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polaris weekend

Remember how I said I was experiencing John Barrowman overload?  Well, the performance show tonight was overbooked and a whole group of us didn't make the cut.  It was like the fates stepped in and said "oh, you're getting tired of John Barrowman?  No show for you!"  Oh well.  Can't complain as I've already been to a few showings.  So glad my fellow Polaris gals did not heed my advice, got there earlier and was able to get into the studio.  Hope you guys were able to meet John.  So, while the show I was cruelly denied entry to is airing on the television right now, let's get to the rest of the weekend.

Met a couple of fellow LJ'ers, grasshopper64  and Beckie, and had a fun weekend running around to different panels, discussing TW and DW and the like.  Also met the gals from WI & IL -- serefina743,  emerald_nebula  & friends.  There was a bunch of actors but I was mainly there for Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones of Torchwood) and Jason Dohring (Logan of Veronica Mars; Joseph of Moonlight).  I also dropped a chunk of change on photo ops and autographs and it still came out cheaper than CreationCon the greedy bastards.

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supernatural // ianto in toronto!!!

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OMG people, Gareth-David Lloyd is coming to Toronto July 11-13 for the Polaris Convention!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*  It's like the universe felt sorry for me for missing all the conventions that I was planning on attending that they've sent me Ianto!!  Awww, thanks universe!  And I've checked the calendar, the weekend looks open!!  

I'm probably going to buy the weekend pass which I think is worth it just for GDL alone!!  See that, Creation bastards, that's what you call reasonable prices!!  The only other actors I know are Dax from DS9, the girl from Dead Like Me and Jason from Moonlight.  I would love if someone would be interested in coming with me *throws puppy dog eyes*  but I'll go alone cause I can't miss this!
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green is the colour of the day

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Please feel free to ignore the self-indulgent whining that will begin... now.

I'm still disappointed over missing Dallas  =(  I usually go for a while without thinking about it but it's marked on the calendar so when I see it, I get all sad again.  There's also no way I can go to DragonCon cause we'll be in Wedding Countdown mode by then.  Comic Con is out cause that's when I'll be in Taiwan.  My brother's engagement/wedding is interfering with my fandom plans!!  Wahhhhhh!  

The main reason I looked into going to Dragon Con was because of Gareth David-Lloyd (of Torchwood) is scheduled to appear.  And I made my peace when I discovered the scheduling conflicts.  However, The Rift (a Torchwood convention) has just taken place over in the UK and reading all the reports... now I really want to go, thanks.  GDL was this nervous, shy guy at his first conventions, now he's charisma and lovely and totally giving what he knows the fangirls want to hear.  He said he's read Janto fanfiction!  And his answer to "Who would win in a fight over Captain Jack?  Captain John or Ianto?"  was he didn't think a fight would be necessary.  Instead, it'll be "two Captains with an Ianto-filling".  Oh, just go watch the video snippet here.  *loves*

So yes, this is me, sitting here being all jealous of all the people who will see Jared, Jensen, Gareth and a slew of other people that I would like to see but I can't.  *pouts*

Oh yea, I'm missing David Tennant as Hamlet, too!  And I missed John Barrowman's concerts and his huge list of other appearances on stage, etc!  *pouts harder* 

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snow + boredom = picspam!

What with the neverending snow on Saturday, other than stepping outside to meet up with Mom, I spent the day cozied up inside and killed time scouring the internet for some pictures of my favourite boys.  I haven't done a picspam in a long while and I think I may have gone a bit overboard this time, lol!

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The scary part is that I could've included so many more guys.  Maybe I'll do a part two some day.  Picspams take way too long to do.