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i really need to get on that whole winning the lottery thing

Convincing myself to go to work this morning was hard. Stupid work.

I think my endocrinologist is tired of seeing me -- she recommended that I have surgery to remove my thyroid. Bottom line: I have an inflammed thyroid which will eventually stop working. Chance of cancer is approx 3% so if it's removed, obviously the possibility drops to zero. Take it out and take pills for the rest of life. But it doesn't bother me so I figure why go through all that surgery crap? I figure I'll just leave it until it dies out on its own. Good plan? Good plan.

Last week,bauersgirl and I trekked to Hamilton to see the CI6 Top 3 perform. Because we were able to get tickets within the first 5 rows, we got to do a Meet & Greet with the guys after the show. Someone wanted to see pictures so here a couple plus videos of my favourite performances from each of the guys (although now I'm so regretting that I didn't tape Drew's "Where the Streets has no Names" cause the sound on my camera turned out pretty well) Collapse )
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big canadian idol post

Saturday night, I froze my ass off, along with equally crazy friends, to see the Top3 perform at the Cavalcade of Lights, a free outdoor show at City Hall. Took some pictures, took some video. If you're interested, click the cut!

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I uploaded all the Idols' CDs that I have a while back so, if anyone is interested, how are the links -- Collapse )
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tiff and other stuff

First, the other stuff. Yay for Theo winning Canadian Idol!!!!!! I watched it over at R's and we mocked and squee'd and celebrated. And then we bought tickets to the Top3 show in Hamilton complete with a Meet & Greet!! *squee*

Plowing through Veronica Mars and halfway through S3. I'm amused by all the familiar faces that pop up as guest stars -- Lucas Grabeel (Ryan, HSM), Micheal Cera, Alia Shawkat, Logan of Gilmore Girls, even an ex-MuchMusic VJ! But what was up with the S2 season finale?!?!! I've also come to the conclusion that Jason Dohring was playing essentially the same character on VM & Moonlight. Wallace and Mac pretty much rule.

OK back to pictures of celebrities!

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SPN S3 DVDs were released today and I got a copy!! It was close cause at the Best Buy near me, I was only able to find the version that came with the mini-Impala and I was not paying an extra $20 for that (which btw, why does it cost extra for us but not in the States? Bastards.) Anyway, I noticed someone putting back a copy of just the regular version so I grabbed it fast!

The other big release of the day is NKOTB's new album!! Oh, I know y'all are squee-ing with me :P However, I did not buy it cause I read that there is an exclusive Target edition that comes with a DVD so if any of my American friends who I'll be seeing in 26 days wouldn't mind picking me up a copy... *attempts puppy dog eyes of Jared proportions*

New Kids' 2nd video -- Single featuring Ne-Yo -- has been released!!!! *squeeeeee* Not as cheesy as the first one, thank goodness. And poor Danny and Jon are once again regulated to a few seconds of face-time. But Joey in the suit? Damn, he's looking fine!

Unbelievable -- they've disallowed embedding on all the videos. Bastards. Here's the link instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-fy9zVWFnE

I just found out that my Drew was eliminated from CI =( Damn you, regional voting!! My wish for a Drew / Theo finale has been crushed. Here's hoping they do a Top3 tour like last year cause I will so be there.
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guilty pleasures

eeeeeee The New Kid's CD has been leaked and I listened to it this morning and holy colloborations (with Ne-yo and Akon and PCD and Lady Gaga) and it's cheesy but I don't care cause it's the New Kids!!!!!

Christian & Oliver on the German soap, Verbotene Liebe.  I remember reading about this couple months back, comparing them to the Noah & Luke storyline on As the World Turns.  This past weekend, a kind soul on my f-list supplied a link to a YouTube channel that had the entire Christian & Oliver storyline with subtitles over 98 videos (and counting!) so I started watching and yea, I'm hooked.  =)  It's a bit strange watching only a specific storyline cause other characters will just flit in & out or other storylines get mentioned but it's all good.  I was surprised at how much English is incorporated in their speech but from reading some stuff on-line, I gather this is common in Europe.  I'm only 23 videos in and I haven't looked into the fandom at all (still debating on that one) but it's so nice discovering something new.

I'm suffering from Olympic withdrawal.  Is it February 12, 2010 yet?

Drew survives another week on Canadian Idol, yay!  My 5 minutes of power voting last week really paid off LOL  How do people vote for the entire 2 hours?  I can't do it.  I'm hoping for a Drew/Theo final 2 with Theo winning.

Off to Las Vegas for Labour Day weekend with  bauersgirl  tomorrow morning!  Need to catch the airport bus at 5 am -- let's hope I wake up in time.  Haven't packed a thing yet, either.

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olympic fever

3 more silver -- men's triathlon, trampoline & 3m diving -- and we're up to 12!!  \o/  ETA:  make that 13!  a bronze in women's 100m hurdles, yay!  I think the goal was 16 medals and we may just reach it with kayak & canoe still to come.

I fell asleep last night during the bike portion of the triathlon but was able to catch the repeat this morning.  Wow, what an exciting finish!  If I had watched this live, I would've had a freakin' heart attack during that last sprint!

Missed the diving semis but thanks to the wonders of streaming video, my co-workers & I just watched the finals and yay for Alex Despatie for holding off that 2nd Chinese diver for a silver.  Also, the use of slo-mo for diving may be the BEST THING EVER.  I think I need a dip in the pool myself after that, hee!


Canadian Idol last night was really good!  Beatles night could've been disasterous so I was glad it was also judges' choice.  I thought everyone did so well, especially Theo and Drew.  Mitch had a shaky start though so I think he'll be the one going home tonight.  Go Theo!  
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the calm before the storm

Life has been pretty quiet 'round these parts.  I have lots of fun stuff coming up over the next few months so it's like the calm before the storm. 

1)  Polaris this weekend!!  Gareth David-Lloyd *squee*  Looking forward to meeting grasshopper64and hopefully serefina743plus just being around TW fangirls, how can it not be fun?!  And to close out the weekend, one last taping of Maria to finish off my John Barrowman stalking.   Small confession: between watching TW and DW, the Maria show, the Pride parade & other various promotions, I'm actually getting a little tired of seeing John everywhere.  Who would've thought I would experience John overload?!  How do you Brits do it?

2) 2 weeks from today, I'll be sitting in a plane heading to the motherland.  I haven't even started to think about packing, ack!  The main things are done (passport updated, vaccine shots done) and I don't have to worry about exchanging money (the perks of having family over there) so it's just all the little stuff.  If any of y'all want a souvenir or a postcard from Taiwan or Tokyo let me know! 

August will be quiet which is good cause September is gonna be insane.  Awesome but insane.

3)  Labour Day long weekend, bauersgirland I are off to Las Vegas for 5 days!  She's never been and I've been once but years ago.  Can I just say that she is the best trip planner ever!  She's been doing all this research while I've been... well, encouraging her, lol.

4)  Celebrity stalking at TIFF!!  Unfortunately, faninohiocan't join us this year but that's OK cause 2 weeks later...

5)  EyeCon!!  Yes, I have succumbed.  Can't wait to see the gals again and that Jared guy!!  The trip was in jeopardy for a while there cause there are no direct flights between Orlando & Toronto on a Sunday evening.  WTF airlines.  But my bosses are very understanding and I was able to take the Monday off as well, yay!!  Plus, flights are cheaper on the Monday so double yay!!!!

6)  There's also my brother's wedding sandwiched between TIFF and EyeCon.  Still need to buy a dress and shoes.  Comfortable shoes cause I'll be running around all day making sure everything goes as planned.

So, yea, that's my schedule for the next 3 months.  I'm exhausted just looking at it!  And I don't even want to think how much all this is gonna cost me but I don't care.  I'll just have to go into massive saving mode and not spend money unnecessarily like buying lunch almost everyday.

Something for all you Twilight peeps.  Have you seen the EW cover?  EW is correct.  Robert Pattinson is such a cutie but that cover is AWFUL.

Reality show update:  

* Bollywood on SYTYCD, w00t!!  That was awesome.  I found it surprising that neither of them knew what Bollywood was but I guess it's just not as common knowledge as it is here.  This season has been lacklustre compared to S2 & 3 but Joshua & Katee are definitely my faves.  So nice to see Pasha & Anya again!

* The Top10 has been chosen for Canadian Idol and we've got 8 guys & 2 girls.  LOL Canada.  When it was revealed that they were getting rid of the gender split (thank goodness), this was exactly what I predicated.  I like how our little show no longer follows AI's format and paves their own way.  I haven't been following the show religiously yet but so far I'm liking Theo, Mookie & Sebastian.

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odds n ends

  • I downloaded the Wonderfalls series and watched the first 3 eps. I forgot what a great show it was. Stupid Fox for cancelling it. And Lee Pace! And the girl who plays Hilary from KyleXY!

  • After watching bootlegs of both the Broadway and London version of Wicked, I have to say I prefer the Broadway version better. Yes, London had Idina Menzel (awesome) as Elphaba but I found Broadway Glinda was so much better than her London counterpart. One of my favourite scenes is "Popular" and Broadway Glinda was just so perfectly perky, I absolutely adored her.

  • My office building has a Treats on the main floor. Treats serves coffee, muffins, sandwiches and the like for those that don't know. Anyway, about a month ago they changed owners so all the workers are different now. They've hired the cutest guy ever and I seriously melted when I discovered he had an Australian accent as I bought a muffin for breakfast. The rest of the office gals discovered him this afternoon and for about 15 minutes we acted like 13 year olds giggling over the cute new boy. And the guys mocked us. And then we all went to our separate cubicles/offices and reverted back to the adult professionals that we are. =)

  • I found someone who had uploaded the entire series of Ocean Girl, yay!! So for the past 3 days I've been in state of constant downloading. And then I begin the long process of burning.

  • Last week I attended the Brian Melo/Faber Drive concert at the Opera House. Brian, the current CI, sounded pretty good but he's gained some weight. Too bad the sound wasn't that great. There were some ear-splitting feedback moments. This was also the first concert I actually used earplugs. I just couldn't handle the high-pitched screaming anymore. As for Faber Drive, I've only listened to their music, had no idea how these guys looked like, never saw a video. They were nothing like I thought they would be. Physically, I pictured something like Sum41 or Simple Plan but these guys were quite tall and lanky and looked older than I expected. Music was too damn loud though, could barely hear the singer sing.

  • Speaking of concerts, purchased tickets to see KT Tunstall in May and tomorrow begins the 3 days in a row of Kalan.

  • My goal to watch the remaining AFI's Top100 movies has begun. So far, I've obtained Some Like It Hot, Vertigo & It Happened One Night (which I've already seen but want a copy). It's been too long since I've watched the classics, I'm looking forward to it.
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odds n ends

Today was a special kind of torture. A full day professional development course titled, Assessing Risk: Understanding the New Audit Risk Requirements (zzzzzzzzzz) and then proceeded to sit in bloody traffic for almost 2 hours on the way home. And I was driving into the city which, I would think, be the opposite direction of rush hour direction. First, it was a stalled car in the middle of the highway. Then, it was construction. And to top it off, not only was there a baseball game tonight but also a concert! ARGH!! *releases residual road rage* Wow, major alliteration there.


In continuation of yesterday's post re: filming on Yonge Street, I was able to take a few pictures before the police ushered all the pedesterians off the street. I saw no actors, just crew setting up the set area. 

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I remember last year, we ran into another film set that transformed Toronto into London.  IIRC, it was a Samuel L Jackson movie.


I received my Tyler Lewis (Top4 on CI4) CD today!!  *bounces*  I am such a Canadian Idol dork.


For my fellow BM gals -- I received a PM from Lucas today.  Did any of you get one?  He just introduced himself (as if I didn't know who he was!) and he asked about the weather, of all things!  LOL  I was quite surprised and it kinda made my day.  =)


I was just accepted into a certain LJ movie comm and the first movie I downloaded was Jacquou le Croquant starring the ever-so-yummy Gaspard Ulliel.  It will have wait til the weekend before I can watch it.

So many things to download, too little time.