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david usher is made of WIN

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S3 of Dante's Cove premiered last Friday and there's nary a torrent in sight. I'm ashamed to admit that I miss this cheestastic show and, from the reviews I have read, it's not getting any better. But that's OK. I just want to see Reichan's bum and giggle at his "acting" and mourn Charlie David's beautiful long brown hair and pay little attention to a non-sensical plot and google the pretty boys.  Is that too much to ask?

For my fellow BM peeps, have you been reading the forum lately? Both Jason and Adam have dropped hints mentioned that Adam jr is back in the studio. This is making me more happy than it should. I actually ended up PM'g with Lucas a little bit but it was all about travelling -- me going over there, him wanting to visit North America. The conversation just kinda stopped cause there wasn't really that much else to say.

The latest SPN episode had me LMAO. Kudos to both boys but especially Jared for making his ginormous self appear like a 7 year old who lost his shoe down to the sewer.  Bela totally reminded me of Gwen on Angel and that's cool. For now. 
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weekend plans

Hey Toronto pals, would anyone be interested in attending the Everything To Do With Sex show this weekend?  Like their tagline says, I'm admitting that I'm curious.  =)  If anyone is interested, the best time for me is Saturday but I can also make it Friday night.  Sunday is pretty much out as I'll be at the We Will Rock You show (again!).

My other weekend plans consists of being at the car dealership at the ungodly hour of 8:20am Saturday morning so they can check why my stupid engine light keeps turning on.  The car is less than 2 years old and it's probably something stupid but that engine light bothers me.  This is the 3rd Toyota my family has owned and we've never had an engine light turn on before.  So frustrating!!  If no one is interested in accompanying me to the ETDWS show, my original plan was to head over to the parents' until Sunday before coming back down for the show.

My life = exciting, no?  LOL

I will be missing SPN tonight (thank god for d/ls) cause I'll be at the David Usher concert (yay!).  Unfortch, I'll most likely be on my own cause my concert buddy had to bail and most couldn't make it with the short notice.  You know, it sucks when 90% of your friends have babies.

Can anyone show me how to add a header or point me in the direction of instructions?  Thanks muchly  =)

Back to work...
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beachfest 07

What did I learn at Beachfest 07?  I want to have David Usher's babiez.  Dear heavens, that man is HOT.  He's one of those artists that I kinda forget about, even though I have almost all of his stuff, but when I see him live... *drooooool*

Anyhoo, let's back up.  Beachfest is an annual free music festival that's sponsored by one of the radio stations here in Toronto.  It's used to showcase Canadian talent and runs all afternoon and into the evening with about 12 acts playing 20-30 minute sets.

I got to the festival about 3:45 and caught the last few minutes of Chantel Kreviazuk's set.  The next performer was Kalan, whom I've mentioned before.  This was his first performance in about 2 years and fans flew in from all over the country.  Some fans apparently camped out overnight to get a spot right up front!  Totally unnecessary as I was able to find a perfectly decent spot 15 minutes before his set.  Kalan did a couple songs from both his CDs and a pretty decent cover of U2's Where the Streets Have No Name.

Next was Serena Ryder.  She was really good.  Her CD is on sale at HMV, I'll probably pick it up.  Then the cast of "We Will Rock You".  The male lead, Yvan?  Still hot.  Next up was Suzie McNeil, who was on Rockstar: INXS (last female standing, if I remember correctly) and was part of the cast of "We Will Rock You".  She was great.  Very energetic.  For her last song, she called up any WWRY castmembers still hanging around to join her for Bohemian Rhapsody.  

A little sidenote:  I was standing off to the side of the stage where I can see into the backstage area.  Near the end of Suzie's set, I noticed a little flurry of activity backstage and could tell someone showed up cause I could see people taking out their cameras.  dramady, I totally thought of you while I was taking pictures  =)  Next up was a fairly new band, The Last Goodnight.  They're actually an American band but the keyboardist is Canadian so yay for that?  LOL  The band reminded me of Maroon 5 but rockier. 

Next up -- David Usher.  LOVE HIM.  He's quite spazzy on stage, it's hard to explain.  Lots of jumping and his free arm is always going.  A total squee moment for me was when he sang, Push, which is a Moist song -- David was the lead singer of a 90's rock band, Moist, which was pretty popular here back in the day.  I've seen him live 3 times as a solo artist and this was the first time he did a Moist song.  He also did an amazing rock cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.

The closing act was Bedouin Soundclash but I'm not a big fan so I headed home.  Good way to beat the mass exodus, too.

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David Usher and Suzie McNeil are currently touring together.  Oooo, he's doing a show in Toronto AND Markham!!  I wanna goooo...