unless they're afraid of being followed by rabid fangirls).  And the kissing of Vancouver's ass, "...one of the world's loveliest cities", is not helping.  Argh!  *kicks Creation's ass*


Watched the GG ep where Dean & Rory go to their first dance and officially become "boyfriend-girlfriend".  The fight between Dean and Tristan was awesome.  When Dean turned, stared Tristan down and told him to stay away from Rory *swoon*  Man, why couldn't I have met someone like that growing up?  I never really liked Jess and now that I know the wonderfulness that is Dean, the hate is growing.  I don't know how I'm going to handle next season.

I also didn't realize that the Luke/Lorelai ship was there right from the start.  Luke rocks, too.


Currently at a client's and the controller is bringing fresh samosas tomorrow.  And then they're going to order Indian food for lunch on Thursday.  YUMMY.  Man, some clients are just made of awesome.
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can i have my own dean please?

This past weekend, I had a mini Gilmore Girls marathon and watched the first 8 episodes. See, I got into GG late and I think I've seen all the eps but I'm not sure and it was in a very jumbled order. So while I knew about & saw the awesomeness that is Dean Forrester, I did not fully comprehend the SHEER AMOUNT OF AWESOMENESS until now. Sweet heavens, Dean really is the most adorable boy ever *sigh* And in ep 7 -- Rory & Dean's first kiss (awwwww) -- the writers threw in a General Hospital reference! And not just any GH reference, a Lucky-and-Liz one!! You know what this calls for? That's right, a Rory & Dean picspam.

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In other news, had a productive weekend

* went grocery shopping and proceeded to spend $126 (!!!!) but I figure I won't have go again for at least a month
* went to the office to drop off one set of files and picked another set up
* re-arranged my closet and drawers so now everything fits and is much neater
* did 3 loads of laundry
* vaccumed -- even moved the furniture, go me! -- and cleaned out the filter cause ew

Who watched SNL last night for NPH? That was the first time in a long while that I've watched the entire show. NPH was his usual awesome self. But I'm confused about something -- how is Taylor Swift the #1 selling country artist or whatever cause dude, she sucked last night. Anyway, one of my faves from the show --

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tv ramblings

It feels like I haven't posted in an age but it's only been less than 2 weeks.

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Next week:  the finale for Heroes and 24.  Can't wait. 


In other RL news:

The biospy came back negative.  No cancer  *whew*  What's been happening is inflammation (the technical term was too long to remember).  My body has decided that my thyroid is evil so the white blood cells have been attacking it.  As of now, we're back in the "wait and see" mode.  If it continues, I'll have hypothyroidism which usually means taking pills.

Spiderman 3 was a bit of a disappointment.  It dragged in certain places, making me feel all 139 minutes of the movie.  I really liked Topher Grace/Venom and wished more time was spent on that character instead of having 3 villians.  Shrek 3 is out today but I don' t know if I'll spend the $11 to see it in the theatres.  Next week is Pirates 3 which I'm looking forward to even though #2 wasn't that great.   It's the summer of the sequels, that's for sure.

This weekend is Victoria Day weekend which means we get Monday off, yippee!!  Between faninohio's visit and family stuff and trying to finish my move into the condo, it'll be a busy weekend for me.  But it'll be a good busy.
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Big Damn Heroes

Gacked from rj_anderson's f-list, to add to the Serenity buzz... too many quotes to choose from but this is one of my favourite exchanges from "Heart of Gold" from Firefly

Zoe "No one's gonna force you to go, Jayne. As has been stated -- this job's strictly speculative."

Jayne "Good. 'Cause I don't know these folks, don't much care to."

Mal "They're whores."

Jayne "I'm in."

September 30th can't come fast enough.  Can't stop the signal.

Lately, I've been really getting into the Gilmore Girls.  My interest mainly centres on Lorelai & Luke (slightly care about Rory, could care less about the parents).  I barely watched GG in the past but the constant re-runs have finally done their job and sucked me in.

Due to my increased time sitting at home, I have also re-discovered my hate for Dr. Phil.  Why is that idiot still on my television?  The guy seriously bugs me.