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i feel bad that i actually laughed

When scrolling through my f-list, I see these headings:

Dick Clark Dies: TV Legend Dead at 82 *sad* and right below it

Grimm fic: About Damn Time

I totally giggled at that *ashamed*

Whitney Houston. Davy Jones. Dick Clark. Robin Gibb's in a coma. It can stop now, 'k?
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davy jones

I just found out Davy Jones has passed :( He was only 66 and apparently died from a heart attack.

I wasn't around when The Monkees were super popular but I do remember watching their show. Davy was always my favourite Monkee.
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television talk

BUT FIRST. Zach Quinto is out and proud. Sad though that it took a passing of someone for him to take that step but he did and he did eloquently. It's rumoured that he's dating Jonathan Groff so for purely selfish reasons, I look forward to cute red carpet/candid pictures of them together :D

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So dear f-list, has anyone been watching any of the new shows this season? Any recs? I've only seen the pilot for "The Secret Circle" and an episode of "Suburgatory". That's it.

I really enjoyed H5-0 last year but just have not had the chance to see it this season. I have to correct that. I also need to catch up on Castle. Damn the networks for putting those 2 shows against each other.

Now, I'm just waiting for Chuck to return.

ETA: A couple of videos I want to include

The Princess Bride reunion. I love them all.

The Avengers panel at New York Comic Con. This video is quite Tom Hiddleston heavy. I'm getting really excited for this movie!
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the macmanus brothers are not amused

Do you guys know about this site, Spokeo? I just found out about it. Appears to be mainly USA-based (I looked myself up but it came back with nothing considering Toronto, ON doesn't exist in the US). If you type in your name & city, see what info they have on you. I looked you up, faninohio -- phone & address popped up, property value (don't know if it's accurate tho), goggle map picture of house, hubby's name and supposedly a whole bunch more of info "available for purchase".

Go here for instructions on how to remove yourself from their listing. It appears the accuracy is different for everyone but it doesn't hurt to check it out.

I did do a search using my e-mail and again, nothing popped up so thank goodness for that!


Pete Postlethwaite passed away? :(