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some awesomeness from nerdHQ

Someone grabbed a whole bunch of the photo ops from the NerdHQ thing at Comic Con. Majority of the pics were of the actors with fans -- making fabulous weird faces most of the times -- but there were a few particularly awesome ones:

I'm loving this Zac/Jared friendship ♥

The boys from Firefly! *sniff* (plus random fan in the corner lol)
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too tired to think of a subject matter

Still watching and loving Castle and still loving Nathan Fillion. A photo has leaked from next week's Hallowe'en episode and makes me love Fillion even more. I love that he's just as big of a fan as we are.


I've discovered there's plans for a 'gays in soaps' convention in NYC next year -- possibly March 2010? -- with the main draws being the 2 supercouples from the German soaps, Olli/Christian and Deniz/Roman. OMG I SO WANT TO GO!!! If anyone wants to hang in NYC for a weekend...


Quickie updates:

* Went to Michael Buble autograph signing. The line was long and there was a mini panic attack as security stopped giving out wristbands 4 people in front of me but everything turned out fine. Buble was looking good, skinnier.

* Had a uni friends get together -- there's 6 of us that's kept in touch -- and bonded with friend's 8 year old daughter over the JoBros, Zac Efron (I won her over when I told her that I had seen Zac up close and personal) and our hatred of Vanessa Hudgens.

* Where are the HIMYM d/l links?! I missed the show tonight and I'm reading about all the awesome Canadiana that was included.

* I'm getting so tired of TWoP. I completely stay away from the SPN forum, it's the Glee forums that are annoying me now. Yes, we can all agree that auto-tuning sucks but dear heavens, they've beaten that dead horse -- it's in the spoiler threads, the music thread, the episode threads, the characters' threads, etc etc, week after week.

* All Merlin fanfic should be rated R. What's this PG crap? Seriously. And question to fanfic readers/writers -- the rating T, what does that stand for? It's driving me nuts.
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in the fandom minority

As most of you know, I love slash.  I still can't get into RPS but that's neither here nor there.  However, in most of my fandoms, I ship gen pairings.  Yes, it's true  =)  Where I'm all for the slash is usually when it's canon -- eg Jack/Ennis and Jack/Ianto (Torchwood).  The only time I've ever immediately spotted slash in the non-canon sense was The OC's Seth & Ryan.  I wasn't even into Spike/Angel.  I did wander into the Wincest fandom for a bit but I've lost interest in reading fanfics & such (still enjoy all the slashy bits the boys provide though cause damn, their chemistry is through the roof!).  Being a gen shipper can get frustrating in terms of finding good fic, especially for 2 fandoms in particular.

Firefly.  I was, and still am, all about Mal & Inara.  The sparring and UST and angst and Inara crying alone in Heart of Gold and Mal defending her honour in Shindig etc etc gives me the warm & fuzzies.  But in the fandom -- especially in regards to fanfiction -- it's all about the slash, mostly between Mal/Simon/Jayne in different combinations.  It's so difficult finding Mal/Inara fic.  I think I've found most of what is out there and it wasn't much.

Robin Hood.  I am only a few days old in this fandom and still working my way through the series 1 episodes.  What ship did I jump on?  Robin & Marian of course (parts of ep 7 killed me with the angst).  The Master/Manservant love between Robin & Much is very sweet and totally reminds me of Sam & Frodo.   Next step: search for fic and icons.  Lots of slash which didn't surprise me.  What did surprise me is that it appears the popular couple in the fandom is another gen pairing -- Sir Guy & Marian.  Finally, a popular gen pairing but it's not the one I like!  I can't win, lol.


Reading update!  I stopped reading for about 2 months but I'm hoping for lots of reading during the summer.

The 158-pound Marriage, John Irving   9 / 50   2,631 / 15,000

My progress is so sad, lol.  I wonder if I can break 20 in # of books and 10,000 in # of pages?


ETA:  Saw this on my f-list Collapse )
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texas boys

I have a new obsession. And its name is Supernatural aka the seriously hot Winchester brothers aka the seriously hot Jensen Ackles and Jared Paladecki.

I've been catching the re-runs and I've seen 5 out of the 9 episodes so far. One episode, Bloody Mary, creeped me out. Girl crawling out of the mirror and the boys bleeding from their eyes... *shudder* In another ep, Dean's fear of flying had me laughing. Jensen rocks at the facial expressions.

Last night, there was a Star! special on SN. I've already seen most of it thanks to the lovely kissedbythegods but oh to see them on the television screen vs the computer screen *sigh*

In other news...

Is it weird that I've considered going for the paid account just so I can upload 100 icons? I don't care about the other stuff. 6 icons just ain't cutting it (the problem with having too many fandoms that have too many pretty icons).

Bad news, tinderblast. Sidney Crosby was not chosen to be part of Team Canada. I know you are saddened by this.

Purchased the 2nd last copy of the Serenity DVD at the local Best Buy. Oh, nia_starr, the 'Mal/Inara quiet moment' deleted scene was short but so sweet. It's a pretty bare-boned DVD though. I bet a Deluxe version will be released and I will probably buy that, too.

I saw Narnia last week and really enjoyed it other than some minor nitpicks. I now have a small crush on Peter.

Also saw Walk the Line with bauersgirl. I'm not a Johnny Cash fan and know very little about his life/career/music but I enjoyed the film. And being the shallow gal that I am, Joaquin was all yum.
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Serenity now!

Just came back from a viewing of the Big Damn Movie, Serenity.  Even though I was spoiled to the hilt, I adored this movie.  Love love love.  There was a bit of re-writing of history but I could live with that.  Went with mom who's never seen the show and she enjoyed it as well.  Now she wants to borrow my DVDs to watch the series.  I can't wait to see it again.  I can't wait for the DVD.  Here's hoping the movie does well enough for a sequel. 

One of the trailers shown was for HP: GOF.  I've seen this new trailer before on the internet but the version I saw in the theatre was slightly different.  I think it was the addition of Wormtail, in the cemetary, brewing the potion and another Voldemort/Death Eater scene.  Can't really remember and it's bugging me.

Spent 10 minutes this morning hitting that re-dail button but finally success!  Will be seeing the Barenaked Ladies @ Massey in November.  Didn't get the greatest seats but I'm not complaining.  That Massey Hall membership I bought for Kalan's concert sure is coming in handy.  Think I'll be keeping it for a while.

ETA: A Hanson mention in the latest Entertainment Weekly: an American school (I can't remember where) played 'MmmBop' constantly during every break and lunch period until the student population raised $3,000 for hurrican relief. The boys matched it.
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Big Damn Heroes

Gacked from rj_anderson's f-list, to add to the Serenity buzz... too many quotes to choose from but this is one of my favourite exchanges from "Heart of Gold" from Firefly

Zoe "No one's gonna force you to go, Jayne. As has been stated -- this job's strictly speculative."

Jayne "Good. 'Cause I don't know these folks, don't much care to."

Mal "They're whores."

Jayne "I'm in."

September 30th can't come fast enough.  Can't stop the signal.

Lately, I've been really getting into the Gilmore Girls.  My interest mainly centres on Lorelai & Luke (slightly care about Rory, could care less about the parents).  I barely watched GG in the past but the constant re-runs have finally done their job and sucked me in.

Due to my increased time sitting at home, I have also re-discovered my hate for Dr. Phil.  Why is that idiot still on my television?  The guy seriously bugs me.