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community: troy & abed in the morning

someday, it will be october 19th

The backstory: Community's 4th season was scheduled to premiere today, October 19. Then NBC announced that the premiere will be at some future date once they figure out the scheduling or some stupid crap. I think they mean they're just going to use it as a mid-season replacement.

But because the Community cast is AWESOME, they released this video today

tv: big bang cast


Everyone is seeing The Avengers but I'm not going til Wednesday (!!!!) (and again on Friday). MUST.RESIST.SPOILERS. And I would like to thank all those on my f-list using the lj-cut :)

In other news, Zac Efron & Matt LeBlanc were on the Graham Norton Show and were hilarious! Their stories about fan encounters while driving were too funny. And holy smokes, Matt has one sexy voice! Part 3 of the interview also has an adorable story about Matt's daughter and his famous line, "how you doin'?"

Last Thursday, I went to a Bryan Adams concert! It was kinda last minute as my co-worker needed someone to go with her. Simple stage, nothing fancy, just a great rock show. He sounded amazing live. No opening act, just 2.5 hours of Bryan. I forgot how many hits Bryan has had! Summer of 69 still is the big favourite though.

Oh! And I finally watched the L&O-inspired Community. Holy crap, that was BRILLIANT. And I've never watched a single ep of L&O so who knows how many in-jokes/homages I missed, still awesome though.
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community continues to be awesome

I've been staying out of the Community fandom as I slowly catch-up however I could not miss the references to the epic S1 paintball episode.

I just watched it. OHMYGAWD EPIC EPISODE WAS EPIC. It totally lived up to all the hype.

The downside is that I can't find any Community icons I like :( But through my searching, I gather there's an episode featuring puppet versions of the group? Can't wait to see that one!
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new favourite tv show

I have a new favourite tv show!! Two years late but that's how I roll...


I've only watched the first 7 episodes but it's been a long time where I LOL'd consistently. Of course, TROY + ABED = AWESOME BROTP. Their episode tags are The Best. Principal Figgins as Abed's father OMG TOO FUNNY.

Senor Chang. El Tigre. So so so wrong but hilarious at the same time LOLOLOL Why do you teach Spanish, Senor Chang????

I don't watch "The Soup" so I had no feelings about Joel McHale other than knowing who is he but dayum, dude is kinda hot.

The only character I'm meh about is Pierce but I've never been a Chevy Chase fan.

One of my favourite exchanges:

Jeff: I'm saying you are a football player! It's in your blood!
Troy: That's racist!
Jeff: Your soul!
Troy: That's racist.
Jeff: Your eyes?
Troy: That's gay...
Jeff: That's homophobic.
Troy: That's black.
Jeff: That's racist!
Troy: Damn.

AHAHAHAH Had to rewind to catch the rest of the scene because I was laughing too much. Good thing too cause there were some gems after that! "Is that linebacker a pregnant woman?"

In other tv news, still have not watched Camelot or Game of Thrones. But they are both on my to-watch list and with my history, I probably won't start watching til at least the first season is over!

New Glee today finally!!! And it's 90 minutes yay! Can't believe we missed the cast filming in NYC. They were in Times Square! We missed them by less than a week. And Darren went to see "How To Succeed..." like I knew he would. We were there Wednesday, he was there Friday. SO CLOSE. We did so well during our short visit, I can't complain... BUT OMG SO CLOOOOOOOOSE ARRRRRRGHHHHH :(