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gays of our lives convention

This past weekend was the Gays of Our Lives convention in NYC bringing together actors who are currently or have worked on a gay storyline in soap operas and the like. The big draw were the actors from the German soaps. Attendance was maxed out at 80 which was great cause you were able to get lots of facetime with the actors if you wanted.

Trying to save some money, I decided to take the bus to NYC. Never again, my friends. Never again. 10-11 hours, trying to sleep in a full bus, didn't work out so well for me. I got a bit of motion sickness on the way down. Left Friday night and arrived in NYC @ 6:30am with nothing to do but walk around as the day's activities didn't start until 11am. As a result, I was in no mood to mingle -- I was tired, I was hungry but too damn tired/lazy to get up and get food, my contacts were killing me so I had to switch to glasses. I was just cranky lol. Ate dinner at the hotel and I crashed so never made it to the party that night.

I was in a much better mood on Sunday (amazing what a solid 9 hours of sleep can do) so my goal was try and get pictures with all the actors. Why not, right? This will most likely never happen again. Mission accomplished \o/ except for Scott Evans who didn't come to the Sunday brunch :(.

As I had the afternoon to kill, I decided to check off an item on my lifelist and see a Broadway show. Stood in line Sunday morning for a hour at the discount ticket booth in Times Square and got a great seat for Next to Normal. Some of the original actors already left but Alice Ripley, who plays the mother & won the 2009 Tony, was still there and she was fantastic. The show is brilliant and I had tears streaming down my face through almost the whole thing lol.

After the show, still had about 90 mins to spare so headed on over to 5th Avenue and started walking. It must've been fate cause just as I was about to turn around and start heading towards Penn Station, I found the Prada store. They didn't have the handbag I had my eye on but evil saleslady was evil and pulled out this bag from the back.

This was the best I could find but it doesn't do the bag justice. It's much cuter in RL. And picture it without the strap cause I won't be using it. I love the blue. It's not leather (yes, I just paid a lot of money for designer nylon... again) but Prada leather bags are just a tad out of my price range. I'll have to slowly work my way up lol.

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finale ramblings

Under the cut are my ramblings for the finales of Robin Hood and Dante's Cove which I watched back-to-back. Major spoilage will occur. 

Wow, did I ramble.

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In other tv news.  I would be surprised if anyone knows about the '90's Australian tv show, Ocean Girl.  It aired here on YTV (our kid's network) at some ridiculous hour like midnight and I somehow got hooked on the show.  I've been dying to watch the show again but the DVDs were never released here.  But thanks to a wonderful poster over at a tv comm I frequent, I now have the first 7 eps and am eagerly awaiting for more.  Ah, memories.

Happy birthday to kissedbythegods.  She probably won't see this as she's backpacking her way through South Africa right now. 

I'm staying in this New Year's Eve.  Hope everyone has a good time and surrounded by good company!!

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Damn, this turned out to be one long ass post.  But one more thing.  I can not believe I neglected to include this in my Gaspard picspam so I'm including it here.  Because it just can't be seen enough.

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I am listening to the new BSB CD right now!!!   I will buy the CD when it gets officially released on the 30th but I just couldn't resist. 

I received my photo op ticket for JPad at the Chicago con.  OMG, this is actually happening.  Reading the info, I found it amusing how it stated that the celebrity "will be sitting down".  Is this to save Jared's back from bending down all the time?  lol  15 more days!!  eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Is the Gyllenspoon reality or just friends or maybe a publicity stunt?

As I've already seen this week's ep of Pushing Daisies (we Canucks get it 1 day earlier), I'm now finally going to watch one of the Gaspard movies I have on my harddrive.

Still no torrent for Dante's Cove.  =(
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david usher is made of WIN

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S3 of Dante's Cove premiered last Friday and there's nary a torrent in sight. I'm ashamed to admit that I miss this cheestastic show and, from the reviews I have read, it's not getting any better. But that's OK. I just want to see Reichan's bum and giggle at his "acting" and mourn Charlie David's beautiful long brown hair and pay little attention to a non-sensical plot and google the pretty boys.  Is that too much to ask?

For my fellow BM peeps, have you been reading the forum lately? Both Jason and Adam have dropped hints mentioned that Adam jr is back in the studio. This is making me more happy than it should. I actually ended up PM'g with Lucas a little bit but it was all about travelling -- me going over there, him wanting to visit North America. The conversation just kinda stopped cause there wasn't really that much else to say.

The latest SPN episode had me LMAO. Kudos to both boys but especially Jared for making his ginormous self appear like a 7 year old who lost his shoe down to the sewer.  Bela totally reminded me of Gwen on Angel and that's cool. For now. 
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heroes encounter

Today was the last stop of the North American leg of the Heroes World Tour.  The appearance was scheduled at noon, I got there around 11am.  We were entertained for a while by the University of Western Ontario cheerleaders which was pretty cool.  Of course, as a Laurier GoldenHawk alum, I couldn't give them too many props  ;)  Lots of flipping, tossing, lifting etc.  The guys even grabbed a few teenage girls out of the crowd and lifted them up.  After a while, I noticed the girls around me kept pointing out this one cheerleader -- they all thought he looked like Milo Ventimiglia, LOL.

Our host was Rick Campenelli of ET Canada and the show started off with a video clip of Tim Kring talking about season 1 and how the success of the show took everyone by surprise, touched a bit on each of the characters and what's to come for season 2.   It was hinted that Peter Petrelli's story will take him into Canada.  In addition to the cast, we also had one of the co-producers.  The Q&A was pretty short.  While they didn't tell us what the new character, Maya's superpower was, we were told that one wouldn't want to get her mad and that while she has what some would call a "bad power", she's not a bad person.  

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ETA:  The S3 promo trailer for Dante's Cove is up over at Gregory Michael's mySpace.  Reichan has joined the cast and looks like he tries to get with Kevin and Adam, LOL.  Didn't see much of Toby/Charlie David but from the glimpses, it appears he cut his hair and shaved.  Noooooo!!!  There better more Toby and Kevin/Toby in S3!!  Noticed quite a few new characters as well.
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barrowman love

It started slowly.  A mention here and there on my f-list.  Watched an interview on YouTube.  Started to watch Torchwood.  Downloaded one of his albums.  During my search for some TW icons, I came across a batch from Barrowman's appearance on the gameshow, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, and was intrigued about the various quotes.  I found the episode and Oh My Gawd, I don't think I've laughed so much.

"Talk to the hand, cause the wrist is pissed."   BRILLIANT!!  I laughed for a good 5 minutes.  Followed by the host's "I've been out-gayed by Barrowman!"  The whole episode was hilarious.

I wouldn't call Barrowman gorgeous persay, more adorable.  He's definitely awesome.  =)


I'm watching a Gilmore Girls re-run right now.  Hey, it's Seth Cohen and Sam Winchester and Peter Petrelli all in 1 ep!!


I hate rapidshare and their stupid download limits.  That is all.


ETA:  How could I have forgotten this news?  Guess who's been added to the S3 cast of Dante's Cove?  Reichen Lehmkul!!  Bwah ha ha!  Can he even act?  Oh right, this is DC, acting is not essential.  He is pretty so he'll fit right in.
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born under a bad sign

My squee is broken.  Supernatural has broken my squee.  Every single time it went to commercial, the words "OMG this show is AWESOME!!!" left my mouth.  Evil!Action!Sammy!  Dean to the rescue.  Return of Bobby.  Spiked beer.  Jo was tolerable.  Dean's arm/shoulder.  Continuity.  Did I mention Evil!Action!Sammy!?  And that he was HOT?

As I can not sufficiently express how awesome this episode was, let me direct you to anteka's wonderful episode review.  She says everything I want to say so much better.

Why do we not get the teasers for next week?  So.  Annoying.

This show needs to be picked up for a third season so Fan & I can stalk their asses next year.


I solved my codec/joining/whatever issue and now have successfully seen all episodes of Dante's Cove.   The kitchen scene with the ice cubes was totally worth all that trouble.
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baby, it's c-c-c-cold outside

Currently, it's -12C, but feels like -24C with the windchill.  I am booooooored.  And tired.  My firm has kicked into tax season mode which means we're up to a 45-hour work week.  It's depressing to go work before the sun rises and leave work after the sun has the set.  Ah, the life of a CA in public accounting.  Why am I in this profession again?  Oh yea, cause I don't know what else to do.

It's been released that David Beckham's North American debut will most likely occur in Toronto.  First, did y'all know Toronto had a MLS (major league soccer) team?  I didn't.  Reading the article, it looks like the MLS went through major scheduling changes to ensure that Beckham plays in every single MLS city.  The number of games that will be broadcasted has jumped as well.  All this for one guy.  Hope it's all worth it in the end.  OK, I admit it, I'm totally thinking about going to the game.  I've been to major league baseball, hockey and basketball games.  The only sports left are soccer and football.

I've been attempting to download S2 episodes of Dante's Cove but only have successfully seen episodes 3, 4 and 5.  I don't like the new location -- it's too bright and sunny.  The S1 locale had a more spooky/haunted look that worked better with the show's premise.  Not too fond of the new Adam or most of the new characters.  At least Kevin and Toby are still cute together.  Now, if I can only get the first 2 episodes to work -- I'm having codec and/or joining issues -- I'll be happy.

I had Renegade by Styx stuck in my head for days.  The Supernatural music department finally got me.

The preliminary planning for the condo renvoations has begun.  I've decided on the type of flooring I want.  Next step is my mom & I are gonna attend one of those Do It Yourself demostrations at Home Depot.  Decided to keep the current couch and loveseat but replace the cushions.  My parents & I also went tv shopping.  Why is it so friggin' difficult to buy a television nowadays?  The decisions -- LCD vs plasma?  HD-ready or not?  At least we agreed on the size -- 32".  Last thing, checked how much monthly parking is going to cost me if I park in the underground parking lot across the street -- $257/month.  That's $3,084/year.  Ugh.  I'm gonna check if there are spaces for rent in my actual building  *crosses fingers*  Unfortunately, the car is a necessary evil cause I need it for work.
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dante's cove

I don't know why, but I assumed that Dante's Cove was a British series so was looking forward to watching pretty boys with accents.  But nope.  It's American.  The channel, Here!, is also American and I can subscribe to it for a mere $7.95/month.  So, that's why Showcase never picked up the show.

There were only 2 DVDs and they played liked 2 movies.  Did it play like that when it originally aired or was it separate episodes?  It couldn't have been more 7 30 min episodes, I'm thinking.  The DVD extra was a featurette consisting of interviews with the cast and the director.  I was highly amused as they all talked about the project as if it was the Best Thing Evah.

The dialogue was so cheesy!  I wasn't expecting much but still.  The acting was pretty bad, too.  Cheap special effects cause I think the show blew their budget on body oil.  OMG, the body oil.  Even in the night scenes, the actors were all greased up!   Where is Dante's Cove suppose to be?  I believe the show films in Hawaii but is it same in the series?  Gorgeous shots of the ocean and beach -- they do like shooting Kevin, shirtless in just jeans, lying on the beach, though. *g*

The Kevin/Toby romance is very sweet and cute.  All the love scenes were pretty tame compared to QAF.  I wonder how difficult it is for Charlie David to maintain that permanent scruff.  I like it but I wonder how he looks clean-shaven.  

To sum up -- cheesy dialogue & storyline, pretty bad acting, cheap special effects, beautiful location, pretty boys.

Sooooo, when's that S2 DVD coming out?  =)

ETA:  William Gregory Lee (Ambrosis) looked so familiar -- he was Zack on Dark Angel!!  Thank you, IMDB.


I see we have a release date for HP7 -- July 21, 2007.   The end is nigh.